So I see this anime talked about a lot by the trash people with girly avatars and from what I've experienced it's a...

So I see this anime talked about a lot by the trash people with girly avatars and from what I've experienced it's a flaccid revenge story that uses boobs to lure in potential viewers while being a PG-13 alternative to more fanservicey shows.
The fanboys hype it up as a masterpiece and a hidden gem, but they said the same thing about High School of the Dead and Gabriel Dropout (i know different genres).
I thought about giving it a shot but decided to ask you guys instead. Is it another PVC figurine commercial or is there something worth watching in it?

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It’s pretty good, i watched all the episodes in one sitting and had a massive headache though.

It's trash but you sound like you commonly associate with the type of retard who likes it so you probably will too.
Now go back


Worth watching for the animation alone

Lurk more and watch more anime

i mean you are clearly a newfag if you haven't watched it yet.

It good but collapsed under its own popularity and so you see a lot of utter autists liking/posting about it.

As you are probably a redditor imagine how people react now to rick and morty, the show itself was pretty funny but any online discussion about it isn't worth the electricity used to produce it

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It's fun mindless action. Stop being a pretentious animepro and watch it already, maybe you'll learn how to form opinions by yourself while at it.

The plot is just a framework for all the fighting and character interaction to happen in. The show itself is really just a fanservicy fun action comedy show with superb, sometimes sarcastic, execution of well trodden tropes.

I had lots of fun watching it.

normie tier garbage
watch pic related instead

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Why are you posting my 3x3?

It had potential but blew it. The only good show all the way through that Trigger made was Space Patrol Luluco, all the others are hot garbage.

>ancient shows with terrible animation compared to modern standards worth watching when so much anime made to a much higher standard released
70-90s anime only posters are truly the most autistic we have here

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>ancient shows with terrible animation
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>Tatami Galaxy
That's some top level engineering there friend. I hope you're just trying to fit in and not actually as boring as that suggests.

That's a lie and you know it. Inferno cop is the only good anime post-gainax has ever created.

nice argument, animation has advanced and everything you posted looks like shit compared to anything high quality in the last 10-15 years

I like it for it's over-the-top-ness

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>responding to a troll who is literally posting a smug reaction face
You might not be underage but you're still a newfag

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Are these dubs worth checking?

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How am I supposed to make fun of you when you literally post it

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Bad comedy, bad action scenes, mediocre characterization, and a terrible villain.

It's popular cause of fan service, wacky animation, and being made by the studio that made Gurren Lagann.


pretty much this, except the action (particularly the visual direction and motion in those scenes) is really the best part. problem is they keep shoehorning in the sex jokes and other shit comedy at the same time.

Satsuki was the only thing I liked the whole way through, otherwise there were a couple of nice fights and a few legitimately hype moments, like the first satsuki fight and when student council gets their outfits back at the end..

>asking Sup Forums's opinion on anything

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Computer nerds animate shows now instead of artists.

yeah and it looks better

More polished doesn't mean better. Also looking for:

It's more or less a weaker spiritual remake of TTGL but about grills instead of young men, even down to having someone voice a (slightly similar) character in both and visibly poorer animation used in ep4. Fun enough but definitely overhyped/rated. That said, I did enjoy it for what it is, and some of the OST is pretty nice.

Its somewhat better than you're average anime but you sound like a newfag so you should probably go through better shows first.

It's just Gurren Lagann with transforming magic clothing instead of transforming magic robots
nothing more, nothing less

fuck off