ITT: Worst Girls from their series

What is it that she was so crap when every other girl was so great?

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I just really like loli

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>Not Yui or Haruna

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I've lost all faith in Sup Forums

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(Yui is Best Girl Hater Faggot)
To Love Ru Best Girls:
1 - Yui
2 - Nemesis
3 - Risa
To Love Ru Worst Girls:
7 - rin, kyoko & run
6 - mikan
5 - yami
4 - lala
3 - nana & mea
2 - momo
1 - haruna

>Worst Girls from their series
This slut right here.

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Fun fact, No one disagrees with Chisato

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>implying I save pictures of worst girls

>he doesn't maintain a cache of worst girl for shitposting and hatefapping

Yeah she's only second best.

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Akira was worse. Tenma at least had a personality and could be energetic. Akira was just "there".

>hating on Miyako
opinion discarded

>being lowkey is bad
Akira was less explored, but every moment of focus was great. Next you'll see that Mai was "just there" in Nichijou.

Who was the worst girl in Negima?

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A fucking annoying slut obsessed with mc

She was literally completely irrelevant. The biggest contribution she ever made throughout the entirety of the manga was for the non-canon sequel where she just appears as part of a twist ending. Nothing more. She never had any form of development, no interesting interactions, and their attempts to try and make it seem like she did came completely out of nowhere in the form of a flashback to something that was never hinted at near the ending.
Akira is a terribly-written character and you're blatantly delusional if you think otherwise.

Uq holder sucks

Nice meme. Her lack of interaction was the point; she was always subtly influencing and trolling those surrounding her as the mastermind. The way they used her for some of the most absurd-humor moments was hilarious too, e.g. the penguin suit scene. I don't think there's any worst girl in School Rumble, just least great girls, but whether or not Akira is best girl or more of a support character, she's still great.

>but every moment of focus was great.
Not really. The closest thing to good scenes she had was when messing with Hanai, and even then, Hanai was the one who carried all those scenes. I actually can't remember any scenes in which she herself was actually fun or notable in.

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That's not Ruri.

Fuck off.

Nigga she's one of the only good girls in that shitshow.

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Stealth worst girl


I fucking hate her.

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Some of these I agree with, some I wonder why they're on this list. Hell, why the fuck did someone waste their time on this?