Chapter 355 has been leaked!

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I want to plop my buts on the bridge of her nose.

Why is miura wasting pages?

Here's the link. Can anyone translate this bit at the end? Please not another hiatus

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>mfw I made it to see this moment
Imagine all the fans we lost along the way.

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Who's as excited as Abe?

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"What awakened were warm memories ...
... but not only that!?"

How do i view this site, the stupid gooks have some anti-adblock script

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you're tearing me apart you nip

Turn off ad block

That's a negative.

oh no!!!!

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I just refreshed the page and on the brief instance that I could see the manga I just cancelled loading the page. Works like a charm.

There is anti-anti-adblock script but the guy working on it died or something, hasn't been updated in months.

I'll just wait for good translation, waited so many years for it that few more days or so don't make a difference.


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God damn. Miura still has it in him.

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How many will be left when it eventually ends?

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>When Berserk started when Abe was in like college

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

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She remembers.

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this one is beautiful as fuck

Damnit Guts. Maybe if you had actually smiled or something you wouldn't have immediately triggered your girlfriend into retardation again.

>characters look like fucking aliens

What happened to Miura?



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>Gut's finally sees her awakened in true form
>he can't get his dick up anymore

100% believe me dattebayo

Don't worry fellas. Chapter 356: Elf King removes the hex within the minute she ptsd'd. There's no way Miura will end this badly

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its back on hiatus too
its not kek at all
fuck my life


You missing like many fucking years since Miura long time ago Miura art has changed.
>hurrdurrmuh realism

This batch was four chapters, just like usual. The fuck you expected?

>Hurrrrrr hurry the story because I have ADHD
Kill yourself
Casca knows that Guts is a good guy but can't help not associating her trauma with him.
Sucks for them.

How intense will the sex be?

Guts is gonna be Idol Master.

Why would it say next issue then?


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Guts has eternal ED, there's a hex on his penis.

Farnese and Schierke in frilly dresses next chapter?

There won't be any sex, Casca still has PTSD

can this elf bitch bring back his arm and eye?

>new idolmaster revealed in production
>miura takes a break


The dick will heal her.

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you can heal someone with a flaccid dick.

Love how every Sup Forumsnon is bitchin about the dress creted by the Elvish Queen [how strange that a dress created by an Elf has this style!], but not a single comment about this double page.

He doesn't have ED. This is literally proven in the very first chapter when he fucks the Apostle

Give me a fckn hug Miura! Thats all I ask for...

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>Get dicked into retardation
>The dick will heal her

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That part wasn't canon user.

And when the left side was made?

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its a great episode, even if i know nothing of what is said. her reaction to seeing guts is incredible and expected. great cliffhanger.

Cascas got a nice erection there

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Guts would never fuck anyone after the eclipse, especially since he had issues about this ever since he was kid. First 3 volumes doesn't match up with what happens after. Id say it's half canon.

Jesus fucking christ that's pretty.

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What did you expect, a lot of newfags these days who just jump into bandwagon.
>muh realism
>muh dark edgy shit
As if they see this shit for the first time.

>some fans died before they got to see Casca get unretarded
>some fans died before they got to see them get off the boat

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nice delusions

translation when?

Smile status: Protected

>when the DLC adds crazy outfits

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y tho

I love her new look. It does look like an idol outfit (or a Mahou Shoujo one).
Miura watched too much Prisma Illya and played too much idolmaster, he really is /ourguy/

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Nobody regards that canon because it contradicts his later characterization.

Does she have a giant boner?

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Are you telling me after all she has gone through and probably still more horrible shit in the future she can't be a Mahou Shoujo for a second?

How much cp did you think miura has? He would join with kenshin's author in jail?

I get the feeling its probably not permanent. If she's coming wiith the crew, I'm sure she'll get something more practical, especially if she's going to be fighting.

Which she damn well better be

Casca and Griffith didn't even exist in Miura's mind in the first volumes user. Miura himself said he just wanted to draw edgy shit from the get go, his backstory came later.

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so is it going to continue or is it back on hiatus
i cant read chink

Ever read Ulysse? This is clearly a reference to the end of Ulysse's journey here.

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Casca's expression looks something straight out of the golden age, art style apart.
If she's going to be a magical girl, she will travel with normal clothes and before the fight starts she will transform and her magical girl outfit will appear.

The author had no idea where the story was going with the first chapter. Casca wasn't even created when he started. Knowing what we know about Guts now, the opening of the first chapter doesn't fit his character at all.

the ending isn't looking good AT ALL
being gats truly is suffering

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Can someone translate for us, surely someone reads gookrunes.

Probably. Hopefully he finishes the story before he gets caught

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>i cant read chink
Not like it would help you.

Sorry but it doesn't add up to your previous post.
Miura art has changed over the years, and he recently switched to digital drawing, he's so far pretty good at it.

>Prisma Illya
Is an elve outfit so fuck off.

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God I hope not. She should be a warrior again.
Besides the party already has 2 magic users, one of whom is an amateur. They don't need another one.

Fucking Guts could at least smile and look upright instead of walking like a fucking last boss.