Why do I like her?

Why do I like her?

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Because you have shit taste.

Because you have good taste.

Autism is cute

Because megane and you like to abuse girls.

I don't though.

Then you have shit taste.

Then you have good taste.

But she smells

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Because you want her to give you a tonguejob

Cute Mokocchi clone to abuse or protect. Genocide mode ruins her, thugh.

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I like to abuse girls.

You only abuse your micropenis in the dark.

God dam, she looks 10/10.

Why is she so perfect?

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Because she's cute and you can use the pigtails as handlebars when you forcibly cum inside her

don't do that

Wait, are you talking about from the front or the back?

>do her, Naegi!

On The Meat Bone!



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Miyuki Sawashiro


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she's a freak in the sheets


she is a virgin

Good point.

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that only makes her thoughts lewder

Still one of my all time favorites.

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Because braids and glasses is top tier.

Because her romance is the most well written in the whole franchise and her character evolves like it should.

because megane+braids is god-tier

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>uses pigtails instead of twintails like a filthy fucking gaijin

>uses twintails instead of braids when it's clearly braids

Twin braids
Purple hair

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>purple hair
Genuinely get your eyes checked.

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She has womanhandled many nude men, though.

Someone motivate me to finish Danganronpa 2
It's been like 4 months since I played it

Are you colorblind?

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Are you?

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Genocide Mode is a non-canon manga anyway.
Her characterization in Ultra Despair Girls itself is great.

Ultra Despair Girls 2 when

Announcement in three days.

Sonia-sama is the only best girl there is.

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But I only have 24 hours to live.

Fuck off, Sup Forums

I genuinely hope it's a fighting game.

Genocider is better

Wait that sentence actually makes sense.

Refer to Her hair is clearly purple.

Damn I hope she'd look like that at the end of Watamote after she marries Yuri of course.

That's like the only example you can find where it isn't clearly brown-haired,and even in that picture it still isn't purple.

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That's the lighting, look at her sprites in AE and you'll see they're purple.

That's "it's supposed to be brown" type of purple.
Just like when they use blue to indicate black haired character.

Buzz off, Kazuichi.

What is your opinion on anime adaptaion?

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That honestly took me too long to get the right order.

At this point, after the direction they went with V3, I’d rather them make another game that continues the adventures of Komaru and Fukawa in a despair-filled city.

Rushed cause only 12 eps

All the enjoyment from Danganronpa is doing the cases yourself and the anime removes that.

Its not purple. Its a red magenta-ish brown.

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Most likely because she reminds you of Homura Akemi.

Look at her AE sprites, her hair got purpler.

She's arousing.

... If only she actually bathed. I try to ignore that part.

But I hate Homura.

I never understood, why were her legs all cut and marked up in AE?

No u don't

It doesn't become purple, it just becomes straight magenta. If you want me to be a asshole about it its actually just fucking low sat and value pink.

I like to argue with my wife about her.

My wife says she is fucking disgusting flat-chested abomination that is perverted and being brought up by women makes you gay. Also that she does every dude that she kills her pussy must be so loose you could fit a rock in it.

I mean, she should know right since she is a woman but we both can agree that she is not totally horrendous. btw my wife looks like her but with massive tits.

That's the reason she doesn't bathe. The marks on her legs are a counter Genocider made of her victims by cutting herself
Fukawa is afraid of getting naked and discovering that another victim has been added to the counter

Sonia loves despair and I love Sonia!!!

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What's up with Danganronpa's art style? When I look at it up close it's not that much different than most other anime,but whenever I see a thumbnail of a Danganronpa character I've never seen before from across the room I can instantly recognize what series they're from.
Is it the eyes?

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A combination of things. The "noise" effect on the hair and clothes, the proportions, the style of the faces, etc.

Rui Komatsuzuki just has a really recognisable style, I suppose.

why does she have moustache?

i thought they're just announcing old games they're localizing

Ultra Despair Girls literally improved her character by 100x, turning a good character into one of the very best characters.


It's a cool and funny game.

Indeed, I consider it a hidden gem.

Sawashiro Miyuki doing autist impression

>not the last case version

God fucking damn I forgot about that

Smelly girls are the best

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She's fun. She was my favorite from DR1.

>the crotch sniffing
>the footjob
Good shit.

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>Like her best in DR1 because her shitty behavior is funny without being obnoxious
>UDG gives her character growth and makes her even better

Fukawa is really a great character.

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I fucking love Syo.

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She has a wife now.

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They're friends with benefits

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Try this one, it's the same as watamote but more yuri and without social anxiety

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