Girls und Panzer

2.5 more days until BD rips. Will Marie steal everyone's hearts?

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Marie is a fat whore. England still best.

Darj is an old slag, Marie is the new hotness

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This never gets old

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Frenchies SOON

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Would impregnate and destroy my food budget

Stop with the frogs, where is my Cutlass?

These are your classy whores for the evening.

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In the rape dungeon

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Why are they bearing their shoulders?

I take Marie, Darjeeling has too much use

>Will Marie steal everyone's hearts?
She's gonna steal everyone's lunch


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We are talking about Marie, not Mika

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I'm ready for Marie's fat ass

More cushion

>Royal Tank Regiment beret.

Darjeeling is best tanky.

What's the original image?

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>Will Marie steal everyone's hearts?

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So this new girl on the left is the villain of Das Finale?

Well, they are the one against Oarai in the first OVA, and they won

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Fuuuuck the hype is fucking real


What could it be? Going off their theme of anything random from germany/japan maybe its a P1000? But seriously holy shit hype.


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Isn't it just the pirates tank?

Okay seriously speaking. What threat do the French school even remotely pose? Popping out their national flag whenever a tank goes down doesn't seem to be a good look.

I wish they would announce the date for episode 2.

Next year, user

Shh, let him dream of an actually useful tank.

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>first 5 minutes
Why are you bullying us like that?


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Cooking with Chovy (and Anzio) show when?

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In senshado which means no air support the only thing you have to worry about is something like the Karl. Make the Ratte your flag tank and you're golden.

Actual spoilers

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I want to marry Erika after she wins this tournament.

>Winning something

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*blocks your path*

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I'd cook a baby in her oven.

Yeah, this is why KMM is the most overpowered team. Almost all the negatives of the late-war German tanks are negated by the nature of senshado.

*completely wrecks it as well*

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I'm not sure I follow, I'm pretty sure that cooking a baby would be illegal.

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>Post-war design
I'm sorry, but no.

And yet they still lost two years in a row (that we know of) one to dirty russians and 2 to ragtag of 99% first timers.

Prototype shit.

Centurion's allowed, these are allowed.

Centurion 1 isn't post-war design.

Why does that literally just look like a King Tiger?

*run away*

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The data for Centurion literally says "1946-present". All the Alice dickriders have to know the only reason she's good is because she's cheating. Its like bringing an M1A2 Abrams to a WWII focused tank game.

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>full production began in november of 1945
>first prototypes were made in May of 1944
Yeah, now you're gonna say that T-54, IS-3 and IS-4 for Pravda is cheating.

design for mk1 was finished in 1944, but this was almost immediately replaced with the mk2 which wouldn't enter production until nov 1945.

the mk1 design is still technically a ww2 design

Wait when did they get those? And any "Objekt" tank they got probably is cheating.

To make it even they should do WWI fights so KMM doesn't have an advantage anymore. I want to see a bunch of Mark IV and A7Vs lumbering around whilst the girls inside slowly succumb to heat exhaustion and suffocation.

Well, any soviet tank/armored vehicle is Objekt, if you're using late-war designations.

>whilst the girls inside slowly succumb to heat exhaustion and suffocation
Carbon coating should protect them from that.

I really wish they'd given University the white Shermans we saw them use at first and had them be a threat because they're just good at the fucking sport. The Karl and the Pershings were all stupid.

Girls und Combined Arms when?

How did the director intend on making a tank cook off/jack in the box when no ammo can cause any penetration whatsoever? Nevermind the even more absurd question of how the girls would even be remotely safe as a result.

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carbon coating


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I can't wait for MEXT guy's glorious return!

>they are going to close down ooarai, and the girls only hope of saving their school is to beat an adult team in a one off tank match.

Really the unsung hero

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She already did

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not all heroes wear capes

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>he's closing the school so we dont have to suffer the wait for more sequels
what a hero

On the contrary user, he's the hero creating more conflict so we can get more GuP

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>Implying that he is doing it only to please his waifu

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>Momo loses against the frogs
>mext kun declares Oorai such a failure that it needs to be closed down if their student council is this bad
>Anzu gets another chance for the school
>they have to fight a team of senshado instructors, led by Ami
My dad works for Actas btw.

The MEXT guy just has special tastes.

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Really weird stuff

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Like I mentioned in the last thread, I just check and renamed the 4komas with the correct number order using the official site where the 4komas are originaly published
And I noticed that there is a few that are missing the typesetting in english
I uploaded in here ,for the typesetting-user and anyone who wants to update their files in their local hard disks!d0sH1TYZ!GWTsR7AzVa87CgjbrDMhVQ

Here is the list of the 4komas that are missing, if the typesetting-user could be very kind of help us with the typesetting of these, it would be great to have the 4komas complete and up to date
Thanks for your hard work!



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222A (I think that is pretty much that same translation of this one, but the art style is different)

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there's nothing weird in that though

I wish to be dominated by Anzu

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Is a slut


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a shit.


She's being judged for /ss/ crimes.

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The game makes her mikas look bigger

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I love Marie

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Mika's mikas are pretty big

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Mika is kinda scary when she's not smiling or smug

I don't know, they don't look that big

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constantly fluctuating

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Is arousing for me

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Subs not for another week though.

Not with that attitude

Is cute

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Is into NTR

Lies, she just has multiple open relationships and everyone is happily getting along

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