Isekai Genre

What qualities make isekai stories in general compelling as a genre?

Where do they often fall flat, both structurally or within genre conventions?

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>What qualities make isekai stories in general compelling as a genre?
It's the perfect vehicle for anyone seeking refuge from reality.
>Where do they often fall flat,
With people who are looking for something more than that.

Isekai is basically cheating. You create a main character who is immediately relatable and also have an excuse as to why a character wouldnt understand the fantasy world they are in so you can have an mc that asks everyone for exposition dumps all the time. Its fantasy on easy mode

In Western writing, you used to see stuff like John Carter, or Three Hearts and Three Lions. It's a nice vehicle of learning about the world with the main character as a fish of water. even if the premise is a bit hoaky. However, I feel like the biggest structural or rather thematic problem is misusing the protagonist modern Earth knowledge, either not enough so that it makes more sense for a protagonist to just be a native, or used too much to end up with immersion-breaking "teching up."

Of course, "stuck in a video game/world of RPG mechanics" are trash by default.

>What qualities make isekai stories in general compelling
Easily relatable main character.

>Where do they often fall flat, both structurally or within genre conventions?
When people treat it as a genre, or in general skimp on defining features. Unsurprisingly, writers that take the easy route when writing the MC also often can't be fucked to write anything interesting at all.

Konosuba was a great anime and anyone that says otherwise only does so because they hate anime that gets popular

>What qualities make isekai stories in general compelling as a genre?
To me its when the world and characters are interesting and the MC doesn't just get a free pass in the new world or start OP right away, but develops himself and slowly gets strong.

>Where do they often fall flat, both structurally or within genre conventions?
When there's no clear goal or purpose. Take that smartphone isekai as example.

>What qualities make isekai stories in general compelling as a genre?
Slave harems

>What qualities make isekai stories in general compelling as a genre?
Fish out of water, culture shock, development as a character by experiencing something outside their norm that allows them to grow as a person.
Interesting worldbuilding, fleshed out cultures, histories, and people.

>Where do they often fall flat, both structurally or within genre conventions?
"It's just like a videogame with stats and skills and slaves lol"
"cheat-like powers wwwwwwww"

Way too many of the recent isekai LNs are written in the exact same way.
>I did X, so I received a skill Y
>I used skill Y on scary monster Z, so I killed it and gained lots of rare materials
>I entered town and sold off my rare materials and became rich
>I say I would like to keep a low profile, but immediately start solving any and all problems by throwing my money at it or displaying my power in a flashy manner

In Western writing the protagonists usually go home at the end, or try to. It's like a hero's journey, and they can apply what they learned while away to better themselves in their normal lives.

Or they confuse their subjective taste in comedy with objectivity.

>Where do they often fall flat
Where every story falls flat: when the author realizes he has nothing to write about after the very often shallow beginning gimmick.
Isekai as a genre is too expansive to really call out of any negative tropes on it aside from the protagonists coming from another world, but other than that they can contain literally anything.

I suppose the compelling part would be a chance to create a new world, with new rules that have no reason to follow Earth laws.

I assume this is the new thread?

Certainly, we cannot assume that another world has the same laws a normal person from earth would, specially if there's this thing called magic in said worlds. Well, there should also be stories where transported people are dirty scumbags that are free to pillage and kill without needing to pay attention to any notions of morality since they're not on their world.

>World has magic
>It's completely beneficial to humans, with no effect on new diseases, new natural disasters, new dangerous phenomenons, new disabilities, or otherwise causes of discomfort.
What's even the point?

>What qualities make isekai stories in general compelling as a genre?
Nothing. There is nothing compelling about this shitty genre.

Thats because its not actually magic.
its actually nanomachines acting like magic. the entire world is a tv show created by ancient aliens to watch.

>What qualities make isekai stories in general compelling as a genre?

To their audience?

>dude it's like you, but in a fantasy world where your exact skillset (knowing about games and shit) is super useful!

To me?

>using the vector of another world to showcase the problems in our own world.

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>that latest chapter of FILWTV

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>4 hours
>20 replies
>thread the other day had 250 posts at 2 hours
What the fuck happened

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People aren't sure if this is a proper isekai thread so they don't post in it.

Yeah, OP says isekai but has a Konosuba image, so it's just as likely to just become a Konosuba thread.

you sound like a faggot.

>not highlighting isekai thread

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Paralell Paradise

Death March saved Sup Forumsnime discusssions.

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The OP is asking for some kind of elaborate analysis on the isekai genre when people just want to shitpost and thus they don’t post in it.

New Sword dad chapter is out.

What is the point of isekai manga adaptations?

They take literally years just to go through a few volumes of content from the LN and most will likely never reach the end point to finish.

Advertising the LN/WN to the manga crowd.

Art's usually shit, too.

