Steins;Gate 0

Specific air date when.
Will it all be worth it for Maho?

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considering that the VN was shitty, I seriously doubt the anime will be worthwhile for any reason

That's disappointing to hear.

It won't be worth it. Not without a complete overhaul.

Fuck you. It isn't really that bad.

Nobody can guess due to them making it a merged route.
I hope a lot of Twin Automata content makes it in.

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How bad was it? I liked the original but I've never touched 0

Its not bad at all. Okabe is better created, thats really first time for us to experience his serious self. Thanks to this we can learn more about him and relations between other lab members.

If Maho gets at least 1 scale out of the disaster then I will be happy as fuck.

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can't wait for new pixiv art, I hope Kurisu becomes the new memegirl and gets lots of lewds

0 is fine, people are dumb.

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Here come all the apologists. Don't worry guys it's not a bad story if you ignore all the bad parts.

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad.

Is this a prequel? I hate prequels.

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Did you watch/read S;G?

Yeah, is this one of the discarded timeline or something?

You know at the end of S;G when Okabe gets the D-mail from the future him? 0 is the story about how that future Okabe came to be

remember this fucker? It's the story about how that came to be.

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Watch good movie

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>the story about how that came to be
Honestly hardly. The actual story is distracted and just half-heartedly explores a bunch of interesting ideas that could have been done well.

Huh, mite b cool then.

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Already watched it, so what?

So don't watch Steins;Shit

You can enjoy more than 1 thing at a time user.

No you can't

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Only watching it these two and the ufo machine scene

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I wonder if they will cut that scene down like they did to the Kurisu conference in the S;G adaptation.

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I want this adaptation to be shit so you steins;shitters know my pain

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No need to be spiteful but it's going to be bad regardless.

R;N is not really what people call a good adaption, yet it's nowhere near chaos level, so you chaos fags can keep butthurting with 1 cour meme all you want for eternity

Maho’s just an overated useless onahole like the tutturu autistic girl, and will never be as good as Kurisu

Hopefully they improve Milky Way Crossing.

For Maho? No. For best boy? Of course.

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You're the worst.

Am I wrong?

>stein;gate 0
My only issue with it and original was the overwhelming amount of cheap drama. I would prefer more of silly Hououin Kyouma exploring science rather than whining Okabe crying over mistakes all the time and doing nothing about science.
Okabe looks like a weak character in 0 because of how he behaves. And 0 isn't that interesting in terms of exploring science, gimmicks and etc.

I would gladly watch the continuation of Suzuha route and their epic battles against CERN and council of 300, hopefully with them meeting other selves and doing stupid shit, rather than 0.

However, I give 0 chances, especially if they won't be sticking to much drama and muh feels too much.

I do not think that Maho is "overrated". Mayushii is precious and Kurisu is perfect.

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did they change voices of suzuha and her mother? In the VN it was so fucking dumb having them share same seyiuu, I thought my game was bugged playing the wrong voices because they sound exactly the same

is she really short or is he really tall?

It's more that she is short, but Okabe is of a decent height for a japanese.

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>MWC got a movie
>it ended up worse than the Deja Vu movie

Everybody rides on the Maho bandwagon just for being a legal loli when all she does is bitches about “muh salieri” and tutturu exists to only either be fucked or killed

>just try again, bro

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It’s true, Maho’s only useful for being passed around friends as a cumdumpster

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I liked her interactions with Moeka.

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Why that whole Kurisu roast was scrapped, that shit was amazing.

all points out that it will be shit as well, so we'll feel you my dude.

I don't know but it really soured my mood for the adaptation and the individual character arcs really put me over. Maybe they thought going into depth on the different theories of time travel would be boring.

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more than that, the whole banter had me laughing for like half hour

we're gonna get that scene, right? ;-;

I hope so but my faith in 0 being good is, well 0.

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They probably thought the whole thing drags the pacing, I dunno.

Steins shitters will still have the first adaptation though.
Chaos Head is ass from concept alone.

Meh, we already have that shitty movie.

Okabe is 5'10 burgers which outside of /fit/ is just average. Mayuri is a womanlet.

He's got a solid 3 inches on the average japanese man and he's only 18.

Maho only gets praised because frankly she was one of the few actual characters in 0 and isn't written retardedly.

I mean, the theories are a fucking mess and i barely understood them, but the scene in itself chops away how they got along in the first place.

womanlets are cute.

____MAL____ lists april 12.

The anime better have the scene of Maho in a panda pajama or else.

They're not adapting that route

>maho in panda pajama
>not Moeka in babydoll

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Nope sorry, only the 2 main routes and nothing else.

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0 is actually really good so I don't know what that user was talking about.

>mfw they'll announce another S;G VN next month

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Must correct terrible quality

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Thanks for the better quality.

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Nope, sorry user, they will announce the inevitable delay on this 25th

Nah, they've always announced new projects at their event. DaSH and Elite were announced at last year's concert.
And why 25th?

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There's an event this 25th and very likely a new announcement(s)


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That's just another anime-focused event, they're not going to announce new VN there.
Maybe A;C anime, but I doubt it.

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Yeah, that's the one
I also think there will be nothing new except for maybe a trailer of 0
But delay announcement is their traditional, next month is the start of spring 2018 and all we ever had was 1 fucking PV of DaSH

wtf, autocorrect

>He truth of the JFK assass

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>because of the guaranteed success of steins;gate elite, we've already decided to start work on steins;gate 0 elite. please enjoy it.

Noah when? I want to play other SciAdv games but it's not my fault either subpar versions of games are translated or just S;G.

After we got C;C patch

that would make me mad af

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>A year later
>We have Steins;Gate Dual on the way, it's the combination of both S;G and S;G 0 but with enhanced anime scenes

Pls no, I don't want S;G to be the Skyrim of VNs.


>they finally announce a proper sequel
>it takes place in 2040 or something
>Kagari will be the main girl, Suzuha will be the second main girl that's bound to lose the MCbowl

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>the whole thing is a yuibait with Suzuha as protag

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can't wait for senkei kousoku no phenogram HD, not really interested in that weird FMV game they're giving away with it though

user..... I have some news that you might want to check
2009 - Steins;Gate
2011 - Steins;Gate Double Pack
2011 - Steins;Gate 8-bit
2011 - Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling
2013 - Steins;Gate: Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram
2015 - Steins;Gate 0
2018 - Steins;gate Elite

And that's not counting different later ports for each game

>And that's not counting different later ports for each game
>Steins;Gate Double Pack

>Steins;Gate Dual
We already got one.

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Can we say that chiyoposting might be a thing in the future?

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I didn't read 0 VN. Should I stay away from these threads when it airs?

maybe. because we'll spoil everything.

user,you might want to hold your breath....

i think this was just two cases in a box vs c;h dual being one cartridge

I guess so.

>SciADV used to have its own website
>mfw that site is fucking dead now

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