Has an anime ever really made you feel emotional Sup Forums?

Has an anime ever really made you feel emotional Sup Forums?

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If anime evoked no emotional responses, we wouldn't watch them.

kill self, newshit

im watching hajime no ippo and all the development with umezawa is really great, especially when the show becomes about itself. top notch shit

HxH also had some really moving parts but 60% of the work was being done by the music, so.

I cried during the end of SAO2
OVA 2 of GabDrop got me welled up
Other than that, no.

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No bully. Robograndpa was actually pretty great at making me start to tear up



This one right here. Seeing Faye shaking and crying got me doing the same.

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old busted leaking robot

These scenes made me shed tears


speaking of dubs

Taimanin Asagi makes my dick cry so much, it often cries whenever I see it.

weird question. what's the point of watching anime if you don't have strong emotional responses to it?
There's not much to learn from it unless you're underage and the storytelling is mostly sub par. I guess that leaves masturbation.

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Arousal's still an emotional response, though.

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Almost teared up in that ferris wheel in the last episode

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Houseki no Kuni really resonates with me for some reason. I don't often get very emotionally invested in anime but the Gembutts really clicked with me. I am not ashamed to admit I teared up a few times reading the manga.

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A lot of them did.

it's dub and sub

you can hardly spend 2 minutes on Sup Forums without seeing someone talk about how aroused they are by some show/character so I doubt that's what the question refers to.
Let's pretend there's no way OP could be this new ok?

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never, kinda wish it happened because i feel like im missing out

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I've cried a lot from anime, call me a little bitch also this

> 60% of the work was being done by the music, so.

There's no music at all at the very end of the Chimera Ant arc, and that's the part that usually gets people the most.

VE last epsiode, but not this shit you posted.

Basically all of the last episode of Madoka.

the moments that really got to me the most were when this song came on

Berserk 2016 made Abe very upset

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Steins;gate, when Okabe realizes he was the one who killed Kurisu, is one of the few times in recent memory

dtb when shihoko kills herself and three days of happiness manga got me twice.

Pic unrelated.

Cried like a bitch

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Boku No Pico

I cried. I cried at myself for watching it. I didn't wanna live after watching it. Why did I watch it?


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Ping Pong, to this day the OST still gives me chills in fact.

episode 5 of yuru camp

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E7 got me.

Also the end of Guilty Crown.

I cried at the end of code geass and the fate route of the fsn vn

A bit. Death Parade, the suicidal kid.

>I'm not even suicidal

I cry all the fucking time, this scene was the worst for me though.


I unironically think this is one of the most emotional scenes in anime. The way it's portrayed is just so good.

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All the time, posting Secret base or Always in my heart is cheating

The ending of kaiji made me feel really satisfied

Every time I watch Kaguya-hime I can't stop crying until the credits have just about wrapped up.

I also cried multiple times during The Red Turtle, if that counts. Generally speaking, the more universal and less specific a narrative is, the more emotional impact it has on me. I must be built backwards. (Or maybe Isao Takahata is a lacrimal wizard.)

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I cry often nowadays I don't know why.


i cry very easily because i hide all my emotions inside even when i am alone, because feelings are g a y

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Yes. Mostly hate and disgust.

This had me crying all night.

lol no, it was forced drama shit

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We were good right?

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yes. first time watching berserk i was a teen and that fucked me up.

I cry a lot while watching anime, but the show that's made me cry the most is definitely Doremi.

What really gets me is when Ritsu tries to comfort Mio with that silly "lycopene" inside joke and they both end up laughing through their tears

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Even if they made it as baguette as possible tsumiki no ie almost gets me every time youtube.com/watch?v=jhQ75OV4VRs

Every rape scene gives me huge boner

code geass fuck

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yup, while i only shed a tear for 1 movie i did it for a lot of anime

Yeah, some anime makes me angry for time and effort I spent watching that shit.


How big is your pussy user?

Seeing kids die unfairly fucks me up ok?

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Only Devilmans ending.
Hate me.

I only get emotional when a father sacrifices for his children

It literally says Waltz For Venus in katakana, user.

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Sorry, but no.

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This was absolutely not fair.

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The last episode of Gungrave is intense, it's been 3 years since I've watched it and no anime I've seen has had the same impact on me

I hate faggots that say the second half ruined it, it's good all the way through

So much this. I cry in anticipation of the scene until it's over.

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This scene made me tear up. Normally I get annoyed by asspulls but I really felt like Inuyashiki deserved to be able to save his family.

the last episode of tiger mask, especially the insane laughter at about 2:20


I cried like a bitch multiple times during SSR.

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Clannad After Story because why wouldn't it you heartless piece of shit?

Top is less emotional, bottom is just fucking kill me emotional.

Clannad AS
Violet Evergarden

Needless to say I'm getting destroyed this season.

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I dropped it after the airplane episode, I couldn't take it anymore

Well, between 2017-2018, so far...

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When I first saw Elfen Lied, which happened to be my first anime in 2005-6.

>My... treasure...
That shit fucked me up badly.

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Besides some that have already been posted here, unironically Kill Me Baby's last episode.

SEL wrecked my soul for a week, probably because I used to and still do occasional go through egodeath or at least something similiar.

It's really good. You missed out on some quality tears.

I've been meaning to have a cry fest recently so I'll get back on the potato girls train then watch Violet Evergarden

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I cried like a little girl when Kagimura got her buchhülle.

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Everyone says the Nina scene but I think some of the best emotional scenes are when Barry is talking to Alphonse about if he's really human and when Envy is defeated.

this always makes me teary eyed

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not in the sense you think
I absolutely love NGNL, its probably my favourite anime of all time and whenever I rewatch it it actually makes me cry thinking that it will never have a second season

Yes I am a pussy virgin, how did you know?