I'll never get the follow up to Saint Seiya Tenkai Hen Overture

>I'll never get the follow up to Saint Seiya Tenkai Hen Overture
>I'll never see how that story concludes, the Saint Seiya creator only wants to retell the popular Sanctuary saga in different media or create spin-offs aimed at teenagers

Fucking kill me...

What is the stuff you want to see but you know will never happen for a number of reasons, Sup Forums?

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I could make a fan manga in a really shitty style but with quality plot

>fighting angles of zeus arc never
>fighting zeus never
>ophiuchus saint arc never
>kurumada will probably die before we get to any of these

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We'll only get Sanctuary arc remakes from now on, until we die
Do it, keep the dream alive

mexico pls no


Why does anyone still read this shit?
Every arc is the sanctuary arc.

It's always hype to see the map of each location they go to, knowing which enemies they'll face and where, building anticipation etc.

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I loved following each episode with the map of the area they were in, anticipating the next battles, who they'd have more trouble with, who would 1v1 fight who and what would be the consequences.

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what is the point of this show? Why do they fight? This shit seems overly complicated and convoluted compared to something like Dragon Ball.

they have different motivations iirc... but in tournament arc there's an armor as prize, in sanctuary they fight to rescue athena from the pope...
after sanctuary arc they fight hades, so just think of him as the frieza...

>mfw Saint Seiya Episode 0

what a pointless fuckery.

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>seiya being cucked by apolo


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next dimension exist

Friendship and love.

God, Overture is so fucking good, I wasn’t expecting some shit like that in Saint Seiya, it was a Hades Sanctuary tier of good, fucking hate Kurumada for making this and Lost Canvas noncanon because of Next Dimension.

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I just finished reading original Saint Seiya. Hades arc's ending was trash but what else do I read from here?

They ask themselves why in every fight.

And will never fucking finish blockhead.
Best chance we have is kurumada finishing the ophiuco's shit no one asked for, adapt it to anime and contonue the story from there.

Tenkai Hen is so fucking good, It has a more mature tone compared to other sagas, sadly Kurumada is a egocentric piece of shit a cancelled


It's a double edge sword because only a turboautist full of self-loathing for his lack of manlyness and repressed homosexuality like Kurumada could create Saint Seiya

be glad you have the original manga, hades sanctuary arc ova, and tenkai hen overture

That scene at the end with Apollo is good enough for me.

It's ironic that Kurumada is such a hack of a writer, but he can still deliver the great moments when he cares to deliver them.

Kurumada didnt made that scene he actually got mad at it and fired the entire team afrer the movie.

>dumb spiczilians don't follow the manga

>dumb spiczilian can't into greek tragedies
I bet you wanted Aiolos to start shooting full power magical arrows against the traitors

>And will never fucking finish blockhead.
Except for the fact that it has a scheduled release every year of course.

Go read Lost Canvas user

>muh mature battle shonen
It flopped, the audience didn't like it and neither did Kurumada. When will people understand that the series is a nekketsu story, stop trying to make it generic Naruto "mature" shit. It has failed every time they tried, there's a reason Omega is way more popular than your trash

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He was still heavily invovled with tenkai he overture, right?

what is the canon manga reading order?

Kurumada can't fire people at Toei you brainlet. They were fired because they made a flop that nobody liked, which also happened to include Kurumada. I really hate spiczilians with their headcanons and bitching about muh Kurumada, all that's left is for you to start crying about not getting a 3rd season of lost canvas.

Why do you guys love these fanfics so much, I bet you came buckets while reading dumb shit like episode G when Aiolia starts using thunder powers that somehow match Zeus or some bullshit like that.

Original>Next Dimension=Episode Zero

You should read the original and then either ND or Zero, ND is the sequel while Zero is just a very short prologue(albeit only the first part was finished, it's set to release a second part next summer)

I guess you could read Episode Zero after finishing the sanctuary arc since it only spoils until there

I'm just pretending the series ended at Elysium. Athena beats Hades but Seiya ends up dead/crippled for life. The end.

Episode G

>omega is more popular


episode G was better than anything Kurumada made after the original arcs, except for Tenkai Hen.

Zillian here, I miss the og saint seiya. Never liked any of the spin-offs.

Please animate next dimension

The fact that episode G will never be animated is a crime.

>Diseños hechos en media hora
>Trama aburrida
>Visuales absurdos
Mejor quedate viendo el dragón ball mano wey.

What if I like both Overture and ND?

I just want more sagas so the roster for the next fanservice arena fighting game can have new faces.
Also, no 50 episode Megaman X anime... or no 50 episode non-kodomo anime for that matter... I miss it when they took risks.

>shura outruns the big bang*
>aiolia is stronger than olympians*
>somehow still get fucked by the bronzes*

We got the set up to the angels and we got Ophiuchus at this point in Next Dimension. If Next Dimension ever leaves this arc, Zeus or Apollo would be the next up.

Wait a minute Kurumada is also doing an episode 0 spin-off?
Is it going to be published in the ND books as bonus chapters?

Lost Canvas went to shit pretty hard after what the anime covered.

i'll be interested to read it

best girl

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Best girl is the blonde 1st class pallasyte from Omega