Trying to write cool lines for Goku

>Trying to write cool lines for Goku

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Tien smashed Yamcha's leg as well.

Can't you just use an existing thread to make that post?

1999-2003 US dub managed


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Vegeta and piccolo are his friends

Piccolo Jr. also never technically hurt any of Goku's friends.

fucked krillin up right good

this. jr. took out some no name farmers when he was a child but that's it.

red arrows mean that those people have hurt his friends.

and hes forgiven them

Technically Gohan counts as well, since Chichi gave birth to him and child birth is painful. I'm sure Roshi has done something to someone, too. Krillin is the only decent friend that Goku has.

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Krillin blasted a hole in Vegeta's chest on Namek and he counts as a friend

Roshi slapped bulmas ass. Does that count?


I screeched at my screen like a fucking autist when i heard that line. Like come the fuck on

should have said my friends are my power.

Not at the time. Vegeta was an acquaintance.

when roshi was possessed by the black water mist he attacked gohan and krillin, so technically he did too

The friends he'd leave for decades at a time and come back stronger after training and having adventures and what not?

It's just his way of trying to be friends with Jiren.

If he said it outright, Jiren would've seppuku'd himself out of disgust.

Krillin shat on the sacred rule of Bros Before Hoes by chosing 18.
Krillin is a backstabbing shit, that did not deserve to be brought back from the hell he surely landed in.

>got FTrunks and Goku killed by not blowing up 18

Don't forget King Kay and his pets

>shonen protagonist says a line like "I won't forgive you" then forgets about it after a while
What a surprise

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>trying to like goku

goku's time is finished, you senile fuck.

Yamcha tried to kill Goku
Krillin hated Goku
Tien tried to kill Goku
Piccolo tried to kill Goku
Vegeta tried to kill Goku
Frieza tried to kill Goku
Android 16 and 17 tried to kill Goku
His only true good allies are Roshi and Gohan

Roshi, really. Ghoan is just a shit son for that man. Not that he deserves any better. Did he try to educate his son in any way aside from beating the shit out of him?