Angolmois Manga (Mongol Invasions of Japan) Getting Anime

So we're not only getting a Vinland Saga anime, but an anime about the Mongol invasions of Japan?

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"Nihon Banzai!" galore, I assume?

I like these type of shows but they've got one of the shittiest studios doing it (NAZ) and the music in that PV was atrocious.

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What happened to the Mongols when they invaded Japan?
I'm not asking what the results of the invasion were, or even the results of individual battles. I'm asking why the Mongol forces conducted war like the Italians. 40K of them got their asses completely handed to them by a force 10% their size.

hte song was good (not incredible, just good) but unfitting

Mongols were excellent land-based fighters but knew jackshit about boats or navigation and shit.
Each time they tried to invade Japan, they got welcomed by a storm that destroyed most of the fleet, hence the origin of the "Kamikaze" (Divine Wind).
All they had to do is to mop up the survivors who were not exactly in a good shape.

>Joseon Dynasty banner
Oh dear god

Ghost of Tsushima was recently announced in the video game department and now we have an anime about Mongol invasion? Is the era suddenly gained popularity or what?

Their first invasion was kinda good, which showed the Japanese how real battles are fought (no faggy dueling, but true formation and mobile warfare). The Japanese had their problems holding them back and would have lost if the 2nd fleet wasnt destroyed by the typhoon.

To add that, the Mongol Invasion led to the decline of the Kamakura Shogunate. So big was its deal to the japanese society.

>In 1266, Kublai Khan dispatched emissaries to Japan with a letter saying:

>Cherished by the Mandate of Heaven, the Great Mongol emperor sends this letter to the king of Japan. The sovereigns of small countries, sharing borders with each other, have for a long time been concerned to communicate with each other and become friendly. Especially since my ancestor governed at heaven's command, innumerable countries from afar disputed our power and slighted our virtue. Goryeo rendered thanks for my ceasefire and for restoring their land and people when I ascended the throne. Our relation is feudatory like a father and son. We think you already know this. Goryeo is my eastern tributary. Japan was allied with Goryeo and sometimes with China since the founding of your country; however, Japan has never dispatched ambassadors since my ascending the throne. We are afraid that the Kingdom is yet to know this. Hence we dispatched a mission with our letter particularly expressing our wishes. Enter into friendly relations with each other from now on. We think all countries belong to one family. How are we in the right, unless we comprehend this? Nobody would wish to resort to arms.[8]

>Kublai essentially demanded that Japan become a vassal and send tribute under a threat of conflict. However, the emissaries returned empty-handed. A second set of emissaries were sent in 1268, returning empty-handed like the first. Both sets of emissaries met with the Chinzei Bugyō, or Defense Commissioner for the West, who passed on the message to Shikken, Hōjō Tokimune, Japan's ruler in Kamakura and to the Emperor of Japan in Kyoto.

Kublai Khan did nothing wrong.

He just wanted to have friendly relations with the Japanese.

Also, for those who think that being a "vassal" to a Chinese dynasty is like bending the knee to a Daimyo or getting exploited like in a Western European kingdom:
Vassaldom to a Chinese empire is basically establishing normal diplomatic relations in all but name, and the Tribute were actually nothing but formalities, with mostly the Chinese side giving more in return to the furs and shit that the more primitive civilizations could offer. Chinese simply didnt have any other word but vassaldom in their dictionaries, so every relationship with a non-chinese empire is seen as "making them vassal".

>However, the long, thin Japanese swords got stuck and snapped off in the thick, boiled leather armor of the Mongols, causing Japanese blacksmiths to reevaluate their swords after the first invasion.


>hello, jap king, emissary of heaven here. we just kicked your neighbor and wanna see you since you never called us
>meanwhile japan think of their emperor as the son of god
Imagine how pissed tenno heika was.

Their problem is that their boats were made in China and Korea and their armies also 'reinforced' with Chinese and Korean soldiers. Which means, all that was utter shit.
And THANK GOD the Mongols got obliterated. It was a good lesson for traitors China and Korea. Japan only decided to to show them who is boss a little later. And they did. Two bombings are nothing when you see what Japan has become.

Gunpowder weapons from China and their big transport ships totally wrecked the Japanese during the first invasion.

2nd invasion failed because the Khan didnt want to wait for the rebuild of those big ocean going Song ships, but instead pressured small flat-bottomed river boats into service. Those couldnt handle the Typhoon at all.

Wow that's some terrible music

Finally anime with my ancestors

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>Japan only decided to to show them who is boss a little later
Toyotomi Hideyoshi got thwarted by zerg rushing chinese while the korean ruled the seas. Dude couldn't even conquer a small country like korea and even died here.
He sure showed them!

The fun part is that Chinese didnt even Zerg rush, but used special forces to burn down Japanese grain stores, open their gates at night and murder officers. That's how they retook Pyeongyang from Hideyoshi in the first place.

This will be a humongous political shitstorm if they go the moralfag route and blame the mongels.

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>Japan beleives their royal family to be direct descendants of gods.
>Recieve self-felatiating letter from ruler of another country describing himself as the chosen of heaven.
>Letter not so subtly threatens war if Japan doesn't send diplomats and become allies with them.
>Wants Japan to be a "vassal" and bring tribute.
>Half the letter describes how badly they kicked the ass of the last people to slight them.

How do you think Japan was going to take such a message?

The letter literally describes how they kicked the ass and conquered a kingdom Japan was friendly with and brought them under their rule in a parent and child like relationship. Then basically says they want the same from Japan while holding that big stick over Japan's head. And that they have no word for friendly diplomatic relationships other than "vassal" says a lot.

Letter wasnt so threatening 2bh. It simply said that a new dynasty rules China now and wishes to be recognized by Japan, as the previous dynasties as wel. No need for the weebs to get so autistic about it. All 400 years or so a Chinese dynasty changes. It's normal.

Temudjin anime when?