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How does Kyoani manage to blow everything else this season so hard?

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>How does Kyoani manage to blow everything else this season so hard?
Did you have a stroke?

not him, did you?

>barely manage to outsell flop dragon
Great success lol

I want to fuck Erika

style is alive and well in Kyoto

Shit poster went from "tanking harder than" to "barely manage to outsell", you're fucking pathetic. Next you'll be saying "oh it was successful but not a massive massive success"

me too

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flop dragon was a flop, selling a bit more than said amount doesnt make VEGetable a non-flop. It is a flop through and through despite years of shilling and being hyped to hell and back.

>Next you'll be saying "oh it was successful but not a massive massive success"
This shitposter will never say that since VEG is already a success.
Just don't give him (you)s.

Because this season is garbage.
That being said even Pop Team Epic is better than this

true, VEG has been a huge success and will go down as an iconic work of art that defined a new genre anime

Is that why you are not shitposting in Stalker threads anymore?

I don't know, but it blows alright. It blows big time.

Just letting everyone know, this is the same kind of reverse trolling the series received prior to its airing.

With that out of the way, carry on.

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Funny how this never happens to shows that are actually good, right?

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How you niggers manage to comment the same shit reply every single thread every single day is beyond me, as expected from these daily stalker threads.

This board somehow manages to hit a new low every year.

Ok, ill remove the ">>" next time, i just wanted to point that out to everyone.

PTE is actually better and more well received than this if that tells you anything about your "magnum opus" that you keep shilling here.

>How does Kyoani manage to blow everything else this season so hard?

>dude episode 10 lmao.
VEGtards are delusional.

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KNK had the idol episode, Phantom World had the crayon world episode. Basically one good ep doesn't mean a good show. Kyoani can't do consistency.

>how does Kyoani manage to blow everything else
I don't know, you tell me user.
Dick-sucking lips?

>Kyoani can't do consistency.
What have i told you about talking out of your ass? They are the most consistent studio in the industry.

VEG is proof enough that they aren't

I know right? It feel's like other studios don't even try anymore

Not really. VEG is rather inconsistent in terms of its story which is whats holding it back from being truly great.

VEG is just above kyoukai no kanata levels right now you dumb prick.

If you really believe that you are too retarded to live.

Maidragon had successful merch. All VEG has are "muh chink streams".

More BD than maidragon.
More chink cash than maidragon.
Burned a very solid lead as the #1 of all time among chink otaku.

Must suck to be tohru.

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Even if you remove chink money and Netflix shekels VEG anime is still doing good.

That looks like a lot of cheap garbage, did you buy it in a chinese stand?

It's not, it'll sell around 3k. That's how bad it is even japs know it's souless melodrama

K ON had more emotional impact that this, and it was just about girls drinking tea.

I cared more about Mai in PW than anyone is this trash

Nice junk you've got there did you find it in a dumpster

Its a shitty season.

I turned from an "Darling has potential, fuck violet commercial Netflix shit" to totally thinking this is the aots

Well, also the first 2 or 3 episodes from baioretto were quite cheesy. But now they've really learnt how to drama and episode 10 was amazing

Shirase's mom drama is far better

It's already sitting on 4k from predictions points of one site alone buddy.

>it'll sell around 3k
Oh you're here again, at this rate, no matter how hard you shitpost, VEG won't sell around 3k nor it's going to flop.

>we want the VEG audience: the episode
It was emotional, yes. But not a truck of hard emotions.

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That's only true of 2x20

Except it's not quick episodic garbage for cheap emotional impact.

Not cheaper than the Sora yori mo Tooi Basho building of "omg Shirase's mom is dead we'll deal with it in The Grand Finale"

No, it's instead a meaningful scene surrounded by cute girls SOL and sloppy comedy writing, which kills a lot of the impact.
VEG does in 23 minutes what Yori took over 12 episodes to try doing, you got a problem with it?

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>hates VEG for cheap emotional impact
>likes Sora Yori at the same time
Your kind is the biggest hypocrite on Sup Forums this season.

>m-muh mother is dying please toiletto writte some letters
It was forced garbage, you have to be devoid of personality to fall to such cheaps tricks.

Ishitdate was desperate I could hear him whimpering to my ear please man cry I can’t be more of a tryhard please i’m begging here

>yorifag still mad his show tried to go for the same punch as VEG

Consistently shit since 2012

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He's unironically a fan of Nolan, i'm not making this shit up he's said it himself. No wonder he'll use the cheapest tricks in the book.

>brutally executes 20 allied soldiers in cold blood
>oh dear that childs father was killed in the war, how sad

Honest thoughts on ufotable?

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Totally this.

I can get my nakige fix in 23 minutes of VEG instead of 12 episodes with detestable bland characters like Sora Yori

>I prefer instant junk food over well-prepared food
as expected from VEGfags

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>this is prepared

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Shirase is cute

Yeah, because all anime is shit.

>in between frame
I'm not even watching SoraYori but cmon, you know this is a cheap argument.

