Scanlation Request Fulfillment Thread

Cleanerfaq and typesetterfaq here. I’m sick and bored. Let’s try this out. If you have the raws and complete translations for something short (max 3 pages), I’ll do it.

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>max 3 pages
What sort of tiny ass oneshot only has 3 pages?

>cleaner and typesetter
>can even spell "fag" properly

>raws and complete translations for something short

If I did, I would just read it myself and leak it in a pastebin.

>can even
This is more short comic territory.

>and translations
Most people would just do it themselves at that point

Most of those are 4-8 pages though, unless they double strip 4-koma.

You overestimate people's willingness to work.

Yeah, just like the OP demanding three pages maximum that are already translated

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Random translator passing by. Will take requests for any manga that people want picked up, but I need a raw source.

Most double strip 4koma are 4-6 pages. 3 pages is rare

Hyakushou Kizoku
by Hiromu arakawa there are about three translated chapters.
I have raws somewhere or you can download them readily

This one but I was unable to find a better raw.

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raws vols 1-3
though it's technically josei so above the skill level of a lot of translators

>Posting links from that shitlord site when they're just using public raws.

Seinen, not josei. But I’ll read through it and give it some thought.

Oh I thought you were that’s my bad.

I could eventually be assed to translate something short as well for OP to typeset.

I’ll back it up to 6 pages. Was thinking more like short fan comics than actual meaty projects, but I’ll see what gives.

ah I see I've got translation scripts for 3 other chapters of HK somwhere I even typeset part of chapter three but I'll see if I can find it maybe op will work on that

Go translate some porn if you're free

>max 3 pages

So, the challenge here is to find extremely short ones or everyone bands together requests 3 different pages each from 1 normal length.

This can work, but there's no typesetter around here.

Do yonkoma.