What happened to Mio. She looks so hungry for c**k.

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>exposed midriff
>much shorter skirt
>visible string panties
She became even more of a whore

disgusting slut

Are the English subs for the OVA really that bad?
There's French subs as well now too


So what’s the word?


Cuck xD xD

It's Cock. Meaning Dick


Author should go and die somewhere instead of writing this shit anymore.


Wait! Mio got ring. Did she win in the end.

I would too if I was getting bang by a Chad like Basara. Look at how handsomely manly he is

>tits just magically grow 3 times the size for no reason
Fuck I hate this shit.

>bang by a chad like
like this

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Her boobs are twice bigger.

you sounds Gay

What about her.

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I am

I hate this too. It always ruins the design. Small-breasted girls lose their charm and big-breasted ones turn into disproportionate titty monsters. Seriously, fuck everyone who does this shit.

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We’ll find out how many cumshots it took Basara to get sensei pregnant.

Learn perspective nigger it's his ring

Ok nigger

her ring is much thinner, but you can still see it

sensei is best girl

Mio looks hot in that first volume, her boobs looks disgusting in that last volume.

Reminds me of this.

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>slutty council president become proper student
I'm ok with this