Darling in the franxx

but 02 was sad for the whole episode because the teeth have grown?
So if she does not change I klax, she becomes a monster ..
02 did not want to do the medical examinations because you hear a monster?

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s-s-she's not a monster!

I'm not entirely sure yet. Either it's
>teeth have grown
>she's ditching her tests so no one finds out
>teeth were just drawn larger because they were the focus of the scene
>she's depressed because the mirror allows her to constantly look at herself and always be reminded of the fact that she's part klax

She probably has to take those "tests" to suppress her Oni form or whatever it is.

If she doesn't like looking at herself, why is her hair so done up? Ditto for the makeup she has on. She does that to herself and that requires a mirror.

>Ditto for the makeup she has on.
that's not makeup

It doesn't matter anymore. Drama incoming

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S-she won't die leaving Hiro all alone, will she?

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Nah Ichigo will.

Cute user, just try to prepare yourself

I hope you're ready for suffering.
I'm not.

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Punished Hiro.
A darling abandoned.

Ryoma legit kinda looks like an older angrier Hiro

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I want 02 to die nice and slow in front of Hiro.

Go away Ichigo

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Just watched episode 10
So its just brave new world with child soldiers and dinosaurs right?

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No, quit making that comparison.

What would their offspring look like?

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They are both sterile, i'm sorry

no u

They won't exist because 02 is going to die.

Humans and monsters are different species therefore they cannot have children. If they were somehow able to conceive a child it would look like a monster like Zero 2.

Really cute and with horns.

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02 was a member of the nines, so of logic nine iota is 02 (or hiro)?

What would their offspring look like?

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>but 02 was sad for the whole episode because the teeth have grown?
She's just having her period. The fangs are part of it.

Beautiful and natural.

>ダリフラ #11
>Script: Hiroshi Seko (瀬古 浩司)
>Storyboard/Director/Supervisor: Takahiro Shikama (鹿間 貴裕)
>AD: Mitsuko Baba (馬場 充子) Akira Takada (高田晃)
>Mecha AD: Kazuyuki Asaka (浅賀和行)
>Megumi Kouno (河野恵美)
>General Animation Supervision: Masayoshi Tanaka (田中将賀)
>Takahiro Shikama (鹿間 貴裕)
>Motoko Shikama (鹿間 元子)
>Moeka Kuga (空賀 萌香)
>Toshiyuki Sato (佐藤 利幸)
>Keita Nagasaka (長坂 慶太)
>Kouta Michishita (道下 康太)
>Yuuki Yonemori (米森 雄紀)

So the next episode will be an action episode?

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It's gonna be fatoshi's character ep. Screencap this.

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After the reveal from last week's episode, I'd be surprised.

isnt it A-1 episode? if it is then i doubt there will be action

100% it's gonna be a character episode. I figure the odds are split roughly 50/50 between fatoshi or kokoro.

IIRC the leaker mentioned that there will be some very impressive animation, so it probably will be mecha focused

PV when?

You could've said the same about eps 9 or 10. They were still character eps.

Why would Fatoshi character episode have 7 KAs including the episode director after garbage animation in Goro and Zorome episodes? You seriously underestimate just how good this staff looks, we only ever see production like this in KyoAni shows. I'm not saying it's going to be the best episode in this show but nobody would waste effort like this on the least relevant character.

I dropped it three episodes ago and it looks like it keeps getting worse.

I know what you mean, i'm dropping this show every week

Do you still not understand that 11 is going to be another Episode 5?

Why she became mean suddenly?

Episode 5 had zero mecha though.

>die die die
Stop, nobody is going to fucking die in this serie.
I bet your virgin ass we'll also see Naomi again eventually.

Reminder oni a shit

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I hope so

Hachi is going to die in episode 21.

I won't forget you drawfriend

Shit I made a mistake, it's this one

She wasn't mean, she believed she had a very good reason
>Because they are -

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>- beasts.
She was humoring a pet, nothing more. "Now shoo, go back to protecting my happiness machine from the evil robot dinosaurs."

>Has her own crépe
>Still eats Hiro's
Fucking evil

That's a cute dinosaur.

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>She won't smile again until when she's going to be on the verge of death in episode 12

But honey and darling like to share food.

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I'm looking forward to the new manifestation of their power of love. Anyone wanna bet on how they'll do it? Will a kiss be enough?

Episode 5 was 10/10, so I hope so. It's been all downhill from there

As this user pointed out

Episode 9 was pretty good and 10 was fantastic. Still, I sort of see where you are coming from. Episode 5 is very hard to beat and episode 6,7 and 8 weren't great to have in a row.

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It has been looking up again. I thought nine was decent and ten was pretty good. Some anons are just being overly pessimistic I think. We're about to hit the half-way point soon so I think the best parts are ahead of us

I wonder if they would play the OP during a big scene like that. Maybe a slow version of it.

I'd imagine they have some songs that they're holding until the appropriate time. The OP wouldn't work in most scenes, especially not a touching kiss scene, fight scene or suffering scene. It wouldn't sound right in any of those situations. I'd be amazed if they could pull it off but I don't think it could work.


If they do it should definitely be a slow and mellow version. I love the OP track but it's way to hype and huge to be played during a scene I think.

Ah, this one's really good yeah, but didn't they play something new in 6? This isn't really suited for a big fight, more like the aftermath or an emotional moment.

The show still has that vocal song that they played like 1 verse of during episode 6 so I think they'll use that.

They will probably change the ED in episode 12. Might be a transition into it.

Do we have any info about who is going to sing the second OP?

I don't actually remember, but was it this one? youtube.com/watch?v=Oz0k60_Ky5M

No. Tomato would be an obvious choice, I'm surprised she didn't sing the first one.

Leakanon, the one who leaked episode 7's ed, has stated that there will be star driver like action in the next episode.

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It's the song that starts around the 30 second mark in PV2.

I would watch a bike racing anime like this.

>series clearly headed towards ichigo/hiro ship
what happens to oni?

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death by suicide

because Hiro and Nana is the real OTP

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She dies protecting both Hiro and Ichigo. There's a reason they pulled out the Stampede mode

Why isn't anyone paying attention to fact that it's been revealed that 02 was part of the nines
What can we make out of this?

where the lyrics in english all this time?

Clearly you're retarded.

It was revealed in episode 6, some people were just stubborn.

That she was part of the Nines and was removed due to her joining P13.

How do we stop this child predator?!

Make her Dr Franxx's personal assistant.

I'm user from the other thread. No, the OP is in jap. Got lyrics from here:

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I like the idea that Hiro is a clone of Dr. Franxx and Nana wants to sexually harass Hiro to "get back" at Dr. Franxx.

We know that 02 is crazy, but who would make the better yandere? Her or Hiro?

02 is becoming into Oni, if the horns grow larger, she will no longer be able to wear her helmet and connect with Hiro

Double yandere couple

If someone provides me with a screenshot of this scene with Hiro, I'll make a proper edit out of this picture.

>Thinks Ikuno is holding him back
>Attempts to dump her and rides 02
>Gets rekt
>Wonders why Hiro is stronger
>Kokoro tells him he should rely on others
>Hiro tells the guys how they should support and believe in their pistils
>He is still in denial
>Still blames Ikuno
>Still thinks he would be stronger with another pistil
>Still thinks he did nothing wrong and refuses to mend his ways
Why Mitsuru is so stupid? People straight of tell him that his attitude is his main problem and limiter. When will he learn?

2nd beach episode when?

Male yanderes are always the best.

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School festival episode comes next