Am I supposed to think that this guy did anything wrong in the first place...

Am I supposed to think that this guy did anything wrong in the first place? If anything he was the only genuine victim in the whole scenario.
Every "wrong" deed he did was merely a reaction to what unjustly happened to him since the beginning. Anthy forced her sacrifice to him and then complained like a bitch.

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Yes he is an asshole.

Anthy never complained not until the rape.

The thing is he was the one who chose to become fixated to regaining the power of Dios instead of just being a good person and using his sisters magic for good.

I mean is he a victim? Yes the point is kinda that everyone is a victim but that don't mean you can't call them out on their shit.

reacting to shit isn't very buddhist

Anthy was bitter an then left him after having made him this way. She's an utter piece of garbage and her friend Utena is a freaking hypocrite. No excuse for them to get a good end.
I know that's simply japanese garbage "morality" but I can't keep myself from calling it for the bullshit which it is.

Dios is genuinely good but Akio is just a selfish person who want to become god again and abuse everyone sexually and emotionally for his selfish goal.

What separates Akio from the rest is that the others found an answer to the lose-lose situation.

Akio's own machinations left him utterly alone in the end. He upheld the system, relished his role in it, enjoyed abusing others, and become stuck in that coffin.

Everything was Anthy's fault, but the state that it left things in was unacceptable.

Akio being pitiful does not make him cool, though.

Akio basically wanted to have his cake and eat it too, he wanted to use Anthy and Utena so he could unlock the power of Dios without actually changing from the degenerate he was. He wanted to make someone else the prince so he didn’t have to be.

He'd been raping her for ages, and also murdering teenagers in his sacrifice games.

I mean was Anthy a terrible person? Yes huge, but Dios was also responsible for making her that way.

Like sure she did something first by sacrificing herself, but it's the same way that if a dude throws the first punch and then you pull out a knife, you can't blame them for pulling out a gun and shooting.

That still makes Anthy the biggest piece of shit and the way the show tries to half-ignore it disgusting.
He could say he needed saving much more than anyone else but even Utena who was in love with him tossed his aside for "muh helpless Anthy".
The message that comes across is not a good or conclusive one, in the end it's just dumb.

I didn't know Akio posted on Sup Forums in his spare time.

There isn't really any malice in the way that Anthy leaves.

Letting him do his silly kiddy games and getting out of his life was probably the healthiest thing she could do for him.

The thing is Central to the shows premise is that you cannot live in the past. So thematically he cannot be allowed to ever obtain the power of Dios again.

From an in-universe perspective Akio was the one doing the child murder games, and also heavily implied to murder his fiance and fuck her mother. Was Anthy a willing accomplice? Yes, duh. But the thing is Anthy actually wanted to change for the better despite being afraid. Akio didn't and I'm sorry but there's genuinely no value in us talking if you think for a second that he wasn't just acting with that cry and saying "Well maybe I'll just act like Dios again". So basically Akio didn't want to change, and didn't learn any lesson, and decides to continue on to another cycle of duels.

He couldn't even pick up on the irony of his words
>lmao Utena I used to be a kid like you thinking that persistence had any merit.
>Looks at ghost of past
>Utena doesn't stop struggling while she's literally bleeding and crying
>Suddenly the Ghost of the Prince gets up, goes onto a white horse and goes away. All while Utena finally manages to open the door.

>There isn't really any malice in the way that Anthy leaves
She literally was the one responsible for all these games in the first place and she just left without thinking for the future victims. Knowing that her brother was dangerous and yet ignoring him to save herself.
Such a "mature" choice, that's what she will say to future victims. No guaranteed that Akio would give up now that he's completely lost.

That's true and all but I just disagree with the conclusion. You can't make a person a monster and then try acting like your hands are washed of any guilt. She had a duty to stop her brother but she only got scott free compared to him. You can't live the past behind just like that.

I dunno consider that Akio could just you know stop going after the power of Dios, and then eventually murder the chairman of the school and spend the next thousand years going to fancy parties and fucking milfs, models and teenagers?

Like I'm not saying Anthy is a good person, but as far as she knows Akio isn't gonna stop being a dick and it's not like his life without his magical powers is bad.

>and then eventually murder the chairman of the school and spend the next thousand years going to fancy parties and fucking milfs, models and teenagers?

Well you got me there can't really argue that. Does this also mean that Akio is some sort of Übermensch?

What a spectacular way to out yourself as an impotent manchild

>manchild who takes advantage of teeangers and weak people but anytime things go wrong blames his little sister.
Kek, that’s the opposite of ubermensch, but can’t expect a kid to understand.

jealous much?

That’s the point of being childish, you seek to trap yourself inside a fantasy that works as your wish, instead of daring to face real life and what it implies. Akio is stuck in Ootori because is unable to face a reallity where he is not the only one important or needed. Pretty much like any leader of a cult.

I was just joking and yes I can't really disagree with Akio being a loser if you remove all the fluff.
I just kind of hate Anthy and find her a boring character so I didn't like how important she is in the story.

I have seen many anons hating Anthy. I can’t hate her but I can’t also say I like her, the point of her character is that you can understand the deep shit she is stuck and the tragedy of her mistakes, and the consequences of her lack of will. So she mostly is an interesting character full of hypocrisy who gets a chance after the consequences of her bullshit are paid by somebody else, which makes her able to understand she cares for others, main point of Anthy is she becomes human at the end but as watchers we are stil fighting with the Anthy we knew during the entire story and this one we don’t really know.