I'm putting together a band

I'm putting together a band

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Sup Forums pls go

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I'll be sure to come to every one of your shows.

Teach me how to play drums and you got yourself a member.

So that's it huh? We're some type of Hokago Tea Time?

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If you need ideas for a name, ask Sup Forums.

>jakka jan

That's yes.

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The band, Elwood! The band!

We're gonna be dropped into Budoukan, dressed as musicians.

Please don't post pictures of my wife without her permission.

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Your wife is so cute it's not even funny.

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i thought of a name, it can be called

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mines cuter

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I want to rape Yui and make Ui watch

You're making it hard to argue with you.

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Who posts shit like this? Go fucking die, retard.

i have right to express

Your rights are fake like your posts and your existence, cancer.

I want to rape Yui and make you watch

C - cancer.

I'm happy you arn't enjoying this, wouldn't be rape otherwise.

jakka jakka jan jan
jakka jan

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Happiness is a feeling unknown to you.

I love K-On!. Especially Yui and Ritsu.

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I want to rape Azusa because she is cute

justa moment pulease, gentlemen. best girl coming through.
miofags get out

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I unironically wish the Keions got boyfriends.

Only if it's me

Are you offering?

Sup Forums pls stay

only if i can rape them

>Was incredibly protected/sheltered by her sister/Nodoka
>Went to an all girls school
>And an all girls college

Poor innocent Yui is going to get destroyed when she first goes out drinking at 21.

Yeah by me

I want to see the Keions drinking now. Shitfaced Mio would be the best. The question is, would Ritsu get even more rowdy, or turn demure?

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me on the left x9

I don't actively want it but it wouldn't upset me since I'm not a yurifag

>Keion is now about a nationwide music tournament
>Ritsu and her ragtag band enter the tournament for a chance to perform at budoukan

Would you watch it?

no, i want to watch them get raped and used

I love Ritsu

No because that's Love Live.

I would however, watch a sequel movie that is them going on a trip after Azunyan's graduation.

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Of course Azusa is the lesbian while intoxicated.

I unironically wish you would end your life.

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>black bra under pink tank
>Mio's Mios
>that Thicctsu

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stop this

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>no season about the college chapters

They will find a way

Absolutely never.

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Kyoani should add their own stuff to it, like an episode about them getting smashed, or going to a mixer.

that art sucks

Where's my onsen episode Kyoani?