>I prefer instant junk food over overcooked food

Fix'd that for you

You make it sound like it looks good even on stills. It doesn't.

overcooked food is Hibike

It looks cute, what's the problem?

>one of the best characterizations in anime history is overcooked food

>It looks cute, what's the problem?
It's ugly as sin.

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VEG ep10 > Sorayori ep11

There was just something missing for sorayori. Real written letter > email sent from your phone

I've seen screencaps in the seasonal threads and it looks acceptable. Not as good as VEG sure, but I've seen that argument used enough for shows that I have watched to know that it always devolves into bullshit cherrypicking between the worst and the best scenes in a show.

1. Cute girls make for bad serious drama
2. The previous mentions of the dead mother were surrounded by comedic scenes
3. Receiving your own mails back is not as impactful as receiving letters from your dead mother

Don't get me wrong, it was a great episode. Sadly it was drowned by the rest of what the show was trying to accomplish.

It's pointless to compare anything with VEG in that regard.

But yeah it's acceptable most of the time.

>It's pointless to compare anything with VEG in that regard.
I wouldn't say "anything". I'd give the visuals in VEG an 8/10, that being amazing on a purely technical level but there's not much that distinguishes it visually aside from the detail. I find the animation of shows like Mononoke or Genkutsuou to be far more engaging and memorable on a personal level.

>Vioflop Floppergarden


>spend an entire year shilling your robotto drama
>have the entire anime news world on payroll
>get outclassed by a literal who teens drama from madhouse of all things

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Nichijou is even better than those 2 and it still is not as technically impressive.
The level of skill required to animate VEG in such a consistent manner is nothing but jaw dropping, I feel bad for the folks doing it.

>Nichijou is even better than those 2 and it still is not as technically impressive
Nichijou is my favourite KyoAni show visual-wise, but I wouldn't say its better than those two. Also I don't care so much for technical aspects as what can be done that sets it apart from the norm. Nichijou has some of that, and VEG somewhat less, but those 2 shows are to me the pinnacle of what I value most in animation.

Personally speaking what I value most in animation is taking this and setting it in motion without going off model and without making it jumpy.
It's not ghibli level since they do big crowds by hand but it's something I hold as amazing animation.

It's also a bit unrelated but note that the scene being worked at in the video is this scene from episode 10 - and the video was posted on jan 17. There's just no way to produce something this amazing without having a schedule just as amazing.

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Fair enough, I just feel like that attitude, if taken to the extreme, would mean that you might as well stick to live-action. I think the beautiful thing about animation is the absolute freedom to express and emote exaggeration and present worlds as we see them in our head.

(cont.) To add to that, I'm not even saying that a more realistic style doesn't work for a show like VEG, I'm just saying that there's only so far you can take it for someone like me to be fully engaged on a personal level.

Pretty much this desu baka senpai.

t. melodramatic sorayoritard

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Autistic levels of line counts and details do not prevent it from being exaggerated, see Redline. I suppose I love seeing how far they can go and how high they can raise the bar without breaking it.

You're acting like only avant-garde animation can look expressive and interesting. Even the most mundane and generic sets can look jaw-dropping and otherwordly with skillful cinematography, the opposite is true as well (e.g. Made in Abyss).

Made in Abyss has backgrounds and some well animated monsters but that was it. You could even argue that visually speaking the backgrounds make the characters stand out as low quality.

Not saying it does, but Redline is kind of an outlier especially considering how long it took. Plus I'm talking about extreme ends of the spectrum here (absolute realism vs absolute absurdism), and just how if I was forced to pick one over the other, i'd personally go with absurdism. Obviously there's plenty of anime in between and straddling the line between both, but overall it seems like most shows tend lean more to one side. The last major show I can think of that attempted to lean towards what I'm talking about was Mob Psycho 100, and that faltered after the first few episodes visual-wise. Devilman kind of did it, but honestly it did more to emphasize his weaknesses to someone not familiar with his style, when they should really start with Tatami Galaxy as a basis.

>b-b-b-b-bbbut muh episode 10 dude you just have to crawl through 9 episodes of shit to get to the 6/10 episode!!!
They live in their own bubble don't they.

>no new IP
Damn that's just sad.

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Like, what shows?

>Wit adapts ambitious projects
>Mahoutsukai no Yome
>Vinland Saga
Meanwhile KyoAni adapts shit materials and paint it gold. People eat it up like its a 5 star dish. Its funny how newfags make a big deal whenever people criticize this studio.

>can't outsell a show about cute girls camping

Except good shows can beat out this by actually being good.

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Oh boy, you don't want to bring money into this. It won't end well for you.

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VEG spoiled anime for me. No other show will be as detailed and artistic as VEG ever.


b-but kyoani make anime with pretty color!

And more artistic.


The harsh reality of a KyoAnifag. Can't swallow that pill.

>any of those
Not a VEG or KyoAnifag but you're delusional.

Stop samefagging.