Why didn't they lewd Altair?

Most of the characters got fan service except Alice and Mamika Why?

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Because they were trying to be deep and intellectual by not doing any lewd fanservice for them.

To make us suffer. Selesia didn't even get the daki, Meteora did.

*Official daki, which looked gorgeous. Nothing against Meteora but the rest of the girls also deserved it

Altair is a baby and an orphan, she's not for lewd.

It's because Altair lewdness is not accepted and acceptance is everything in re:creators world. We can assume all her doujins in comiket were non-h as well.

Mamika is from an actual kid show (and not a doujin version of it) and Aliceteria is from a relatively serious LN from an innocent chuuni writer.

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Nothing excuses the fact that Altair and Alicetaria wore two outfits in total

It makes sense when they aren't sucking all the money of the taxpayers to live overly comfortable lives while the opposition only has one sofa and it's already occupied.

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But why did they lewd the dragon loli?

>dragon loli

But that just means they failed on both ends.

They succeeded actually

This series was weird. Who was supposed to be the main character? Certainly not the twink Souta. Altair didn't have the screen time and Meteora was just was there to talk in most scenes. Selesia certainly wasn't, she didn't even make it to the ending.

It's simple, Souta and Meteora were the protagonists (the ones that grew through the story), Selesia was the heros (the ones people wanted to save the day) and Altair was the main character (the one who started the conflict, that was the focus of the entire story and the one who fixed the conflict), antagonist and anti-hero.

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Team gov't never commissioned doujin artists to make fanart of Altair getting dicked by faceless fat old men.

Because those characters don't deserve lewding

It's not like Miku doesn't have tons of those and she is still accepted as a pure 2D idol.

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>woman knight
>serious LN

Is Altair supposed to be Prussian?

According to Souta's intro monologue, Altair is the main character. Monologue idenifies her by speech patters. She uses the exact same wording later.

I believe I speak for all of the animators when I say that she was created to make their lives difficult.

She seems to uses magic against dragons though, not just physical strength.

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>Wake up
>Still not real

We needed more of shark

We NEED more of Shark.

Because nips have shit taste.
More news at eleven

They can’t draw Altair, simple as that

She was the most lewded in the Hiroe doujin though, maybe Aoki is responsible for removing all the lewding Hiroe wanted.

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Cmon japan, moree

What does Altair's breath smell like?

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Mamika is best girl