Almost everyone had fun with Rei

except for Takashi, even her dead boyfriend had fun with her body.

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This manga is dead user, just drop it.


but my dick isn't user

This anime is softcore hentai.

JESUS GOD FUCK SHE'S SO SHIT. Literally the only character/person I would ever rape out of genuine dislike.

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and she had fun with others' bodies

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>Saya's face

I want to have fun with Rei!

He's had better anyways

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we got that shot of him oggling her ass?

She is really feeling it

Takashi got indeed cucked, at least he is not a fully beta man to accept every whims of her

Well, In the manga Rei clearly tells Takashi that she knows what he has done (referring to the moment between Takashi and Saeko).
And Rei knows that because he already did that kind of thing, aka sex, with Hisashi. Clear as ever.

What about high school owari no hi? This LN apparently is the continuation of the series and has a time skip to it.

>because he already did that kind of thing, aka sex, with Hisashi
You mean "she"

Shizuka & Rei's "condom" reaction was epic.

Yeah of course

Who knows how many condoms a day Rei used with Hisashi

Where you read this tho in colour. Care to share the link?

Hisashi must've used 12 condom pack every time they went to a love hotel.

You got it buddy.

This is hot, post more exploitation on apocalypse/disaster setting

I'll just let God bless you.

is there any out and out hint in the manga that Rei had sex with Hisashi?

>12 condom
in one night...!?

in one round

Damn. That small, huh?

>not one Roachpost
I'm disappointed, Sup Forums. Have you forgotten her place in the hierarchy of HOTD girls?
Saeko > Pink > Shizuka > Bus sluts >>> shit >>> Roach

I would say a lot. The story is general is a "softcore hentai", I mean the girls are emancipated enough to do it. It is clear that Rei has more experience of Takashi in this sense. She, in addition to various reasons, has also left him because we see that she is more "sexually" active while Takashi is more content and shy.
Regarding the relationship with Hisashi it is superfluous to say that with all that time together and her reactions, they have certainly had sex, but it is normal in a loving relationship

She is still shit, but I read somewhere she only dated the dead fucker for a couple of days before he died

Not really

But muh dick

holy crap i jump

Don't sweat it, but enjoy.

Bus Sluts are, and always will be, top tier. Learn your place.

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Bus sluts have no future, user. They're just more zombie meat.

>moment between Takashi and Saeko
Did they fuck in the manga?

dat everything

best girl

>Clear as ever
Yeah that's bullshit.

For those who actually care about reality what actually happens is that after spending a night together and separated from the group Takashi starts calling her "Saeko" instead of using her surname, which is a degree of intimacy often used for people who're in a relationship or had sex, so Rei assumed they did it that time they were left alone and gets angry.

Nowhere does this implicate Rei had sex before or anything, with Hisashi or anyone else.

It's a shame the author died, This show made me diamonds as no other show.

That guy's making things up hard.

But it's not a cockblocking manga relationships. I mean to me clearly the author of the manga has left Saeko and Takashi alone by virtue of what they did Rei and Hisashi. However, I think if the rest of the story continued, it would have happened between Takashi and Saeko the same thing that happened between Rei and Hisashi. SO Saeko's sacrifice while the relationship between Takashi and Saeko was at a good point. Leaving the same question for Rei with Hisashi: would Takashi still have chosen Rei if Saeko had remained alive?

No way this short, I would say months

I've no idea what you're talking about.
There's no indication that Rei and Hisashi did anything (pretty sure they dated for a very short period of time) and we know that Takashi only called her Saeko because of their life threatening experiencing at the temple.

A bitch is a bitch

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You need to put the future in them, then protect them, then straight up daughter wife the next generation of bus sluts. It's all about keeping the species alive.

>pretty sure they dated for a very short period of time
that's your reason!? XD

in 12 rounds.

>it's a HoTD thread
>about Rei
I'm sure this won't be a complete waste of time.

Obviously it IS important user. They are highschool students, and it's anime, name a show in which don't take them like months to kiss normally. It's not like the real world where everyone just fuck the first month.

say what you want Hisashi had bed-breaking sex with Rei every day after school and she looked pretty satisfied.

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I'm sure plenty of fanfictions corroborate that sentiment, but the manga does not.

but it's HOTD user.

I want rape them as zombie king

She's pressing her boobs on his hand on purpose hinting,"let's go fuck."

That's an official NTR artwork by HOTD team.

That's an official artwork user, not a fanfic.

Yawn, call me when you have actual proofs.

