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Wo ai ni

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good thread

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I thought this was mei ling.
y'all look alike anyways.

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Fapped so much to her.
Was stoked to see anime tits first time on tv lol

Akane is definitely a pervert girl

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I like that she's like the default slave in slavemaker 3



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Overrated Shit and 2nd worst girl behind of kodachi

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You should really fix all those grammar mistakes before you go and post your silly list on Sup Forums.

that is so weird, like akane would not grope boy ranma, but would grope girl type ranma knowing it would pacify him...

Akane is a dyke.

what would that feel like in boy ranma's point of view, would he turn back into a dude and be like. 'wow that felt weird... '

martial arts anti--oppai technique

First of all, Asuka is best girl in Eva, that's an undeniable fact.
Number one trap will forever be Ai from Prunus Girl.

I'll never cease to be mad that the BD release of this movie cut the upper and lower side of the screen.

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Isn't that so it would match the theatrical aspect ratio?

A lot of anime movies were animated in 4:3 but were intended to be shown in 16:9.

Who cares if the end result cuts off the image so horribly?

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Is it really that bad? Looks like it was protected for 16:9 during composition.

Just for comparison. Imagine getting this pic but with the resolution and colors of above. Who cares if it's 4:3 ?

Why force a 1920*1080 on a movie that wasn't made with that in mind

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Make sure you have overscan off.

The fuck is overscan? This is how the release is.

Keep bitching lol