Kiss X Sis 119

Best Girl Chapter
That means piss chapter
Pissbros WW@

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thanks for the heads up my man

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This manga is the pinnacle of ecchi

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It's borderline hentai.

Like he said, Pinnacle of Ecchi

Fairly sure the handjob piss gave MC and the following loli facial shot made it clearly into hentai territory.

>made it clearly into hentai territory.

This shit still going? Like any gentleman of refined taste I dropped this when the awful harem characters took over. I read this for the sisters, not fujoshit teachers or polly pissypants.
This isn't even tagged ecchi and it has /ss/ paizuri almost every chapter.

Expected just random paizuri rape
>Main girl is actually a rape victim who turned bitter towards humanity and is latched on to the shota she bullied online without him knowing.

The sisters haven't be relivent in a long itme. MC is dating the glasses girl now, sensei broke up with him after realizing that he and her really do live in different worlds,the sisters and loli are pretty much filler background characters.

She also straight up rapes him more than once.

Yeah, the first time she raped him with her boobs because she caught him reading a hentai manga with rape in it and did it because she wanted to show him what being raped really felt like which resulted in him being traumatized for a few days.

i love COOL

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>Just paizuri's him
You know even if COOL has a /ss/ fetish, why do all of his shotas look like toddlers?

Also, we still don't know what exactly happened to this chick.

Fuck this chick bring the sensei back already

How is the worst one in the lead, and what will the others have to do to catch up?

They've done more than just paizuri.

Lewd sis made some decent progress last chapter.

Sensei can go suck a fuck after putting him through that brutal dump

>and what will the others have to do to catch up?
literally nothing

why is it called Kiss X Sis then
they were already NBR and now this

>after putting him through that brutal dump
it was for the best

All the girls are someones sisters, and also there's twincest with lewd and sporty.

>why is it called Kiss X Sis then
because he kisses he's sisters (DUH)

>only pissfags are the only ones left reading this

What the fuck are you talking about? I've been reading this since it started, and they'd have to pull some really nasty shit to make me drop it at this point.

How fucking thirsty is Piss, like damn I didn't even jerk it that much when I was a kid.

They were both being retarded. I would've liked to see there relationship last longer than a week though.

>How fucking thirsty is Piss, like damn I didn't even jerk it that much when I was a kid.
she finally admit she is horny MORE THAN 100+ CHAPTER WAITING FOR THAT

>I would've liked to see there relationship last longer than a week though.
she is gonna comeback

So why hasn't she removed the bandaid under her eye after a decade

Because lewd=sis and sporty=sis'

>wanting more of sensei

Dude shit was worse than Namec.
Hogged all the chapters, all the fun, barred intimacy with the other girls, and lasted an eternity.

>and lasted an eternity.
you people say this for every manga is just a meme a this point

Well duh, perception matters. When you have a fuckton of chapters with nothing but sensei and the MC going "nope!" on all the other girls that does feel like an eternity.

>thread's been up for hours
>still no dump

do it yourself user make your dreams come true

>the pinnacle of ecchi
>borderline hentai
>no nipples

Remember when MC and sensei were sleeping at the school during the storm? Why/how in the fuck didn't they do it?

>best girl chapter
>its a fucking piss girl chapter

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They were in chapter 114, but only in the videos that were sent, and none of the ones that need to be shown.

Isn't the "loli" the same age as Ako and Riko?

Fuck no. Have you even read this at all?

We need more kisses between sisters in this shit, or kisses between any girl
I have looked at the smut from almost every chapter. "Read" is a strong word.