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Will Blanku's hair keep its regular shape in the manga (like it does in Toriyama's art for the form)?

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1st for Dragon Ball ended at the Cell saga.

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Second for garou Blanco > Goku Blanco

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Garou Blanco is the best garou

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Literally who?

according to toriyama the manga will take a different approach to everything. i wouldnt be suprised if goku doesnt get angel mode until the very last chapter of the ToP

>cute thread

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>He doesn't know the upcoming Blanco character
The absolute state of these threads

Get help

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Today is Yamcha's birthday.

Say something nice to him.

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You're right. I need help to get more.

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Porque no te calles hijo de puta?


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The joke there really is that unlike Goku he dodges even without some special mode for it.

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Lines are done

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so this is the reason why Goku is fighting Uub in base form?


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Well Kurrin and Three-Eyed Jobber got knocked out within 4 pages by Frost.

It's out?

We will never know his abilities

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come home earthling boy

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Yes Ma'am

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>ywn be Cutelifla's breeding stock
just end it

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She's so cute. She can use me as much as she wants.

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So Rota is a magician? Interesting I guess

I love Caulifla!

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It's out

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You're not alone Caulifriend

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I love Pan!

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>low key YMCA sounds just like original DBZ music

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>entire chapter without CRAPlifa to ruin it
Good, now all I need is her to get kicked out in another chapter without getting any screentime and then staying erased after the ToP is over and I can die a happy man.

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I still don't get the hate directed at her. I get that her turning super saiyan was stupid. I get that the waifufags are annoying. But otherwise she seems like a fine character.

Sorry to ruin your day, but Caulifla (and Kale) were in the chapter. Page 45.

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This is the ideal Saiyanfu. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

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>But otherwise she seems like a fine character.
Seems like you are just stupid.
I can live with that, especially if it means they get the offscreen treatment like dr. rota.

Can't wait for the Frieza - Jiren interaction next episode
It's been foreshadowed that Frieza will make an attempt to kill him, I wonder how it will go.

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So Trio de Dangers are Piccolo/Frost tier, like ultimate-holding-back-Gohan. I guess the trio, Hyssop and Comfrey are the strongest U9 fighters, all around Cell tier

I just hope they don't redeem Frieza unless it's in a completely self-centered way.

>It's been foreshadowed that Frieza will make an attempt to kill him


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human powerletism was a mistake

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This was pretty damn good. Toriyama clearly was thinking with a manga format when he thought about the tournament of power.


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>Train Goten and Trunks
>Have a better chance of winning
>Nah fuck it lets use these humans who don't even compare to our kids

Where does this image come from anyway?
I found it on last thread but i don't know the source

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>someone fires a ki blast from the stand
>they get erased on the spot

>Jiren fires a blast at the stand, threatening all the GoDs, kais, angels, and losers
>no penalty
This is the most idiotic arc in the entire series.

Training Goten and Trunks isn't even necessary, they are strong enough. They could solo Champa's team from the previous tournament (except for Hit), as soon they aren't being retarded they are better than earthlings. They just need to tell them to not fuse

Goten and Trunks, despite being Super Saiyans, are weaker than Krillin and Tien. They would have been an asset as Gotenks though.

And Master Roshi was a boon to the team.

>Takahashi next week
>Yamamuro corrects everything

I'm glad this piece of shit isn't working on the movie

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Frieza threatened to kill Toppo, not Jiren. He's probably cooled off and regained his composure.

>Goten and Trunks, despite being Super Saiyans, are weaker than Krillin and Tien.

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>Goten and Trunks, despite being Super Saiyans, are weaker than Krillin and Tien
The latter never even surpassed namek Freeza.

>Goten and Trunks, comparable to Boo arc Gohan (according to Gohan himself), basically Cell junior tier
>weaker than any earthling

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>Tien never surpassed Namek Frieza
>held semi-perfect Cell back for a long fucking time all by himself
>something android 16 couldn't do
>who was stronger than Piccolo after he fused with Kami
>who was stronger than Goku and Vegeta as super saiyans
>who were definitely stronger than Namek Frieza

They didn't use Goten and Trunks because they still weren't experienced or disciplined enough. That's why they chose Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, and Roshi over them.

You mean when he used a technique which entire gimmick is pushing stuff? Do you forgot Cell was unscratched after that too?

>the kikoho is just a strong push right guys

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The fuck is wrong with this thread?

>no argument
That's exactly what allways did, pushing shit, the ring of the tournament, the ground, etc, like Krillin's Kienzan gimmick is cutting shit

I fear he's an OC from this game but I really hope he's a new character.

Maybe you should go stand in front of a speeding truck and get pushed by it.

Didn't Dragon Ball establish that you can make your attack much stronger then you but for something like the Kikoho, which is already putting pressure on the user, it puts strain on you?

Like during that thing with Cell the tension was how long Tien could keep Kikohoing Cells asshole before giving out because of how dangerous the technique was

Someone post the manga chapter so i don't have to go on Viz to read it with their shitty reader.

No he didn't, he said at episode 127 to Jiren " You must die by my hand", before getting stunned.
Judging by the spoilers, I think that 17 and goku get knocked out and Frieza knocks out a tired Jiren and wins. We'll see though, the only 2 endings I would hate is 17 not getting eliminated or Goku winning fair and square. Frieza winning by himself would be the greatest ending.

Also, I just noticed that while Jiren knocks Goku out at the end of 130 he attacks the ground and not Goku, perhaps as a sign of respect. Nice to see the creators put in little tidbits like that

where can I read the manga for free?

Doggo Garo is the best garo

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He fights uub in base form because he's a kid with no training.

What the fuck

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But why did he call Kikoho Chi Kung Pao?


>Ki Ko Hou = Chi Kung Pao
What did Viz mean by this?

Seems like someone misread the kanji
Reminds me of the tournament announcer misreading Goku's name for his very first match against Jiran

>Chi Kung Pao
The fuck is this, a Chinese bootleg Kikoho?

it's so much better than the anime. it actually feels like a battle royal.

The Manga is so fucking shit.

Tien and Krilin has been sacrificed for nothing.

Piccolo is out of character

Fuck the Manga

>Freeza's plan was to have Frost knock out Tenshinhan, Krillin and Roshi, leaving his own team with less fighters and less chance of success

Good job Toyo, brilliant strategy

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The manga is complete shit.


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Of all the shitty flaws you could complain about you chose this?


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Interesting that Garou will have the same voice as Tenshinhan, Midorikawa is probably happy to work in a series that doesnt make you look stupid.

Furries BTFO

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I can't wait for Jirenfags to BTFO

>mfw Chi Kung Pao fails

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Can't wait to see the mangafags defending this

Maybe he should have used Kikoho.

Shouldn't have gotten a new technique from the Chinese bootleg store.