11/10 character designs only in this thread

11/10 character designs only in this thread

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Wow, that looks like shit. Like One Piece does in general.

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gaogaigar has alotta them

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You know I'm fine with dbz threads existing and me ignoring them but seeing dbz related posts elsewhere on Sup Forums really makes me desire for them to not exist, for some reason.

so much charming variety.
I'm not huge on OP but then I dunno the context as I've not caught up. but One Piece is absolutely fantastic when it comes to character design. he rehashes Nami sometimes but that's about it.

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>hates DB
>recognizes an obscure character


and then you got Long John Silver who all these manly blocky anime dudes can be traced back to

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the little girl from Panda Go Panda is my favorite Miyazaki design and I'm not sure why

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Once was enough samefag

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11 from 10 is not possible because 11 is a higher number than 10.

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>2018/2000 + 2016 1982/2000
>not understanding how fractions work

I am very dumb.

Almost. Now post the superior short hair version.

Absolutely agree.

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This cancerous fanbase for this shit show is spamming threads with Ayylmao all the time. Everyone and their mom knows this thing by now.


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Simple colour complimentary designs are the best.

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How many fags ITT don't know what good character design looks like jesus christ.

Go on then, give an example

see tells you a shit tonne of stuff about his character, clearly distinguishes him from every other character while still retaining the series's style. not just a fucking coloring job

Jack is my favorite Nagai design that isn't a monster or robot

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Its a thread meant for shit character designs as you can see from the OP.

those aren't the only factors for good design though.

On the subject of Nagai designs, I'm pissed Devil Ghost only got like one chapter.

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Praise the sun

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Araki characters are pretty commonly defined by their clothing and hair moreso than by body shape and face. when he draws his old characters in his new style they look radically different because so much of what defines his characters is style and not individual traits.

He did do a 10/10 design though, back in the 80s: Ikuro in Baoh form. When he redrew him later in Stardust Crusaders and Stone Ocean styles though he removed a lot of what made the design unique and cool for the sake of injecting his new 'styles' into it.

I know I'm sounding harsh but I love Jojo, I just think people idealize it a bit too much.

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This DVD cover he drew much later really got rid of a lot of the charm of the original design.

Also Ikuro holding Sumire is poorly done, it feels like the little girl's legs are the guy's legs.

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And this is just Star Platinum trying and failing at a Baoh cosplay.

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I don't event read or watch Jojo but I got to respect the solid designs it has

Knew you'd be some retarded posting shounenshit


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Agreed. His new style doesn't work for any of the old characters save maybe part 6 Jotaro. Outside of maybe part 6 or part 2 every major and minor character has an amazingly unique and evocative design.

Fugo's a great example of how he makes everyone unique, even minor characters. His hair gives him that part 5 flair and distinguishes his silhouette. He has a tie, which is a way to give him some retarded fashion, but it also tells you that he's alot more serious than someone like Mista or Narancia, it also hints at his rich background and intelligence. Literally cannot wait to see his anime design, given how much life DP gave to characters like Koichi and Okuyasu.

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post-sameface johnny is also kino

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Ishikawa's humans are underappreciated. Armageddon Ryoma is basically Shinichi form Majuu Sensen, who looks amazing both as a kid and as an adult and regardless of what he's wearing or isn't wearing.

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Seikimatsu Hasha

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Raoh in his armor riding his horse (whose name I forgot because I'm a fagged out retard) is such an imposing image.


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Best villain design for arguably the worst arc in Z

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He would be perfect if it weren't for white hair.

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I would rank Namek higher, but the stuff with Gohan and Krillin sneaking around the planet before the Ginyu Force shows up bores me to tears, and Frieza drags on for way too long.

>Art style and character design is what made me want to watch the show
>He was so damn boring that the show even made fun of it, as if that helps

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>twitterbook memes

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>Gohan and Krillin sneaking around the planet before the Ginyu Force shows up bores me to tears, and Frieza drags on for way too long

Sorry bro but you've got shit taste. 2/3 of Buu saga is also better than all of Cell even though I like Cell a lot

Honestly never saw why people thought he works best blonde, the white feels pretty fitting when he is somewhat wolfish (They are often depicted as grey/white furred afterall.) Let alone it makes it all the more obvious that he is Bangs grandson. (Not confirmed, but lets be honest here, bigger surprise if he wasn´t.)

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Really cool

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Peak performance

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Kokuoh user Kokuoh

The only right answer.

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