Ichigo is about to box you bare knuckles while being completely naked!

Ichigo is about to box you bare knuckles while being completely naked!

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She's so skinny, imagine how easy it would be to grab her arms and pin her against the wall and have your way with her.

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This. What kind of moans would she make while having her sensitive nipples teased? Would she even understand what you're doing to her?

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I'd hold her hands

Why does she have shaving cream on her nipples? Soap suds don't look like that.


She doesn't look healthy with those green spots all over.

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Shampoo suds don't look like that either.

>we did Ichibullying
>now we do Ichilewding
I like this direction.

*unzips Cross Counter*

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Goro's cum does.

>Painted fingernails
15 pleases old men for money.

She's trying to hide that the fungal infection has destroyed her nipples.

Hey, teddy bears cost money.

>"What's that bulge, Goro?"
>"This? Uh, it's...a sign of our sync ratio."
>"Oh, okay."

Go away Goro

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have some sympathy, he sees his waifu in a skintight suit practically every day and can't do anything about it. greentexts are his only outlet.

C'mere cunt, I'll fuck you right up.

I'm 196cm. The fuck can she do against a giant like me? Does she know I can pick her up and find places to bend her over at?

Who would win in a fight, Michlan or Ichigo?

Considering shes had military training, she can probably knock out most anons out cold, regardless of whatever "Im gonna mangandle Ichigo!" fantasy they have.

Stupid Dinos are so easy to manipulate.

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she's the Plantation's lil' mongoose.

I will be completely distracted by what is down there and lose

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She's a fucking sociopathic bully who delights in beating up children. Did no one else watch episode 9. She's fucking evil.

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tfw im ichigo's height
tfw no goro

Oh -come on-, you've never had to crack a few eggs to get a minion? We've all been there.

L O N D O N?

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And yet she can still knock you out or cut your balls off in your sleep if she wanted to.

Is this fencing rules or street rules ?

not yet. try joining a guy in bullying, that usually works.

Ichigo will be liquidating rebellions and killing Klaxosaurs with delight soon. She's growing into her leadership role well. She's like an SS officer towards her adult masters.

She's also an abusive bitch. She'll betray Hiro and 02. You can count on that.

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I did not mean that as an insult.

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go to sleep spiderposter

My mistake. You doing good user. Carry on.


Get out of here, you fucking manlet.

No, you cant win against men. Especially the D.

Umm, Ichigofags?

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> being sub 200cm in 2018
i'd pity you but i dont interact with dwarves

Cosplay Ichigo

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she didn't lose to a man, she lost to a meteor shower

Reminder that Ichigo heemed 002

Is that a boy???

>punches girl
>also makes girl's bed for her
Is Ichigo the ultimate tsundere?

Possible Yuri?

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Possible Yuri!

Good lewd. I hate how many of her lewds give her cow tits.


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Shut up, Papa.

I can imagine Ichigo resisting it a little at the start.

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I read this as Shut up, Abe at first. Wait a minute...

>says the delusional ichihiro fag

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Thanks for drawing the Japquisition to my house, user. Really appreciate it.

Hey look! It's resident yuri spammer again

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It's beginning. One by one, they will all be sucked up into 02's web of lust and polygamy. She got Hiro, and now he's the bait she's using to get Ichigo.

I want to hug Ichigo

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>tfw your girl will never get wet as an ocean of Cthulu-bot fuel for you

>that finely trimmed pussy hair.

Best girl indeed.

The story goes that Ichigo arrived on the lower yard and was met by a six-foot-five, 300-pound black inmate who planted a kiss on her face and announced this scrawny teenager would now be his 'bitch.' Ichigo returned a short time later, walked up to the unsuspecting predator, and stabbed him to death with a jailhouse knife, orshank. There were more than a thousand inmates on the yard. No witnesses stepped forward, and only one dead man entertained the idea that Ichigo was anybody's bitch.

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I can't wait for 02 to have a taste of the forbidden fruit!

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And people still wonder why they are the biggest cancer in Sup Forums.

Ichigo looks like THAT???


This image hurts me.

this is so underrated

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I'll punch her uterus with my dick. That's all that matters.

>she would take a man's strawberry from him

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So this is the designated shitposter thread I guess then.

It hurts all of us, user.
Except this guy; . Probably not him.

I'll beat her and then cuck her with 02.

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I get no exercise and I'm probably as skinny as her, if not more. I'll most likely lose.

She has all the chances by Ep 21

>He never went to basic
>He never took up boxing as a hobby
>He doesn't have a gym membership
What are you doing with your life?

>Ichigo trie to bare knuckle box Goro
>He just grabs both her tiny little fists in his giant hands
>he laughs and her face gets red

Stop deluding yourself Michlan, you're just hurting yourself at this point. Also, how much fucking money have you lost with all that cryptocurrency shit?

>that moment when they start to grow and she tries to scrap with him
>she used to be as strong as him, but she realizes he could effortlessly over power her now

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Have you heard the good word of Our Strawberry?



Keep fantasizing you weak bitch.

My little Hitler can't be this cute!

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What will be Goro's place in Ichigo's bedtime ritual?

How is it possible make someone as perfect as Ichigo look so gross?

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>knock most anons cold
womanlets like Ichigo don't have the weight or the bone density behind their strikes to knock out the average 300lb user.
>millitary training
when it comes to boxing, military and police training is inferior to what you'd learn in the average boxing gym.
Military and police training teaches you to defend yourself, real training teaches you how to defend yourself against people who already know how to defend themselves.

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What's with those yellow-green spots? Does she have a skin affliction or something?

Damn dude, look at all that.

Chest/Arm pillow

Take your (You). You've earned it.

That looks like someone took two different bodies and stitched them up together above the midriff

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