Was he in the wrong?

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no he was a real human bean, and a real hero

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He died, so yes.

The world was in the wrong. He just tried to go against it.

No, he was the strongest man.

It has ended on a cliffhanger with Kurosawa losing his consciousness, we didn't see the ambulance and its paramedics confirming shit. Dunno why everyone thinks he died.

Not who you're replying to, but there was actually a sequel and it shows how he doesn't die. I haven't read it though, because I think it's a more poetic idea for him to die at the end like that.

he survived and because of a misunderstanding decides to become a hobo.
it's actually pretty good too

the sequel ( ) i mean

>because of a misunderstanding
this is the dumbest part of the sequel

Dude, that's ni-
>Latest Release(s) v.8 c.57 by FKMTkrazy 10 months ago
this is not how one reads this author. I'll remember to come back in 10 years to marathon it.

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The sequel is terrible, it ruins all of the character development and the climax that made the original great. It reads like a soulless cashgrab with the author trying to force more content out of a finished story. I know FKMT is good and it's still a work in progress, but I don't see how it can be salvaged. It's like the Bioshock Infinite of manga, stay far away from it.

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Why didn't he use the shit-armor when he was defending the hobo campsite from the hooligans?

He already used the shit-armor once and it was very effective and made people unwilling to fight him because they didn't want to get shit on themselves or their clothes or possible get shit in their scratches or cuts and get infections or diseases.

But for no good reason he decides not to use the shit armor again.

I hate it when manga have massive plotholes like that

>Wrestlers fights using their arms and can't risk getting infected because they'd lose their career in wrestling (high risk/lots to lose)
>biker gang fights using metal rods and can risk getting infected because they don't have any careers to lose (low risk/little to lose)
Totally the same situation

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Stop bullying elders! "They fulfilled their purpose" is a meme from 100 years ago. The only purpose now is to live and have fun, goddammit get with the times. You fags somehow hate the Kurosawa's and Washizu's cases but are perfectly fine with Gai's.

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Speaking of which, Kazoo will be back from space and not a single user will be sad about it, either. It's like ossans is a separate sort of being who just ok to sacrifice because it's not epic otherwise and who cares if the books are all about different sparks of humanity.

Akagi... come back.

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He's always in your heart.

The shit armor was effective when he was alone and had full focus from his enemies. In the hobo camp he was just one more in the crowd and the bikers would have probably not noticed the shit. Also, he could shit the hobos accidentally.

>fkmt silly shirts
what the fuck was that "unlecseebootu"

A fucked-up version of "Unterseeboot," maybe.


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