AOTY new trailer is here

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Asia best

This is one of the few harem anime where you can tell the harem antics to fuck off because Sairaorg vs Issei is that fucking hype.

Also, maou rangers when?

I'm glad that we've accepted the new art style.

I think it’s pretty good.

Honestly my biggest complaints are Rias' hair not being red enough and Xenovia's design being more faithful to the LNs.

TNK really nailed Rias' crimson hair while their Xenovia never failed to turn me on because she was insanely hot in their art.

Other than that, the new style's really good. I had reservations about Akeno being less sexy in passione's style, but based on the previews so far, it looks pretty good.

Koneko, Asia, and Kunou all look better on this artstyle than the past one, while Issei looks okay.

I feel that the sales will kinda depend on appealing to the fujo's with Sairaorg, Vali, and Cao Cao's design, but again based on material, it looks good enough to appease the husbandofags.
Here's the correct link

Is there going to be uncensored at-x version?

Does the cute fox loli join the harem?

Show me how Momo looks already.

they will fuck up 1v1 with sairog battle calling it here

Ummm sir? It’s technically 2v1. I just wanted to inform you for the future.

Do you think Sona got wet at seeing Ise's new form?


Yes and no. Issei promises to marry her in the future but she's only 9/10 years old so she doesn't live him until the last few vols

A stream tomorrow correct?

Rossweisse dress break looks good

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It's 2v2

Anyone webm it?

Never would've imagined DxD selling more than 4 million copies.

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It's not that hard to imagine when the series has been ongoing for 10 years.

>counting his sacred gear
you triggered me now

>Shin DxD, like Index New Testament
Better be good and more girls because why the fuck not

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>final arc was like 3-4 volumes long
I love how the afterword had a bigger twist than anything else in the already good ass volume.

Also, Cao Cao's seiyuu is Toriumi Kosuke.

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Fuck off


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And Kunou's is Sora Akui. Still nothing on Le Fay.

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The action looks far better with the new art style. BoRN was a complete mess in that regard, especially when Akeno would use her lightning magic.

The PVs still lacking any Ravel

>those spoilers
Ishibumi's chuuni boner is gonna go wild in the new LN, jesus christ.

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Le Fay is mentioned here. Can someone who understands runes see if they confirm her seiyuu here?

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>Ishibumi still goes to all the streams
The hero we need but don't deserve.

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Minami Shinoda is a seiyuu, she could be her VA?

Ishibumi confirmed it

That's her VA

Are they adapting Ultraman Issei-Great Red?

That's next season, this is when Cao Cao kicks everyone's ass and dragon vs lion showdown

So what happened on stream?

Is the stream uploaded somewhere?

>t-the girls look bad in the new art!!

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Look ok to me.

Xenovia and Rias are the only ones I'm kinda disappointed by but the style looks better in motion overall.

Xenovia looks more her age now, and not as old as Rias/Akeno. Rias looks different but Miyama is doing her hair like that now, although the shade is off I'll admit.

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Not a big deal but I simply preferred the sharper look for Xenovia that came with the old art style even if Passione's is closer to Miyama's

Ravel confession when?

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>Ravel's volume got cockblocked into an entire new LN series
I wonder if that means Ravel, Elmenhilde, Le Fay, and Kunou will be main girls in Shin?

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As long as Ise is still the main protagonist. And no time skip.

I'd like to see a 6 month timeskip to Issei being in college, but the title is still High School, so it may not be so.

You never know the girls might get chapters through there eyes.

Ravel confession will be the cutest thing possible.

Ravel has really grown on me so it was the one I was most looking forward to.

Ravel is a miracle of the universe

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And from what I remember, Issei not have any children with her in EX, right?

He has 10/11 undisclosed kids who are too young to fight.

Kinda wish the past seasons had the same character designs so that I could watch them

Oh okay.

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I'm happy to see all that fan service in the trailer

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>they'll never fix BorN with this quality

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Issei says to Rossweisse in his proposal "ROSSWIESSE GIVE BIRTH TO MY CHILD!!!"

Worst dxd gets the best confession. Fuck.

What are you, a fag? And he goes on and on and tells her to give him lots of kids after that. That's a fucking kino end.