The biggest issue with Isekai is one that plagues a majority of them - the author tries to elongate their story and fails to do so in an interesting way. They boost the MC to retarded levels of power so quickly that there is no relevant challenge outside of the big bad, so to keep the story going they just keep throwing mooks at the MC just to burn chapters.

Man I'm not sure if it's the translator or the author at this point but compared to other isekai stories this has the highest amount of profanity I've ever seen.

Don't worry, the next Arc is totally worth waiting for.

Guys halp. I just got isekai'd to a medieval fantasy world, with only my smartphone (solar charger & internet access included), and fluency in the local languages.

What do?

Whatever you do, don't stream anime. That's just uncivilized.

I'm just sad that there are only ~50 chapters left. Maybe it will revolve around the succession conflict but I'm interested in reading about Rion uniting the entire continent. Oh well

That's not his goal though, he just wants to live a quiet life with his wife. And yeah it revolves around the succession conflict. I'm guessing you've only read what has been TL'd right? I'll hold my tongue in that case.


Be a NEET then kys for a better cheat

Evolution chapter sure was a wet fart after those cliffhangers. It's kinda picking up again with the chat with Goddess but fuck this pacing

find a katana in some dumb weapon shop and build a rapport over how it's a more difficult but inherently superior weapon to use
join the adventurers' guild
gather herbs and/or kill goblins
shout special attack names
learn all attributes of magic when even the most skilled geniuses can learn only 2 OR discover your affinity with the secret light/dark magic
come across slave girls discriminated against for having animal ears and save them
run into a rotten noble and publicly humiliate them
introduce crop rotation
become a titled noble
search for rice and miscellaneous soy products
either trip and plant your dick in some 2d broad in your first 20 minutes or stay pure for 50 years
get promoted

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jesus fucking christ what the FUCK is WRONG WITH THE OPS NOW

Is there an isekai equivalent term for an 80s training montage? Timeskip? I feel like way too often these stories mutter [hard work] and suddenly the MC is in the top 1% of all people who know how to [do thing].

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404'd for what? He asked what was compelling about the genre and where they fall flat.

Mods are hunting down isekai threads with a vengence user. anything is game now.

inb4 hurr durr these threads belong on /jp/ or /lit/. Good fucking luck on that one.

That's because the OPs where either asking for recs or straight up LN/WN threads(of which LN should be fine really considering how quickly they get adapted). Post some manga and it'll be fine.

They definitely need more Rocky training montages.

Escapism of the highest degree.

>read dad sword new chapter
>see all those kill the gods and the goddess is a bitch comments
>same kind of comments in novelupdate
Is this a side effect from reading chink series?

Think of how trashy the average isekai is.
Now think about the average IQ of people that happily eat garbage like that, like us.
Does that answer your question?

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My favorites are the ones getting mad at Master for being somewhat timid infront of the Goddess of Chaos. Like the bitch literally froze time and can unmake you in an instant, this isn't a chink novel where you can just go MUH CULTIVATION and kill gods.

nigga they say that cause isekai's oldest trope is god slaying

But the chaos goddess was cute, what sort of problem do they have with her? She was reasonable in everything she did.

Mostly this. Although with enough effort and passion a simply entertaining work can try to broaden the pre established confines. "Deconstructions" are shit, simply because issekai is already a parody of fantasy genre. So yes, its really easy to make something fun, but rather challenging to turn it into a masterpiece.

Yes, the average chink novel readers are actual psychopath. You should have it figured out by now come the fuck on. They seriously believe that anyone that even dares to oppose MC for even a moment should be executed without exception and MC's failure to do so would result in the usual "beta Jap MC" insult. Example are some of the comments in the early volumes of Demon king LARPER series, unfortunately they removed the chapters and comments. It really disgusted me to no end and I will (You) the fuck out of anyone mentioning chink novels in these kind of threads.

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I bet you only say that since shield hero was your first big leap into the "genre" proper

>What qualities make isekai stories in general compelling as a genre?

They allow us to be ourselves, while being in a world that isn't the one of our own, though it may be subtly or explicitly demonstrating qualities and characteristics of our world for effect and meaning.

>Where do they often fall flat, both structurally or within genre conventions?

The same place every other story does? 90% of them are crap.

>Of course, "stuck in a video game/world of RPG mechanics" are trash by default.

Everything is trash by default. Most men are only good for turning food into shit.

I dunno, I imagine you can fap to anything.

Bad weather isekai'd half of us to Oz.

Quick, learn to make synthetic clothing dyes and become a hero to the woolgathering industry.

We need to go full circle with Korean MC's being bishounen keikaku masters getting raped(willingly) while living on the edge. And on that note - we have Glorious Chink man and Japanese Katana folded over gorrilion times, but what about dogeasters? StarCraft 1337 skills?

What's wrong with your line breaks?

I wonder if they forgot about God of black smiths fine tuning fran's new armor directly.

there are elves, dwarves, humans, fluffy tail, etc

but all the races are actually descended from demons

How will Fran BTFO other A-rank adventurers now that she has revealed all of her cards?