Didn't the story already establish that once things went bad for Rei, she gravitated towards Takashi and he didn't reciprocate so she started dating Hisashi instead? That picture is basically saying exactly what happened. Three friends, one starts dating the other and the other guy starts to feel like a fifth wheel.


Is Rei one of the OG thot

pretty much

She's only for chads.

Yeah even this image alone says a lot

You can see the cuck MC in the background too, hilarious.

You are free to interpret however you want but that image is more than a solid proof.

So what is the point of Rei? Just for angst for Takashi? Do people even jerk it to her?

Obviously, she has objectively the best body.

I understand that for a virgin flirting equals sex, but that's not really the case.
You're delusional and the only proof of that is that they're dating.

>So what is the point of Rei?
Well she's presented as having the most history with Takashi and finding her parents was the main waypoint for this story.

>Just for angst for Takashi?
It's more than just angst, but yeah. Part of her character has been bossing Takashi around or at least breaking his balls from time to time. Scenes like do hint towards that history the two have.

>Do people even jerk it to her?
Is the sky blue?

Dating is fucking equal sex, especially these days you dumb cunt, we are also talking about hentai artist, do you seriously think he wouldn't do something like that?

Not even close.

There's a people who actually would find her and her story reliable, mostly same kind of bitches and whores.

>virgin flirting equals sex,
it's hilarious to see how your twisted interpretation in lack of argument has now befallen to attacks just to defend your cuck self and perhaps your waifu, which of course doesn't touch the spec of reality and how real people interact in the real world.

Sorry but you missed also a lot of reactions of Rei about Hisashi. The context here is important. As already said, the girls are very emancipated. The relationship between Rei and Hisashi was really strong, even in the anime you can see it. She was really in love with him and Takashi was a thing of the past. And while Takashi takes his first steps with Saeko, Rei understands everything because because she had already lived those moments with Hisashi. However the problem is not the relationship of Rei with Hisashi but the wickedness of Rei towards Takashi. She knows that he still loves her but she does not miss an opportunity to hurt him

>Dating is fucking equal sex

>And while Takashi takes his first steps with Saeko, Rei understands everything because because she had already lived those moments with Hisashi.

Pretty sure Rei didn't save Hisashi from accepting death by child zombies in the wake of an apocalyptic world, but sure, carry on with the fanfic.

whats with these recent HotD threads?

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Saeko was the better girl anyway. Takeshi dodged a bullet with Rei.

It's stated from the very begining that Rei loved Takashi and used the other guy to forget about him but couldn't. This discussion is fucking stupid and old. You don't have proof we don't have proof everything is just assumptions

ghost stayed in Sup Forums purgatory and can never leave

Not that user, but
>implying the real world is at all important, especially here on Sup Forums

trust me, only real virgins use this, "you are or must be a virgin attack" especially on anonym boards.
grow up.

Anniversary of Daisuke's death is approaching? That might have something to do with it.

if only he was a Saeko fag

at least learn to post image user, you are hilarious.

If only he realizes that and dump her with the bus sluts like the garbage she is

>It's not like the real world where everyone just fuck the first month.
This is fucking hilarious given that "muh realism" has always been used as an argument by Reifags.

I suggest you do user.


Funny how you talk about context and yet ignore everything that actually happens.

I don't know, feel really disappointed that shits like this and Oreimo are the most remembered anime from 2010.

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Threadly reminder that Rei and Hisashi never had sex

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>this entire thread

Again, very disappointed in Sup Forums for being so shallow-minded about my waifu and having such bad taste in characters. Rei was a great character in the series, there's a reason there are constant threads and discussions about her here, think about that. She was a breath of fresh air from all the typical female characters you usually see in every anime. Yes, she was somewhat of a bitch but it wasn't without a reason (apocalyptic scenario) and that's was part of her charm as a character. I don't expect the casual audience to appreciate her glory, but I at least expect Sup Forums, who has my respect as an anime community, to know more about good writing. For fuck's sake, don't tell me an airhead nurse or an unrealistic samurai marysue makes more sense in that type of scenario.

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First I'm not a Reifag, I'm a Saekofag. But I don't think the sex even happen. She is a disgusting bitch for other reasons, cucking his loved one by dating his best friend being on the first place.

MC should have plowed sensei

>but I at least expect Sup Forums, who has my respect as an anime community, to know more about good writing.
I know you're being funny here, but seriously, Sup Forums isn't the best place to discuss anime especially if you think there is merit to the writing of a particular story.

The irony is astounding after posts like these

And especially since Sup Forums always hated betraying whores like Rei.