Should anime draw detailed lips?

Should anime draw detailed lips?

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Absolutely yes. As your pic shows, OP, detailed lips enhance the sexiness of the girls they're attached to.


Depending on the premise. If it's a story about the school of future political marriage material like Kake of cause they need to look like absolute sluts.

>Tiger & Bunny
>blowjob-lips character (Blue Rose)
>fan art dominated by fujos
I'm still slightly peeved.

>she will never edge you while leaving lipstick marks on your dick

Yes, I fucking love it.

What the fuck Hiroshimoot, that was not the file I selected...

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in proportion to the detail level of other things, yes. When they have 8 colors and 3 levels of shading for the eyes and hair but no lips its fucking stupid, but if its a crude, simple style obviously not.

Yes only homosexuals dislike feminine features on women

That's a silly question.
Surely, they do. But my dick wouldn't be able to take it.

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The blue at the edge of her lips bothers me.
That's just messy, lazy work at applying lipstick.


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I can't wait till season 2.

Somewhat better.

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I like when they're not normally detailed but then detailed on a zoom in.

Yes, it makes me want to shove my dick in between them

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Its just titillations and adds nothing .

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Don't use big words, user. You know you don't understand them.

No. Its ugly and waste of resources.

Like your entire existence.

imagine a blowjob from that

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Says the user who doesn't understand them.

That's not how you use that word, user.

the whole show was fujo bait, no matter how fun it was.