Who will voice him now?

Who will voice him now?

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That guy.

Is he a pedo

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Do you sound like a feminine bitch?

if you want me to

dwane the rock johnson

Nope. Be the manliest voice you can. I'm sure you can do a better Ora rush than ASB's Giorno

based hairposter

If he does it in japanese I'll buy


Did someone die?

gio's va is in some deep shit right now. i suggest you run a quick google search

is this the new jojo stealth thread

>implying it wasn't going to change regardless
Giorno's voice in the recent games was complete shit anyway, so I don't care.

What do you mean? The anime would give him a different VA either way.

Daisuke namikawa was cheating is wife with a loli

Can you really get arrested in Japan for adultry?


im not sure lol. but i've heard that this kind of shit ruins business relationships in japan, so now daisuke has to rebuild trust with the companies that have lost faith in him

Aside from Jotaro, Okuyasu, Otoishi and Shigechi the rest of the actors cast for ASB didn't continue into the anime. Why would you assume Namikawa would be Giorno?

Can we get Romi back for him? Because she actually kinda fit for the Ps2 game and her MUDAs sounded a lot better.


No, she can't do a convincing boy voice

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She does smaller, younger guys pretty well and Giorno's the first twink Jojo.

sauce me bro I'm dying over here trying to find out if you're fucking with us


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Giorno is supposed to sound like a charismatic boss, not a 40 year old woman.

Well, Joleyne sounds like a man so I guess it balances out.


but this is old and fake...

no its not


Lurk more.

i meant the picture you used that says 2018.04.06

also only trademarking was confirmed it doesnt mean that the anime itself is confirmed

No enjoy Rohan OVA who no one ask for

Depends. It could always be Daisuke Namikawa or Romi Paku. Somebody new probably.

She was a teenager


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part 5 anime when?

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Just get the guy who did Sartorius from YGO GX

Oh wait


>the most electrifying gangster in Naples

Either he or Bruno will be voiced by Kamiyan

Hikaru Midorikawa

What about the PS2 game voice?