Little Witch Academia

>LWA is already resorting to noncanon pandering in the game to remain relevant
I dread imagining what will happen in the eventual season 2.

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>meant for FUN
>obviously not cannon

Game already does a lot of noncanon stuff so who cares

Diana's big breasts.

That show flopped, S2 is not happening even if Sup Forums shilled it

but the director himself said that he want the series airing for at least 3 seasons, user.

I have answers
You have questions
It's not SOS. It's saauga
The Hawk knew
That Diana is best girl

They should have just made an ecchi game, that would have increased sales

The cross ange director also said he wanted another season and look how that turned out.

>big breasts
you must have allot of experience in real life user.

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Yeah man lesbian witches are cool, too bad this show doesn't have any. Shame, really would have improved it.

Not yet anyways

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I like the aesthetics but I have to say I preferred her paired with big butt babs

Honestly just have Barbs/Hannah/Lotte/Amanda in a foursome and call it a day

That director your talking about is quitting as a Director. He realized LWA TV is a big mistake.

Best girl works well as a sniper.

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someone please post said pandering

>2 girls standing next to eachother is pandering

your almost as bad as the yurifags

2 girls who don't like each other during the point in which the game takes place during series performing a team special move is

As if that ever stopped Trigger.

Almost all of LWAfags are yurifags subhumans garbage, they are the one who create this kind of thread & they are very active in /u/.
Just let this thread sink into page 11. Dont reply to this.

What's going on here, they got new attacks?
How? They're on the same team and this isn't the first team attack anyway, Lotte,Akko and Sucy do the Shiny Ballstica from the second ova in their new nine old witch outfits if you have them together .

Team Green's special involves the giant ship Constanze made in that OVA,too. They honestly seem quite proud of that thing since it appears in the anime's second opening and in the manga as well

New supers for the update it seems. Akko doing her transformation magic, Green team doing something and Diana and Akko doing something together

I wonder if Akko/Diana's move will be that huge explosion n they caused in a manga, I think they were being harassed by some pervy old man and in a rage they burned down the entire building or something, yet only Akko seemed to be hurt.

Could this be the reason for the us version delay?

Makes sense if you think about it.

probably, there were suppose to be additional witches

That recent Hannah/Barbs fic ripped my heart out, fuck. At least it had a good enough end
Yeah but it's not worth a 3 month delay. Bamco are a bunch of fuckers for pushing it back this much and then releasing it THE SAME DAY AS DRAGONS CROWN PRO WHAT THE HELL.

Wait a minute, WHAT!?

i mean the only vanillaware game i have ever played is muramasa for the wii, but isnt that game popular as fuck?

Why would bamco release the lwa game on the same day as that game when its obvious lwa wont stand a chance?

>Diakko special
Nice. On the other hand, I feel they should eat something, their heads are twice as large as their waists.

is the game even out yet (in english)? on PS4 only?

Literally just sending it to die. LWA's gameplay is heavily inspired by DC (APlus are also beat em up devs so it's easy to see why they'd pull from there) so there's no reason for that date other than the pubs not giving a rats ass about the game. It's not like the genre is so packed that this had to have happened, its game starved on consoles currently, and the games play very similarly to each other (with DC obviously being the far better game) that it's redundant.
No. May 15 for US.

Amanda has bigger breasts than Diana!

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Im mad that this is canon but i also love Big Tomboy Tiddes so im happy either way

They would both look Cavendish desu.

Cross Ange actually has a good chance of it getting another season down the line as the sales were pretty good and the music related stuff sold very well. If Nana wills it, it will happen.

Thats what everyone expects but Akkos genes are as stubborn as she is dumb

Still the best kid design

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Cavendish looks with the Kagari personality, such a beautiful smol child

I want to lewd her as an adult

Was the fish always a fish or was she a human at one point?

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If she is a fish, does that means that other animals can be witches too? will there be a cat or dog witch eventually?

More future kid designs where?

You god damn degenerate

Akko's passionate self with Diana's body is a 10/10 combo

>senior year
>both are now past DD cups
oppai witch academia


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>LWA is already resorting to noncanon pandering in the game to remain relevant
Nothing wrong with that.

