Name a worse written show. I'll wait

Name a worse written show. I'll wait.

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Vampire Holmes


Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Ok Sup Forums name ONE well written anime I'll wait

Boku no Pico.

But the show was fine, it improved on the manga and ended before it got to the shitty ending.


Everything that happened after episode six(twelve) was such a cluster fuck that the only way to understand the whimsical nature of each episode was to watch the next episodes recap.

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It was a fun show though.

What means well written for you?

I dropped it on ep 2 (4) myself. I don't really know why either. It was just too generic maybe? Should I give it another shot?

Hunter x Hunter.

I win

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I can't believe Bleach wasn't the first response

Wan Piss.

It would've been okay if Alibaba had ended with Kougyoku

Mirai Nikki

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Re: Zero

I'm beating a dead horse but