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He's from Reddit.
Don't give him anymore attention.

Humans were actually a genetic experiment by god/ayylmaos to be a universal magical batteries (thus the all kind of shit hummies can succumb to and wield) Also the reason why everybody shits on them for being secondaries.

>What qualities make isekai stories in general compelling as a genre?
>Where do they often fall flat, both structurally or within genre conventions?
In every single way. I am tired of being specific, but to be quick: settings bad, bad protagonist, harems, video game shit, uninteresting plots, the twisty ones still love to end up the same kind of thing, overpowered MCs, "it's isekai but x" (uninspired as fuck)

Is she the middle one? If so she is a qt.

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world of moral reversal

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master still has his overdrive power that almost killed him.

Fran has never used the limit break skill herself too

first, don't drink water if you don't want to die from disentery
second, learn to quickly bow and kneel in front of your superior, because you are a pleb who can be killed without problem
third, hide your smartphone to not be accused of sorcery and burnt at the stake
fourth, try to not fall ill, because you're in for a lot of shit otherwise
fifth, quickly find out what's the religion here and follow it to not die for being an heretic
sixth, you know how to write and read, that makes you superior to most of the population, use that to work for powerful and rich people

Probably, judging by his description. I'd expect that the remaining two would be gods of swords and wolves since these are the two that make the most sense.

>it's another episode of the princess was the bad guy all along
goddamit 1 chapter every 2 months is just too much

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Well I doubt anyone left has anything as broken as the Phoenix Armor Goldofa had. So their spam mana pots before the fight to cheese Masters mana conductivity to boost his ATK power should probably work against everyone else. They will need to end fights fast though, I cannot see Fran standing up to Erza or Amanda in a prolonged fight at all.
>Spam pots to Boost Master's stats
>Awakening immediately
>Go for the quick kill
Only way I see them winning from now on.

Oh I forgot that both Master and Fran have Limit Break on top of Awakening as their final trump card, although the durability drain on Master would probably give them 10~15s to win at best.

Wasn't that a dude?

Is there an isekai that blurs the lines between the two realities or has the two interact? Besides Digimon.

Mahou Sensei Negima

>That’s so. This world is tragic. Even if you’re vexed, what can you do. This is the truth. The carbon dioxide exhaust rate won’t go down, China will grasp capital over the entire world, Justin Bieber will receive the Nobel Prize in literature……, and in 122 years you’ll be dead, I’ll be dead, we’ll all be dead.

My sides are in orbit, the writing for Dungeon Defense is pretty good.

So all Fran needed to do to evolve was kill 1000 goblins?

This is a Japanese Dragon

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7th Try not to cough at anyone, you might cause 95% of the population to die in a pandemic and the resulting chaos.

How do you want your magicks to work in isekai?

>chuuni chanting
>contract with elemental spirits
>reading poems in a book
>faith, JUST BELIEVE IT!!!

Your browsing on a 10 dollar smertfone.

ah, have an upvote.

>sixth, you know how to write and read, that makes you superior to most of the population, use that to work for powerful and rich people

Modern language. Not necessarily good in medieval writing.

Half of these claims will turn out to be false by reasonable extrapolation of current statistics, and who gives a shit about Nobels other than physics.
Also, DD a shit.

This sounds like a good way to clear up prime real estate, tho.

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Yeah, that was granny nagging at best, like, if she was like the cunt from Tsuki Ga that halfasses everything and acts like the brattiest little sister the world has ever seen then I'd get their bitching

>Modern language. Not necessarily good in medieval writing.
The fact that you can keep notes, even if just for yourself, and read them fluently, is something special in a medieval context.

Boo Boo

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on the other hand, memory training techniques do exist.

Of course, most shows just language babelfish magic carp anyway.

>Chuuni chanting/imagination power
>Contract with spirits

You need to communicate what you want to happen to the spirits, but not only is their grammar screwy, they're more whimsical than computers, and they read emotion as much as language. The chants exist because legends are a good baseline for imagining the scope of a spell.

"May his spine be crushed; may his bones be broken, his tendons torn, his hair ripped from his skull; may his blood, spilled over the earth, be churned into a bloody froth. I shall become one who buries fangs into the sinner's flesh, that the will of the Lord be followed: Thou shalt be purged!"

I prefer full chuuni chanting like this.

I had no expectations reading this, but I can't even figure out what this page is trying to imply.
and why is she staying? did the author not even bother to bullshit a reason? are there pages missing?

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people just fucking like fantasy and since fantasy is an almost-dead genre in japan we take isekai.

also a bunch of them differ greatly in how they are played, not all of them have a MC with cheat powers, some expand more on its world, others focus on the harem, others focus on the battles, and others focus on politics, etc.

>healthy young boy and girl living together under one roof
Gee what could this possibly be implying about their relationship