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Kill yourself

Well we can say that DxD has pretty much covered all they can from Christianity and Norse, so I suppose Shin will be about Greek, Hinduism, and original stuff.

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Issei and most of his harem are devils
They're obviously still gonna be focused on Christianity

She's a boring waste of space.

Finally, we know her seiyuu.

But I want to see what she looks like.

>the old volumes are getting re-translated
Pretty good time to be a DxDfag. It's been doom and gloom ever since 2015.

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Do you think they will add bathing scenes in the Kyoto arc?

>do you think they will add bathing scenes in an ecchi anime

There's already one, remember Rossweisse and Issei fight when he tries to sneak into the girl's area. They're adding one in the first episode it seems since the first episode is adapting chapter 2 of volume 7 and then jumping to vol 9.

>>the old volumes are getting re-translated

Oops, seems I confused that with Slashdog's first volume

We always need the tits to open up the season.

Who's doing the translations?
Also Slashdog V1, is it the same as the old Slashdog?
I think this was released 3 times, first in 2006, then in 2014 and now again in the latest Slashdog series
Are they all the same novel just rereleased or are there differences?

The new art style fits the younger girls pretty well so she and Ravel better look super cute.

He's retranslating the LN version. The 2006 version is entirely unrelated to DxD, the web novel version from 2014 was a remake set in DxD's universe, and the LN version is an edited and full version of it, also serving as a prequel.

Wait, are the novels done? Was 25 the final volume?

Yes, now begins Shin High School DxD, from volume 1.

I'm going to miss hot Xenovia

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Initially DXD final volume was 30, then 31 and finally... We are starting a new serie..

We will start in Shin High School DxD vol 1 but all between Vol 1-25 is canon.. All Happened.. We will know more in summer.

First of all who?
Second of all, I never read the original Slashdog, can I just read the latest version at this point?

>a couple of years ago after the mess of BorN there was no real hope of the anime continuing

Now we have H Ero with Kunou, Cao Cao, and MOTHER FUCKING SAYAKA!!! the fluffiest of milfs , its not just getting to see her animated, its getting to see her at all , jesus my dick is either going to discover its own juggernaut drive or im going to murder it fapping all season long.

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probably moist

Her name is Yasaka
Still, I'm as happy as you are, you can even see how big her tits are

You sure are passionate about a character whom you can't even get her name right.

What happened is that Ishibumi probably planned up to volume 30 after finishing volume 12, seeing as he mentioned Shiva at the end of the volume. But as DxD remained popular, he probably got the green light to continue writing, and decided to start a new novel series. Index had the same situation and started New Testament so the volume count wouldn't become too daunting for new readers. So basically, a volume count reset, so things don't get out of hand.

Chinese readers are saying that the final arc that Ishibumi once planned to write became Shin, along with more. Just like how volume 12 was originally the end, volume 30 was supposed to be the end, but the popularity has once again allowed Ishibumi to continue writing more than he thought he could.

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When will this goddess join the harem?

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Also, Ishibumi never said he wanted to stop at 30, he said he wanted to keep it under 30
And 25 volumes plus 4DX volumes is 29

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Who knows. But since she now knows about Devils it could become a possibility.

Dyslexia is a hell of a drug anons.

doubt she would join the harem, she would want one of her own.

now fuck issei silly and drain him of all his dragon jizz?oh yeah that shit is going down eventually.

Could mother one of his unlisted kids

I don't know why I expected Yasaka to look like Tamamo

Oh god i love glasses girls with braids.

Aren't all the world kinda knowing demons and co exist now because of the world wide war?
Though she certainly know more than others.

Ishibumi never expanded on that
But yeah, humans should definitely know about something like that happening, entire islands and mountains were destroyed and there were dragons flying around blowing shit up
I'd love to see humans trying to deal with this bullshit
Seriously imagine all the religious turmoil because of everyone being right
Pagan LARPers worshiping their gods, Hindufaggots bragging about powerlevels, Wales independence movement using Issei as their poster boy, Edgelord satanists suiciding en masse after they learn that the current Lucifer is a goofy siscon Super Sentai cosplayer
It would be fucking beautiful to witness

I always had a feeling that at least Ise's town/full school would find out.

Don't forget God being dead. That would shake Christianity at its core
Muslims would freak out though as nothing implies their shit exists.