Which fate protagonist is the least retarded?

Which fate protagonist is the least retarded?

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kiritsugu by far

Shiki, he could just kill the train.

Doesn't he notice the trolley isn't actually moving?

UBW ideals > Kiritsugu > Fate ideals >>> shit > HF "ideals"

Do trains die when they are killed?

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>worse than fate ideals

The Kerry one should have Irisviel where Sakura is for Shirou though. As it is, HF Shirou would make the same choice Kerry did if he didn't know either group of people.

HF Shirou is the least retarded.
That is what any sane person would do if they chose between a waifu or a bunch of nonames.

Made me laugh OP, thanks.

HF > brain damage > UBW > Kiritsugu

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>Would carry the train somewhere else
>Will just yell about how he hates everything

>UBW rout Shiro.
>Not pulling the lever and trying to untie the one dude.

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I like how it says better Lv. 11, meaning there's a possibility that she has even less starting INT.

>Will just yell about how he hates everything
Last Encore Hakuno isn't the same as Extra's Hakuno.

Heaven's feel: trolley is about crush Sakura but Shirou makes it kill tons of other people and himself.

Heaven's Feel, it's most practical to only save those who you care about.

>sacrificed his ideals

sigh, i am so fucking tired of seeing this shit in the Fate community. He doesn't abandon his ideals at all but puts them on second priority.

Kerry isn't wrong. It's just that hard utilitarianism breaks down outside of a vacuum.

UBW is best for the simple understanding that applying yourself to helping as many people as possible does not require you to condemn others, and most importantly, yourself.

HF is noble in its own way, and is an honest representation of the true heart of most "good" people.

Never forget to add a dash of Fate to the mix though: The world is owed a dozen times over to people who planted their feet and suplexed the train.

A bunch of them died though, so have a plan B in mind.

Nailed it

...What are you doing in Sup Forums? Tis' a place for loud meaningless arguments that involve calling each other faggots, not such reasonableness!

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Why does shirou abandon his ideals in hf?

Worm-infested vagina.

Why not hit the switch and then go untie the one person and save everyone?

Extra Hakuno > UBW Shirou > HF Shirou > Kiritsugu > LE Hakuno > Fate Shirou >>> SEEG-KUN

Just being the world's lamest counter-guardian user.

Telling people to watch what they enjoy, helping people understand the more complicated bits and actually watching anime

Chemical reaction in his brain and his dick. Shirou isn't a sane or normal person.

As the world is becoming more and more advanced, there should be servants such as Anonymous. They are many as they are one. Having the knowledge of everything on the internet. Also known as the super hacker.

Kiri > UBW > Fate > HF

I cannot understand the idea of sacrificing the life of multiple people to save one person I care about.

Quiet, magical girl Illya.

Because you have autism

>letting your waifu die for bunch of Sup Forumsnons

Wouldn't it be smarter in the UBW one to pull the lever and try to free the single guy?

Not sure why it’s hard to understand, it’s what most people would do for those they love, particularly their family or children.

It’s just less comprehensible for Sakura in particular. First off, their relationship isn’t exactly deep love. And do you think saving someone’s life or being called their hero makes them become a good person? It does not. They are just as broken and petty as they always were and now have entitlement added to the mix. Sakura is a shit person in HF and in all reality she’d continue being a shit person. Even saving her, realistically it’s not a stable relationship that would last.

One life is only worth one life.

I liked UBW the most even though the point of UBW Shirou was "yeah I'm going to be a fucking retard, but I'm going to do it anyway because I want to do it and I think it's the right thing to do."

Wow you really do have autism

Then please kill yourself and donate your organs to save a bunch of people.

>Would just stand there and think if humanity is worth saving because he himself isn't human and humans do some shit and whatnot, train of course would kill everyone at that point
>then proceed to cry into some pair of saint tits and think again about what happened

kill yourself thanks