Renai Boukun

Chapter 52 was released on Comic Meteor.

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>tfw you'll never be pushed down and raped by akane
Why even live?

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How do I get 2 cute wives like Ameisha and Suou?

I wish I knew.

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The first episode of the anime was like 10/10 and rest of the series 7/10. is the manga worth reading?

Animeonlyfag here. Who's this super-long-haired beauty? Is she in MC's harem yet?

Yey go akane. Rape him now.

Thanks. Nice to see the parents show up too.

Depends on what you think made episode 1 good. If you liked the fast pace of the first episode then probably not.

The princess of a fantasy world Guri's mom created for Guri to play around in. She isn't part of the harem yet.

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Why are they so cute?

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I'm surprised the author managed to make me like Shikimi. I hated her at the start.

I fucking hate her permanent heart pupils.

Shit taste.

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I'd love to get a chapter dedicated entirely to them.

That would be nice.

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I miss her already.

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Akane a best!

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what is this midget screenshot shit
download the 1236 images properly
advance the image number by one

Harem MCs should be shotas.

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who is she

Best girl.

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This will oneday be Shikimi's son.

Would Shikimi be a good mother?

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She'd be the best mom. Guri would be the worst.

She'd be the best, a good dedicated loving mum, definitely much better than Akane or Yuzu. let alone Guri.

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How would they feel about finding Shikimi beat them?

Akane wouldn't handle it well.

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Akane would kill Shikimi's baby. Yuzu is already prepared to be second fiddle.

>Akane surpassing Shikimi in a fight

Why even bother with this series when it's obvious worst girl Guri will win?

It's obvious it'll be a harem. They spelled it out with Akane and Yuzu's dad being a bigamist, and both their moms giving Seiji the go ahead with both girls.

The author has been building towards a harem end.

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Reminder that a harem end is pretty much confirmed, but Akua is getting stuck with the fucking cat.

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is it just me or do seiji and yuzu have the best compatibility
personalities are very similar

If you thought that hatchet job was 7/10, you'll probably love the original material
The anime butchered it

Red hair looks wrong on her. They should both be blonde.

I blame Guri, if she had just put her in the couple like she had intended to we could have saved her

If Guri doesn't win, there will be riots.

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Only acceptable Guri winning is devil Guri-san

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Hopefully by the end Guri will be split into two, so both can win.

>by the end Guri will be split into two
Not gonna happen

Seems inevitable now that they are established as separate entities

God I hope so.

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