Press S to spit on their grave

Press S to spit on their grave

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I love you Gainax.
Best wishes from me.

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Piano no Mori will save the anime

Just let GAINAX die man
All they're doing is making it worse

S, they should’ve quit while they were ahead

What went wrong?

All their best left for the studio that is saving anime

Old gainax was the best thing that have happened to the industry

What happend?

What did Gainax make that was so good?

They became Trigger after Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann was the only good gainax
They’re better off dead

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No respect

That would be trigger, that's why they are know as the kings of the industry

NGE, FLCL, TTGL, Gun/Diebuster

That's about it really, but those are some of the most iconic anime ever made. Now that everyone has left they've done nothing but make shitty adaptations of shitty manga so they can still pay their bills.

Trigger has been a massive disappointment. Ironically the best thing they've done so far was Inferno Cop.

This has to be bait.

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Trigger has never done a bad anime, they are one of the few good guys left in the industry.

They haven't made anything bad but they haven't made anything great either.

how come al the shit the made was stolen from other shows ??

>Trigger has never done a bad anime

Darling in the Franxx

Franxx is barely Trigger. Like 20%.

Wish they'd scrap this and go make the Getter Robo anime that the world is waiting for.

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then why does it feel like gurren lagann meets evangelion?

Trigger has never done a great anime either.
Kill la Kill and Luluco were good and Inferno Cop a funny shitpost but that's about it.

Kiznaiver is pretty bad, and Inou Battle was mediocre.

F I will always love Gainax. That and Old-Shaft. They're the only two studios ever worth fan-wanking. Too beautiful for this generation. Glad they're dead so they can't be bismirched like nu-shaft

Darling is easily one of their best products
Inferno Coppu>LWA (OVA1)>Darling>*>shit>else

>wanting a shitty TTGL knockoff
No thanks.

>show meets antithesis of itself
what does this mean

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>they are one of the few good guys left in the industry.
Now you just can fuck off to Sup Forums with your shitty below average attempots at shounenshit.

>NGE is the antithesis of TTGL
Are you just pretending to be retarded?

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Nothing screams like Sup Forums tier newfag then this post.
And then there's KLK and LWA WOOO SO MUCH SAVING GAUZ!111

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Literally who are you quoting? He didn't say any of that.

Anno left and took half the talent.
Then more staff and tue little talent left went to trigger. What left of Gainax was only the husk
The funny thingnis, neither trigger nor Khara did anything good so far

FLCL is the antithesis of EVA, not TTGL


The only Sup Forums tier newfag here is you and your shitty strawman.

Don't just act like Luluco doesn't exist.

The best thing they've done is distance themselves as much as possible from moeshit and when they've pandered they've done it in a refreshing way

Luluco was fine. I think you meant to say Kiznaiver.

Part of me still think there going to come back around and we'll get something amazing again.
I can't believe they went from Nadia, Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Panty and Stocking etc. to a really nothing studio.
I guess there memory lives on in Trigger

FranXX is nothing more than a hollow imitation of both of those shows.

>I guess there memory lives on in Trigger
your post was good up until there.

>Wings of Honneamise
Literally the greatest anime film of all time. A truly beautiful and ambitious film, tastefully done and with a good message.

>Gurren Lagann
All bullshit pedobait that panders to waifufags with no standards.

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Excellent taste good sir, I tip my hat to you.

>NGE, FLCL, TTGL, Gun/Diebuster
>That's about it really
Holy pleb, jesus christ.

>groups leave because they want to do the stupid shit they think it better
>its full of standard japanese emotion trope where everything is set to 100% full blast and no real buildup
>copy/paste setting
>copy/paste too scared to show muh feelings to girl
>copy/paste robots/screaming scene/beaten to a pulp but find some stupid trigger to get stronger/turn away
>see Gainax we're original, told you so

>Uru in Blue (2018)
>Emeraldas (2020)
>Harlock (2023)
>Maetel (2026)
>All directed by the master Hiroyuki Yamaga
>No Imaishit, Anno, or Tsurumaki cancer faggotry
We are entering the new Golden Age of Gainax

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>Uru in Blue

Yeah, with Despera and Dreaming Machine hand in hand.

>tue little talent left went to trigger
The funny thing is that people unironically believe this, when Houkago no pleiades alone is better than anything trigger ever did.
I really don't know why so many people underrated modern trigger anime.