>Year 2
>Red, Blue and Green team all get kouhais
Describe what you want them to be like

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Retcon Ninja Witch to be a first year and hound Akko all day like the weeb she is

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>When it flopped

>Ninja Witch

OC from the game. Frenchie who's a weeb and acts like a ninja

>too many kouhais fangirling and crushing on akko and diana
might even be so ridiculous that when akko tries to demonstrate something and fucks it up, they all try to methodically fuck up the spell in the same exact way

>they all copy Akkos hairstyle

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>the kouhais split in an even group between Akko and Diana
>each group mimics them in their own way
>the Diana and Akko kouhais end up being paired together in various classes
>the cast gets to see different flavors of Diana/Akko play out

I'd buy it, but it works better if Akko and Diana were third years.

>diana kouhais spending hours curling their hair in an attempt to match cavendish wavy seaweed style

>hair is complete
>all kouhais in unison do the hairflip

>first year pair that mimics their OVA selves (more bully Diana and selfish Akko)
>second years that act like their relationship during the most of the TV anime
>second years that are the typical fandom version of Diakko (also the ones that end up being seen in public the most so the real Diana and Akko always get embarrassed due to the teasing)
>lastly a first year group that seems to be "what if Diana and Akko were always best friends, didn't have their magic sapped and Diana didn't lose her mom"

What a different world that would be...

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>diana does anything above average
>diana squad says "sasuga diana" every time in unison
>everyone on campus including diana cringes each time
>diana squad oblivious to how weird and creepy theyre being

nothing are as bad as the yurifags

Why is it impossible to be this cute?

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>Diana proceeds to try and fuck up anything she does just to get them to stop
>the sasuga squad only gets louder

We need to confirm once and for all
Is Sucy a cuck, or is that too far for her?

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She watches from the closet dressed as a mushroom

You have to take the initiative with Sucy.
She´s too autistic to understand carnal desires just from looking; someone needs to touch her lovingly.

sorry you need to have a gigantic arse to be that cute thats just the way it is

It didn't flop.

I wanna fuck that fish.


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Lets just stop. Remember the first OVA fondly but stop.

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Non-canon fan service is staple in Japanese licensed games though.

>Bamco are a bunch of fuckers for pushing it back this much and then releasing it THE SAME DAY AS DRAGONS CROWN PRO WHAT THE HELL
Well I guess they didn't include royalties for Bamco in the contract.

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>Complaining about that
>Not even mentioning that based Chumlee got to be in the game too.

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I hope he's playable.

I'm salty he's yet to show up in any damn doujins. He's the perfect replacement for the "old bald doujin fat guy" yet all he has is just a pic with Akko. What a waste.

That's not what the databook says.

>TRIGGER wants more
>TOHO wants more
1 0 M O R E Y E A R S
I'm not sue about Netflix but it's possible.

We can only hope for mods.

they better fucking include the shiny charion minigame with steam purchases

Good, Chumlee is pure

When the shit does this game come out in the west?

May 15

what even is his character name? hes been called chumlee so often that i dont even know if he had any other actual name

>season 2
Heh, you keep saying that. After the mess of LWA TV ? not going to happen. Netflix ? fuck no, netflix didnt fund any shit on this crap.

post barb images i need to stock up

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LWA was never consistent

Pretty sure he was never named, but I don't read Nip so he could have been in the credits. I'm tempted to say he wasn't since it was so minor, but who knows. I wonder if IRL Chumlee knows, though if I remember right he was arrested or something as soon as the cameo showed up.

I think he's just "Store manager", I'm sure his boss does have a name, though, it appeared in one of those promotional coasters they gave as a gift in the theme café.

Talk me out of buying the LWA Tarot kickstarter please. A lot of the artwork looks really good and I'm debating on getting the cards + book or either one (the extras look really meh so I'm fine without them)

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>tumblr art

There better stuff to spend your money friend, especially LWA-wise

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I have an extremely high tolerance for it and from the previews the art looks really varied and colorful.

I would've bought the game already if Bamco stopped being retards about it.

right, you have tolerance for tumblr art being presented to you maybe, but consider whether you can tolerate having paid actual dollarydoos for getting mostly mediocre to shitty art. if it's really worth spending your money just for the few good pieces and having the vast majority be subpar then i guess that's up to you

Also, some (not sure if most) of the artists aren't actually fans, and get details wrong.

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LWAfags doesnt even hide their tumblrfaggotry anymore. Go back to tumblr & stay there.