Attack on Titan

Will Zeke Yeager gain the founding Titan?, think about it Eran can’t use it to its full potential as he isn’t related to the royal family, Zeke is, what will he do if he gets the power?

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How will Zeke get that power when he keeps getting BTFO by Paradis?

Eran can’t use the power to its fullest extent, only historia can and Zeke, Eran is also going to die soon.
Will Zeke save eldia from Marley?

>implying he's gonna get out of this alive

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He probably will survive, earns going to die soon, only histora can use the power as well, who do you think is more likely to get the power, the experienced Titan warrior or a spoiled blonde chick?

FFF or Coalgirls? And which ones for the second season?

Eren's got more time than Zeke does, retard. The royal family cannot use it.

Will he marry mikasa and have Asian babies though?, I wish I could be Eran

>Marrying a control-freak
>Marrying a girl who looks like a dude

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post your oc-kuns

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why this nigga porc so THICC

Mikasa is pretty hot

I thought that if someone with royal blood gets the founding titan, they get mind controlled by it and are forced into protecting the walls.

Why did you bump this dead shit?

Cataloged didn't look at the page number.

So if you get eaten by a Titan, can your OC resurrect once by triggering their Titan power like Eren did with the Santa Titan?

Not him but I don't have enough cruelty in my heart to voluntarily let my beloved waifu devoured by Titans. I don't even know that the death animation looks like although I've seen so many randoms eaten by Titans, but important named characters are always defeated when they run out of health, never eaten.

I haven't played the sequel BTW.

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Stop being a speedreader. Zeke is of royal blood so Karl the Cuck's will still applies in his case. The moment Zeke eats Eren and gets the power he's going to turn into a peace-loving hippie and fuck back off to Paradise to wait for the Marleyans to come rape him. Only Eren + a royal can use the Coordinate without Karl the Cuck mindraping them into obedience.

Since we're in some time loop fuckery in the end it will be revealed Eren is the original founding titan's reincarnation.

The only way Isayama would write something that stupid is if he were to pull off something equally stupid like killing off Levi or Mikasa.

Grisha you're dead.

Zeke isn't a descendant of 145th, it doesn't apply to him.

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How many coins would it cost for an Annie, Gabi or Hisu? I wouly pay thousands.

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So what's her face controls the WHT from inside her crystal, and is still conscious within it. Does that mean Annie is still conscious but is just being a difficult cunt?

No, Eren will eat Zeke and he will be able to use the power. The plot at some point will turn into Eren eating all the shifters and Armong will be the final boss just to have some sort of bittersweet time-travel loop ending.

That would be disappointing

Just made.

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Do we have a chart for chapter 103?

Wait till sunday for Annie, she will be half price that day

>t. speedreader
Paths you mongoloid

Anyone got the pic of Armin?

It would be stupid for him to consume the FT, he has royal blood so the will of King Karl will activate before he can do anything.

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You activate the ability by having royal blood or touching someone who has royal blood, eating one will do nothing.

Grisha ate Frieda and he couldn't do shit.

Who here /dropping/ if she dies?

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I'd only drop it if Annie dies tbhwyf but her death will be another in the line of disappointment.

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I don't think he ever tried.


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>the game is the same jetpack bullshit like the first one
>devs could just copy the flash game thats better in every way but graphics

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It has very clearly been stated that DESCENDANTS of the 145th king are affected. Because no one in Marley knows of Zeke's bloodline. Or about Dina. To the Marleyans the only descendants of Ymir left are in Paradis.

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>transform into hand titan mode
>lose beard


>being a warrior-cuck

its very arcade in his design, you mostly are an invincible super soldier. I wish another developer would try to do a more brutal approach to the mechanics of the game.

>even their money is made out of bamboo

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His face hardened, it looks weird

What the fuck even is iron bamboo?

bullshit, that's what it is

sekrit eldian technology

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Isayama decided titanium growing out of the ground was better than them just mining for it.

I would be angry if Isamaya kills my wife.

I'll buy a physical copy and cum on it if she dies

100% concentrated bullshit

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What is this supposed to represent?

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Ill protect her and impregnate her

Porco pls.

This manga died too fast here

why did you spoiler it to me!!!!!
i'm gonna find you
and kill you!!!

I was waiting for 2nd season so much and
i didn't read manga. now when someone spoilerd
to me my waiting for 3rd season become more stupid, it's means i need to read manga!

>I need to read
Oh no, what a tragedy


A canonical plant that upsets anons. They cant admit it's a plant, not a metal bar, in a fictional setting and make a fuss.

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And here he is. That guy. What a work.

>you can take Shadis, Pixis and even Zackley with you for titan killing in the game
Pretty gud. Could only be better if my boy Nick was a secret playable character

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Is it playable with a keyboard?

You can bro-op with the greatest Eldian artist/madman?

>game based of the anime
Fuck off Bamboonigger.

>game based of the anime
Iron Bamboo is from the guidebook.

>Far harder than most metals
How do they cut it, let alone process it?

With special axes

That's an unbearably adorable Mina

W-What does Sup Forums think of my OC?

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Iron Cactus saws. Just don't ask what they cut THAT with.

Yes, but it's better with a controller of some sort.


>bolo tie
Is your OC the eldest child of a Walldian oil tycoon?

She's angery

1/10 try harder

>hasn't even read the guidebooks
nice opinion

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fujo-chan is angery. Angery about being so SHORT.


S-Sorry user I'll do better next time.

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>the Eldians fled to the Holy Land

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>Country of the blacks

Sounds like a nice place to visit.~

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La criatura titanica... is my best guess.

Looks like YH's love child.

>Killed the most fake titans in both the single and team-based training missions
>Reighner won both times

Is this intentionally supposed to make me his "rival" because he's the armored titan and the MCs main motivation is to kill him?

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>Madagascar = Holy Land = Paradis(e) = Utopia


I always spell his name wrong when going by memory.

Oh no, it's retarded.

How awkward do you think it was for Reiner to hear that OC-san tell Shadis their motivation is to kill the Armored Titan?
Is it like an "oh geez that's me" thing or would it dawn on him that he'd quantifiably ruined lives?

>Attack on Titan
oh ffs don't change the name of the general you retard

These are some deep choices

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I'd say no way to a ghost too.

Can you bang Petra?

>Reiner has dissociative identity disorder (split personality) and one of them is gay
Is it true?

>Dumblr theory

Technically yes