What is your favorite female char design, completely ignoring personality?

What is your favorite female char design, completely ignoring personality?

Asuha Chigusa is just 10/10 in my eyes, literally buckets of cum

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Looks very generic

it changes with the mood. Too much of one type and I get bored.

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Simply the best

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Well yes, because it was an iconic design and got copied. Like Asuka or Rei.

I would watch any show just for her designs.

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Arturia and her armor was the real shit before the samefaces came

This one is strange. From description, she would sound like the most generic template of a character design ever. But something about her is truly lovely.

Taki-as-Mitsuha is best girl

The only char that's female.

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my nigger
I cant remember anything about her show but man does she have some good ecchi


still outstandingly cute to this day, as seen in Emiya-san

I swear not a single fucking anime has nailed my want for a sensual, carefree punkish girl that outwardly is kind to everyone and energetic but is also crass and raw with her words and casually erotic. Japan just doesn't have that in their culture and it bums me out.

I like Tomose's designs.

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Maybe something like Eiko this season but with less lesbo?

The combination of gal and police uniform makes me rock hard. It doesn't help that I have a femdom fetish.

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Shit looks like a Huniepop CG. Don't ever post this again.

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Fuck you, nothing can stand between me and my police officers.

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I didnt think Sup Forums was this shit in taste, 90% of these posts are what Id expect from MAL or Facebook as responses

>not expecting shittaste from Sup Forums
lurk moar newfag

This kind.

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I expect shit taste but at mostly obscure shit taste like and not literal facebook waifus

>hating on based bubuzuke

Not true

Lady Kawaguchi does have one of the coolest mechs in that season tho

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Wouldn't high popularity suggest a successful design?

>calling based Kurisu generic
there is no noose tight enough for your neck

Personality-wise she's pretty cute too but I thought Hime's design is absolutely perfect.

That pic is from the artist who kept drawing her (and her onii-chan) until now right? That's some dedication.

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Well now I didn't know that she existed. A ReBawoo is a pretty dull choice for a Char clone, but it's 0096 so it's like either that or a Zaku III.

So Idolmaster is the best anime, hip hop is the best music, and that shitty star wars prequel is the best movie?

Maybe not 'best', but definitely the most appealing

I would agree with one exception.

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Yes, he has hundreds of pics of her, not that I am complaining since he draws her so hot

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The great semen demon.

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I really love the Heavy Object art. I liked this girl's designs more though. Hope we get more from this artist.

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>what shall we do about the background ? Keep it white and simple?
>nah just zoom in the picture at 70% opacity as a 2nd layer and call it a day

An insult to chris chan

remember you said to ignore personality
although I still like her personality

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i'm more concerned about her right tit, i understand that it is supposed to be pointed directly at the viewer but it comes off looking half the size of her left

i like crazy too, would stick dick in

Everyone would be happier if they had a big tiddie murasaki for themself.

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I'd rather have some itty bitty Ryoubi titties to lick.

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As far as I remember Nagi Ryo is big, I'm sure there'll be a lot more art from him in the future.

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God I love her design, shaft really outdid themselves with their animation.

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Her design is the only good thing to ever come out of SAO desu.

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Has to be Tokisaki Kurumi, I love gothic style and heterochromia.

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I couldn't win against the fluff.

she looks like she might just soothe my Noel-withdrawal for a while. Thanks user.

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I don't think she's actually a character from a show or anything. Still cute though

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Lame as shit it doesn't appear in the anime and you're stuck with SD garbage. Though at least they bothered to make a model of a custom Stargazer for her which I'm very happy with.

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I was actually talking about the SD

Fucking fight me, the lot of you

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Kohane is so goddamn gorgeous. I really love how slender she is.

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I wish she wasn't drawn like a little kid

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They are very popular for a reason. The designs are really great and iconic

We're talking pure visuals here, where, aside from random trends, popularity is indeed a decent indicator of quality, since it doesn't require a deeper understanding of anything. This excludes Rem if course, who's design was even done kinda generic on purpose to play on crazy anime hair color trope. I wouldn't include her, but the rest are great and you just dislike them because they are popular.


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Why post them if you think their design is subpar in some way?

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Battle meido

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the only situation where you must stick your dick in crazy

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I really like girls with hair bun.

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Even the perfection of 2-D has no chance against the scourge of male boredom and philandering.

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>male boredom
didn't know boredom had a gender

I don't remember where she's from, but I do remember that I fapped to her once or twice. Cute design + imouto = unf

genders deal differently with boredom, like in every other way they act


patrician taste

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Its not Sup Forums related but we can discuss this add me on ICQ 174381878

>ICQ 174381878
don't have one

I didn't realize there were so many others with such flawless taste still around this burning garbage heap of a board.

Well met.

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Dark eyes long straight black hair wears long colorful skirts with white shirts and doesn't talk too much

Brown burger queen for me.

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Fuck you I fucking hate tohsaka

>posting fanart as though that proves anything

>not posting fanart as though that proves nothing

Hey, quick question. Why are you making other people look at this? Like why did you think this was a necessary thing to show anyone else other than yourself? Please keep this horrible thing locked away as your little secret for the rest of time. Thanks.

The patrician's choice.

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Botan's great

She just seems so soft, makes me wanna hug her for hours on end.

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patrician taste