Macross inspires idols

>Macross inspires idols
>Idols kill off the mecha genre
Thanks kids.

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I saw that video too.

>Idols kill off the mecha genre

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>Idols kill off the mecha genre
What do you mean?

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I'll join in
>Idols kill off the mecha genre
What the fuck are you talking about retard?

Dragonball killed the mecha genre, like unironically.
The focus shifted from machine fights to humans.

weren't idols always a thing?
they just didn't cross streams

>Idols kill off the mecha genre
>Mecha genre
Are you retarded?

Delete this image

i dont know if idols specifically killed the mecha genre but he made other points too like how much more easy it was for casuals to buy figurines that you can just take out of the box in stead of model building. honestly to me the whole mecha genre has just run out of ideas at the moment and its stale. its not idols that have killed it its lack of creativity.

some e-celeb released a video about mecha genre

Must be one ignorant fucker if he thinks that Idols killed mecha

He was making a joke about love live being one of sunrises biggest money makers but most people don't know anything about mecha just parrot whatever they hear on youtube without actually knowing what they're saying.

>Gundam doesn't make as much money anymore
>Love Live makes Sunrise tons of fucking money
>Sunrise uses Love Live money to make more Gundam anime
The bottom line will always win out.

He was shitposting he made it pretty obvious.

He was joking it was actually a pretty good video.

>mech genre dead
>literally the most popular anime right now is a mech anime

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I thought Fran was selling like shit?

>sells like shit
>gets 30 seconds of mecha battles an episode
>mechs are just designed to make teenagers horny
literally everything in your post is wrong

Title of video?

Gundam still makes ton of money. What are you talking about.

just search for gigguk

what's an idol in weebspeak? I dont get it.


gosh goodness gracious

I'm agree with your opinion
it's something like One Piece
it's never ends so
they should have big amount of money

Fuck, this retard never learns. First, he REEEEs about not getting slice of life and k-on, now this shit.

>literally the most popular mech anime right now isn't a mech anime


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>hurr durr love live is sunrise's cashcow so therefore all mech is dead thanks to love live.
Fuck autistic youtubers.

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Mecha shows are bombing left and right because the genre is creatively bankrupt.

Idolshit was always a thing, just not among anime otaku. Blame otaku for crossing over to the dark side (i.e. the world of 3D).


2018 is literally the beginning of Mecha Renaissance.
Code Geass and FMP. New Gundam TV. 1-2 mecha original shows every season. I expect a start of huge mecha boom in 2020. And in 2025 there will be youtube e-celebs making videos that mecha killed idols.

>I share a board with people who keep up to date with shitty youtubers