ITT: post movies that would be great as anime

ITT: post movies that would be great as anime.

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last samurai is only great because it has two of the most likeable actors as its leads. it would be a shit anime.

>The first weeaboo

It's shit though. Just another Jap propaganda. The ending with Tom Cruise and the Emperor is also cringe worthy.

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Japan > America

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Your post is cringe worthy.

Already made.

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Isn't the Last Samurai basically an isekai done right?

Not enough cute girls. It would be better if MC was an american girl who decided to abandon her degenerate western ways and find a traditional japanese husband. Thirsty otaku would buy it.

Someone post the gif of american schools having a safe room to protect themselves from school shooters.

She would only find a group of faceless fat old men.

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This would be the OP.

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There is no need to make an Oldboy anime or a Battle royale anime, since both already have a great movie adaptation.

Can't believe i opened and listened to this shit.

>Directed by Satoshi Kon

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my dick is ready

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Please just someone adapt the second movie into something the script is out there

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Tomodachi de-wa nai

Better than the Matrix sequels.

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Fair enough, but I'd be all up for an Oldboy anime anyway. It's not gonna happen, but let a man dream.

yea but the director should be dennis villeneuve

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Not quite that, but I loved this anime when I was a kid.

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Anata no tame ni

Aliens? All the marines are girls and there is more facehugging.

Shaft would be nice.

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Live action movie to anime can't be good.

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>post off-topic shit that
Literally Sup Forums tier thread
Fuck off

When it comes down to movies I don't know, but game wise I'd love to see Asura's Wrath

Bollywood movies would be great as anime.

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Asura's Wrath pretty much already is an anime

How is this off-topic thread?
>It has western movie
So? Sup Forums always had these kinda threads but of course newfag like you who is trying to fit in doesn't know that

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>doing anything with western religions that doesn't turn it into evil magical priests

>How is this off-topic thread?
Because the topic are live-action movies not based on manga/anime
This is exactly how Sup Forums makes their off-topic threads
>What movie/album/comic/sitcom/docu/etc would make a good anime
With this logic you can talk about literally anything you want here
>Sup Forums always had these kinda threads
Simply not true. Nu-Sup Forums maybe, because they want to talk about anything but anime/manga
Just fuck off with these tertiary garbage threads, you fucking crossboarder

Best anime Jesus.

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Captain Amelia would make anyone a furry

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>Simply not true
Yes it is.
>Nu-Sup Forums maybe, because they want to talk about anything but anime/manga
Don't you remember 2010 Sup Forums when whole board was 40% get faggotry and other off-topic bullshit

and pretty much any horror movie just for those anime aesthetics. Suspiria and Nosferatu would also be fucking amazing.

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>Anime Captain Amelia (loli)
I would watch.

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It's not jesus.

Wasn't Parasyte basically the thing?

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>john carpenter directing anime
That would be interesting

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Someone post british panic rooms to protect yourself from Jamal and Mehmed robbing and killing you.
And rape whistl, only legal self-defense item.

If I could delete 3 high budget OVA from the 80s and get Conan in return I'd do it.

Alien as a super serious adaptation. No cute girls, just the space horror and fight for survival.
Aliens starts off normal but the facehuggers turn everyone into little girls, giving them a huge power boost.

Never watched Attack on Titan but this is what I imagine it to be like.

Do you complain in "Books that would make good anime" as well?
Instead of complaining you could talk about how an anime adaptation of the movies posted could look like.
You're the biggest fag in this entire thread.

Please no. Fuck the "Not really a soldier" and Trial and Error bullshit.
I'd love to see an adaptation of the book though.

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>jesus powers
>hole in his arms
>its not jesus bro!

Would probably be the greatest anime ever produced, despite the movie itself being actual garbage.

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A Nosferatu anime with the visuals of Angel's Egg.
Yes please.

Wrong board friendo is over there.

woman detected

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Oh wait.

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>Do you complain in "Books that would make good anime" as well?
Why shouldnt i? It's totally off-topic.
Just look at this fucking thread
int/pol posting
video games
and way more other cancer
just fuck off back to Sup Forums, where these threads will reach bump limit

I liked the manga version.

Now this would make a great anime.

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Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子

Luluco Finds a Way

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Horror just doesn't work with anime, but heck, they can try to do a Shining-style jeepers creepers anime

Good choice, but refer to the real Gatsby movie not the other one with the DiCaprio faggot

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What did he mean by this?

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Only problem of shitting up this thread are pol and you.

Wonder how Japanese fans would react to anime adaptations that stay true to the original.
Are there any comedy anime set in medieval Europe?

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>shining by shaft
stop, my penis can only get so erect

Alternativiely, Titanfall.

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Reminds me of Big O.

It is kind of. The MC has a near death experience and wakes up in a new world. He learns the ways of the world, taking on new skills while using his old ones to help himself get by and impress his peers.

Don't ever compare Parayste to the thing. It was goody as fuck and did a lot of stupid shit.
Funny enough John Carpenter and Kurt Russell were involved in a Escape From New York anime series in the early 00's I believe Watanabe was going to direct it.

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Not him but the comparison to Parasyte is perfectly valid.

Have it made by the same guys who worked on Sword of the Stranger and you'd have a 2D masterpiece.

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Just adapt Nioh instead.

Every time I see a Bollywood clip, they're always hilariously fantastic. It's too bad the west can't get over their brown people phobia enough to import some of their stuff over here.

>John Carpenter and Kurt Russell were involved in a Escape From New York anime series in the early 00's I believe Watanabe was going to direct it
Well now i am mad that this never happend

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I mean't in terms of quality. There's never been a good version of that sort of story told in anime form. Even parasyte (which i like the manga version ) is still disgustingly flawed.

It was practically anime anyway.

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>bus stop banter replaced with volleyball

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Why does America keep making these kinds of movies
The idea of a white samurai or yakuza is laughable

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Ah you mean Golgo 13

It would be great to get a proper continuation considering how Uprising looks. I hate hollywood.

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