Idol Time Pripara and Aikatsu

Were you satisfied with today's episode?

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4/10 needed more catchphrases
I loved every second

>And that's the story of my middlenames and why I picked them.
>I am Andrea Ritsu Nicomaki Tensai Reventon.

Is this a Pripara mascot name?

When jymmy finishes Idol Time then I'll get a job.

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IT might not be the best season, but it knows how to make an exciting climax.

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Solami Smile and the most popular character of the show.

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Yume virus complete.

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Literally me after the episode.

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>they found a way to make OP by iRis an insert song again
>no Mia, Jewlie and Janice
Based Pewdiepie.

>They saved everyone, even Paku.
I'm so fucking happy, man I love PriPara.

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I want to fuck Rola's armpits.

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Calm down Mahiru

>Rainbow Melody at the end
I knew that was the perfect song to end the show.

The image they showed during Hibiki's line in Rainbow Melody made me crack up. Way to spoil the mood.

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>still a episode left
Okay, what's going to happen next week?

Shuuka gets a team?

Onsen episode.


Galala and Falala go to School.

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Don't that make you crazy now
Don't that make you crazy now
Don't that make you crazy now
Don't that make you crazy now

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I want to fuck Lala.

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Lala is ded

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>Yui, come on!
>You're ruining it!

Mega-nee is ever-changing and eternal! Praise Mega-nee, the only true goddess, and Mega-nii, her holly consort.

>we will never have good interactions between those two

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>we will never have good interactions between those two

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That's because nothing with Ajimi is good.

Sex with her is good. She is doing insane things.

You mean that's because nothing with Hibiki is good.

>no more Ajimi
The only good about Pripara ending

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Are you looking forward to making new Aikatsu Friends?

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I'm sad

me too

Yes, it looks pretty cute.

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Gonna kill myself if she shows up in prichan

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I just finished PP S2, it was really fun but I'm pretty sure Ajimi gave me cancer.

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what's a good way to get aikatsu and pripara art in twitter without having to follow a shit ton of artists? search the names in jp doesn't bring up much since fucking gooks don't tag it with it

How about not being a data hoarder?


>without having to follow a shit ton of artists
Make lists instead.

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Ham-senpai best manager.

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This is a good pic.


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Yui, Non, Hibiki, Aloma, ???, Lala
Is that Shion? Or Junon?

Kirara is crying.

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ty user

Definitely Shion. And Chili back-to-back with Non.

>no Meganee


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Is that Janice?

>green has bishie sparkles
/u/ confirmed.

Seriously though, are they saying anything interesting or is it just "new show starting soon, please watch and remember to share, like, and subscribe"?

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Remember to high-five your imouto everyday.

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My wife.

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I want to die

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Sorry user, but I can't let you marry my precious daughter

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So, you want her to be a single mother? Nice fetish.

Pits and collarbone idle

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I understand. I will always protect her.

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And cute hairy eyebrows.

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I fapped to her today.

>Doing the splits this extreme
This is hot, I wonder what else she can do.

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Is that a Mimiko 3D model?

Do you have any high kicks from Mon Chou Chou?

I want to die I want to die I want to die

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Rare Non

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>Thank you for American girls

So that's what Reona is into huh

Is she thanking them for the time they kidnapped his obnoxious sister?

user please tell me how I can live this kind of life? Please?

Marry me

why were the Aurora Dream's such sluts?

It's a proper Pringlish sentence.

Extremely good Meganee.

>meganee speaking english
>kanae itou speaking english

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>Aira mom cheats on her husband openly with Rhythm's dad
>Rhythm's mom left her to go ice skating and tells people to lose their hearts just for a single move
>Mion's mom is too busy sight seeing to raise her daughter
>Kyouko's mom got into a love triangle with her husband and a gook then divorced her husband because he was greedy and her daughter followed her dad's footsteps
Bad moms

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Friends looks like fun.

She is adorable in every role, now we need her slutty Airi voice as Meganee. On another note I find it funny Dorothy forgot how to speak english.

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I've always thought Aikatsu was at its best when focusing on units so I'm excited for all the duos.