Why did they approve this as official art?

Why did they approve this as official art?

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Is there a problem with it?

I don't see an issue.
She's checking if her swimsuit is torn.

Is there any reason not to?

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Nobody wants to see girls that young acting like that.

Why did Fuji think it's okay to draw Fate and Ein like this?

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It shows they know who they're targeting.

What's wrong with animal-eared lolis sniffing eachother's butts?

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Zucchini is my favourite.

Oh yeah, I don't know what they were thinking, it's way too tame compared to the actual show

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And that's where you're terribly wrong, kiddo.

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Stupid sexy witches.

it was always gay.

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They aren't real people.

i thought its always onepiece suit

w-why is there a gap there?

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getting that pedo pandering money

teenage girls are interested in the buttholes of their friends, it's natural

It has no relation to pedophilia. Do you have proof the creators were pandering?

Wtf, I thought this was a show for little girls

Because this kind of swimsuit is a two-piece system.
It's not a gap, it's where the top meets the bottom.

oh, so its technically a panties, naruhodo

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It's more like a bikini bottom. Panties are underwear.

It is

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Mouth watering

SW is the best fanservice series ever made.

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strike witches would be great if it wasn't furry shit

I want to lick Perrinne's body all over.

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You can't post that user.

He did.

Because it pleasing to view for the show's target audience.

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She's quite knowledgeable.

Now, I've never worn a women's one piece swimsuit in my life, but is that a legitimate problem? Can't water just drain through the fabric?

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Of course, she's very mature for her age, after all.

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She must be a college attendee with knowledge like that.

Haven't you ever noticed how water gets trapped in your male swimsuit?
I mean, it would have to be a swimsuit, not trunks.

>Now, I've never worn a women's one piece swimsuit in my life
You clearly haven't lived properly.

I haven't worn anything other than trunks in a long time, that might be why I don't see it as an issue, but it just doesn't feel like the fabric they're made of has enough resistance to hold water for any significant period of time.

Well, I didn't say I'm proud of that or anything.

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>doesn't feel like the fabric they're made of has enough resistance to hold water for any significant period of time
Clearly haven't worn swimsuits in a long while.
You should try it, it feels great. Especially how cum slides off sexily

>Animal ears

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Trude is my wife.

I wonder if cat nip makes the witches with cat familiars go crazy.

im nobody

What reaction was the author intending to elicit with this scene?

Why we have so many threads like this lately, is this all just a bait or Sup Forums is officially done for?

It's literally just one or two samefags forcing them. Why this thread has been ignored when it's full of off-topic shit and blogging goes past me.

Its propaganda to turn little girls into lesbians.


user, thats not her butthole.

It's the second one. Girls have a superbutthole that they pee out of

What other holes are there?

Erica pls

How do I win Minna's heart?


Purchasing of the dvds and merchandise by thirsty neets.
And he succeeded.

>she's not actually checking out her anus
It's not fair bros

You have realized that Eila is superior when with Perrinne rather than Sanya, right?

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Is this stuff like this a regular occurrence in the anime

Lucchini would be the perfect if she were pale.
Fuck tans.

Yeah, Strike Witches has lots of fanservice. One of the many good things about it.

Eila is always the best no matter who she's with, so that's just splitting hairs.

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The strike witches don't strike me as dykes, they seem pretty enthusiastic about dicks.

Nah only pure love

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I only watched a bit of this show, but was it ever explained why they fused with the familiar instead of just summoning it?

>witches don't strike me

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Because catgirls are cute.


>He has not read the sumous misfits.

Nigga, these witches are gay as fuck. Even a gay bar is nothing compared to all the lesbian orgies these dykes have.

Yeah, it condones pedophilia. This is a no-brainer.

That’s what you think with your weak justification.

This guy gets it. Even if it’s fictional, certain people will still get ideas.

fucking interesting

God I wish that was me

>certain people will still get ideas
Don't let your loli watch Strike Witches or she'll become a lesbian.

Why does Erica busting balls so much?

>some mongolian sweatshop abstract drawings condone pedophilia

certain people would want to tell you to fuck off

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Historically accurate.

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Strike Witches butts are close to perfection.

I love history.

They would reach perfection if they were sitting on me.

Is THIS historically accurate?

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I want to be a bridesmaid at Trude and Erica's wedding and have them molest be afterwards.

anything with Lucchini gets automatically approved

I am the one who owns all the Strike Witches doujinshi.

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The 40s were a magical time huh?


Take pictures of all the cute ones.

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Why are sumous witches the lewdest and most sexually active/gayest?

Nah, but I'll get around to scanning some of them some day. Maybe.

Take a single picture of the cutest one.

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I'm gonna post this because it's cute and very short.

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God bless Humikane and his dedication to history.

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Could the Strike Witches convince Tanya to take off her pants and put on striker units?

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