Hey you wanna make a contract? It will be fun I swear

Hey you wanna make a contract? It will be fun I swear

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Why couldn’t I make a contract that voided itself?

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Fun? Will there be candies? Count me in.

Can my wish be that I turn into a girl


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I wish to always be happy no matter what.

>QB is a phoneposter

Go back to whatever website you came from.

What kind of contract? And what the fuck kind of talking creature are you? I haven't seen you on any animal planet documentary.

Sure. Give me the ability to take other magic girl's emotional and physical pain.

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Yeah I wish Kyubey would suffer.


I wish QB was my gf

Isn't this basically what Madoka does? You probably wouldn't be able to handle it like she can and would break after only one or two.

>What kind of contract?
Simple: I save your cat and in return i'll send you to death in pain very soon.

What would happen if a magical girl wished for the knowledge of meguca and witches to become public?

what if they wished for more wishes


but what if you wished for despair

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I wish that meguca suffering sped up entropy.

There's no fucking way that would work.

If QB has the power to turn anyone into an all-powerful multiversal god,and QB has to grant the wish no matter what,why hasn't anyone in the hundreds of years he's been handing out contracts just wished for infinite wishes? And then when they start to realize that QB is a shady motherfucker just wish to wipe him from the timeline? Does the show or movie address this ever?

I wish to have never made a contract with you

Probably not. His reaction should at least be interesting, though.

He probably wouldn't agree, Qb is interested in reaping the emotions one gets when transitioning from hope to despair, so wishing for despair outright is redundant for him.

does he ever turn down wishes? Why wouldn't he turn down madokas final one if he could

Possibly a lot of fun.
If you don't waste your wish and keep in check your maho power optimizing your grief seed collection.
My wish would be, if not already included in the zombie pack, a never aging body that doesn't need anything from the outside.
Or the emperor geass otherwise.

Shouldn't you be somewhere else now?

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If I do you owe me 5 dollars.

What if I had a dying man make a contract that said that my contract wouldn't backfire on me or anyone I care about?

I wish could to kill other magical girls

>implying you'll survive with a faggot rabbit as your contract
Even the crab would be a smarter option, miss me with that third-rate mirror monster shit.