Kokonatsu has shit taste in waifu

Kokonatsu has shit taste in waifu.

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>bought 7 volumes of official TL manga because I heard it was ending and I always liked the characters' design
>still haven't read them
How lazy can I get

Hajime is a miracle of the universe.

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It made me remember this for some reason.

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Bitch please.

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How does one acquire a Hajime?

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You don't.

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>learns that the manager has a thing for her
>gets drunk then comes onto the manager

She wants the d.

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but that's illegal

It's nice
retard girl in a sexy body, the show was better without her

You just wait until one knocks at your door.

She's actually pretty smart, just childish

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scan them pls,user


He is jpanese after all

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I really don't miss Hotaru, sometimes I even forget about her.

Are those squid things good?



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>same height with or without heels

Not for your health.

look again

Shit, I'm a retard

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All these stuff are full of preservatives that will give you cancer, and asian ones are PACKED with them.

>shit taste in waifu
>is loyal to best girl
What did he mean by this?

I don't think many would understand Italian here, user

ti sbagli
I do it with the manga I like, after reading it

But the best girl is Hajime.

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Nope. Hotaru is.

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>mindbreak eyes
>best girl

No, Megane is.

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>mindbreak eyes
Literally what.
And glasses are shit.

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Glasses Hotaru is good though.

just look at this pretentious faggot

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>Literally what.
Newfaggot spotted.

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It doesn't even look similar to her eyes.

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>being this rampantly new

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Thanks for proving my point.

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How can you browse Sup Forums while legally blind?

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Yeah, how can you?

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>he keeps proving himself wrong

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Can't be worse than most fast food shits

Saya has beautiful eyes

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But she totally has mindbreak eyes in all of your examples.

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I don't though.

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som is that the reaon people love flcl! to sel insert!

keep posting

>he keeps posting mindbreak eyes

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>draw a Christmas cake
>call it a 20 year old
What the FUCK did they mean by this?

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Why does Hotaru have a default ahegao?

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>Hajime comes on Coconuts
>Coconuts still ends up talking about Hotaru

>Hajime thread
>still ends up about Hotaru


What are you talking about? She has a default smug face

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Your point is that Hotaru has mindbreak eyes?

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>series carried by a single character
>she's gone
When does she come back, it's not as funny now.

>itt: people who don't know what ahego and/or mindbreak are

She doesn't bath often so her hair gets all sticky.

>he defines this as smug

>he has stopped replying and is now trying to damage control after people called him out

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>itt: that one spamming fag doesn't know what smug means

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Keep posting Hotaru fanart while claiming she's only being smug in the actual anime/manga.


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they're from the manga

Why does Saya have crazy eyes?

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>Why does Saya have LASER eyes?

There were clearly two

Highest of keks

>a quick Google image search proves him wrong
>he still insists on it anyway

What did user mean by this?

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>replying to himself

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I wouldn't worry about that when there's something seriously wrong with her ear.

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ITT: one person replying to himself

>not having multiple earrings

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ITT: One person having an argument with himself.

The state of Dagashi Kashi threads.

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>>a quick Google image search proves him wrong
no it doesn't


Now keep quiet.

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>hurr durr

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>Der Ewige Schlampe

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I want to middle and rights feet.

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>tfw she looks exactly like a friend of mine's wife


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>When you must wait a whole season to finally see best girl.

I want to marry Hajime and put my face against her smelly cunt everynight.

Hotaru has sugar rush eyes

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Postali suino

No matter how will be the ending, it never going top this.

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Her butt must smell great after a long day of work.

she's coocoo for Kokonuts

It'd be nice if Pochi made more doujins.

Best girl