Inou battle is their best anime though.


Moeshit doesn't exist and if you accuse someone of pandering you must provide evidence.

You are a pedophile and you are projecting. Bait is a meme. When accusing someone of pandering you must provide evidence. Waifus are a meme.

>Houkago no pleiade
Literal trash for shitmunchers, and much worse than the average Trigger production.

Everything is always trash or garbage to you people, or else 10/10 best thing ever. You are retarded.

Which will release first: Uru in Blue or Eva 4.0?

>if you think x is terrible there's no middleground for anything
Try harder, fartsniffer.

Puchi Puri Yuushi is the best GAINAX

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That's exactly how you people think. Everything is garbage/trash or greatest thing ever. Even though the majority of anime fall somewhere between the two extremes.

Godspeed, Gainax.

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>you people think
I don't even know what this means.
> Everything is garbage/trash or greatest thing ever.
Never said that.
>ven though the majority of anime fall somewhere between the two extremes.
Congrats on grasping a concept so basic most people would never bother to even say it. You should write a book and share some of that insight.

>Congrats on grasping a concept so basic most people would never bother to even say it.
It's a concept you people fail to grasp.

>you people
>fail to grasp

Your posts.

>Press S to spit on their grave

You should have written "Press S to spit on Studio Khara's grave".


why haven't Gainax given up the rights to Panty and Stocking to Trigger already
what do they stand to gain by keeping them locked up in their vault

Never said that, learn to read. Don't reply to me anymore.

wings of honneamise was one of the shittiest movies I ever watch. Gits and perfect blue are perfect examples of top tier movies.

Theyre saving us from being exposed to more cancer

You did say it.

They can sell it to Adult Swim like FLCL.

Please quote where I said "everything is either trash or a masterpiece, there is no inbetween." I said "Pleaides is trash," but also in the same post said "average Trigger production" which clearly indicates that I am aware there is a non-binary spectrum for judging the quality of a work. You're attempting to disqualify my disapproval for one show by claiming I'm incapable of judging the merits and flaws of a work to any degree, but you're wrong, and you can go shitpost somehwere else if you're so butthurt about it.

It's how you people all think. That's why you lash out at at anime that are at worst mediocre, and call them garbage/trash.

>you can go shitpost somehwere else if you're so butthurt about it.

>at worst mediocre
That's just your opinion, and one I strongly disagree with. Learn the difference between your opinion and facts, instead of assuming you have some objective qualifications for what is or isn't "mediocre." Let me be clear, you don't.

It's not my opinion, and it's pathetic you're still trying to defend yourself.

>It's not my opinion
Yes it is, learn what opinions are, moron.
You cannot make any objective claim about Pleaides being "at worst mediocre." It is by definition, your opinion, and an entirely subjective value judgment.

It's not my opinion, moron.


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I'm through with your idiocy. This conversation is beneath me.

You are the idiot here.

How was Ninja Slayer received here?

I agree pleiades is better than trigger as a whole, but it's worse than gainax before trigger dudes left. Thing is, trigger dudes had talent, but lacked direction... trigger and gainax are both shit without each other.

Before 2010, back when they were still properly alive, it's easier to list stuff they made that wasn't good.
>Mahoromatic S2
>He Is My Master
>This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
There, done. Literally everything else they made 1987-2010 was at least a 7.5/10.

Poster looks neat but it's by the Ninja Slayer guy so it'll inevitably be memeshit with no value outside of a few cheap laughs.

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Ninja slayer is easily the best trigger have done. So I'll take it over anything Imaishi will do.

Why should I care about Gainax when I have GONZO? They are superior in every way.

>He Is My Master

>unnecessary rape scene that the plot just ignre safter it happens

Uru in Blue by Anno in the 90s would've been a fucking masterpiece, but it's long since lost its window of opportunity. Even if it does release this year (highy unlikely), it'll be meh at best.


You forgot FLCL, Diebuster, Kare Kano, TTGL, and PSG

>by Anno
Pick one.

>not wanting a new Ultra series

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You have shit taste and you should kill yourself

>what is Gunbuster, NGE, and Karekano

>what is Karekano
Ironically bad meme shit

>Ironically bad
It was unironically perfect until Anno lost the directors position.

This man speaks the truth