Asspulls galore

>asspulls galore
>tons of wasted characters
>vast majority of the fights are lame
>the plot is a mess past the Toguro arc
>3 out of 4 of the MCs are gary stus
>rushed ending
why is this series so highly regarded again?

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Cos cool powers and cool fights.

out of 4 of the MCs are gary stus
You have no idea what Gary Stu means.

90'th Betamax Cassete

4/10 manga, maybe because the anime is better. I watched like 2 eps, but cant be worst than that less than mediocre manga.

>>asspulls galore
>>tons of wasted characters
>>vast majority of the fights are lame
>>the plot is a mess past the hunter license arc
out of 4 of the MCs are gary stus
>>on constant hiatus

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Sasuke and his dragon technique was cool

>why is this series so highly regarded

Like many shonens, thinly veiled homoeroticism

>great feel
>characters are well defined
>characters become more refined versions of themselves as their form of development, asserting a philosophy that these archetypes can be pushed as far as you want them to
>great ending where none of it mattered
based togashi

Are Jojo and Saint Seiya the pinnacle of homoeroticism?

The art has no limits to what kind of styles it can have, for one thing. Some of the art in YYH is just beautiful.

Other than that, the anime expands 1000% on the manga's appeal and the dub pushes it even further beyond that to where it becomes a deconstruction, hell, almost a parody of the basic shonen genre before HXH came along.

1. Because all the fights up and through the dark tournament are fun gimmicky battles which are unironically the peak of action garbage.
2. Likable cast and the interactions between them are neat aside from the MC-heroine.
3. Because it's good up to the ending of the Dark Tournament and that's all anyone remembers or cares about.

Also it had a kickass soundtrack.

reminder that what happened at the house of libra did not happened

ur a meshi

Baby's first tournament arc for most westerners.

It was a good a decent tournament arc.

>plot is a mess past the Toguro arc
Only low IQ subhumans think that the Dark Tournament is better than the Chapter Black arc.

It was the first Dragon Ball ripoff

tfw superior low iq subhuman

Because the anime adaptation was incredibly well executed.

Dont care, it had nice ost and better pacing than dbz

Phenomenal English dub, interesting designs/personalities for even the non-main characters, and good animation. It may not have been super original but it was well done.
>tfw remember this playing during the Toonami midnight run

he said thinly veiled not right out in the open.

Strong main cast, Cool style, 10/10 first episode that always makes me cry, Fun unique powers and tournament arcs are also cool as fuck.