One punch man

Garou is confirmed to have a silver hair like a lone Wolf and he'll be voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa, the guy who voiced Sakamoto (Sakamoto desu ga?) And heero yui (Gundam wings) and seto kaiba (yo gi oh!).
The really nailed it with this one, he's a great VA.
Murata is also streaming btw

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>imagine character with blond hair
>has silver hair
Every fucking time.

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The anime crew fixed the hair after all? Neat.

Oh yes

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>already streaming again
Jesus fuck does this man ever actually take a break?

He's trying to break his limiters.

>Hikaru Midorikawa
>seto kaiba
Holy fuck, S2 is saved.

He was the first Kaiba, the 2nd and current one is current voice of Atomic Samurai.

CHADS don't take breaks

Oh, shit. Forget it then.

His "heero yui" role is fantastic

Im convinced be broke them already with the Elder Centipede chapter, at this point he is just having fun.

Midorikawa's comments on the anime site:

>Time for me to voice Garou.
>It's a great honor to me and at the same time I feel quite a bit of pressure.
>I will be stealing the spotlight from Furukawa-san (the seiyuu of Saitama).
>I will do my best to make Garou's character even more charming (attractive, charismatic). Look forward to it.

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csm es garou blanco!

Midorikawas kaiba is no where near as good as tsudas who is the current kaiba

Expect performance more like Nash from Kuroko no basket movie

>meanwhile ONE takes breaks all the time
>and never works
>and complains about "my back" all the time

>voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa


>Sakamoto (Sakamoto desu ga?) And heero yui (Gundam wings) and seto kaiba (yo gi oh!).
He's really perfect to voice garou, but he needs some extra roughness

Midorikawa has done so much voicework, mostly female oriented stuff so that's easy fujobucks.

But also voiced Tien, who is currently the biggest jobber in anime.

you should know by now that the "my back" excuse that mangaka use is a thinly vailed excuse for when you have too much pressure too keep consistent
it happens to the best, and also the lazyest

Why they still haven't give us the air date? This confirmed back in 2016 right? What's the delay?

>People wanted Okamoto as Garou.
>We get Midorikawa instead.

Feels good.

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>>I will do my best to make Garou's character even more charming (attractive, charismatic). Look forward to it.

>S E X
You called?

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Garou Blanco > jobku Blanco

S2 fucking when

Not soon enough

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The staff shake up caused a ton of problems. They still don't have enough finished footage for a trailer.

There will be more news and possibly a trailer on August which happens to be the release date of Vol17.
They are probably taking longer time to make the animation better


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Probably next year.

Maybe I have become older, but why are we having people talking here like they don't know Midorikawa Hikaru? He's around since ever and a veteran seiyuu. His last popular main role was Lancer from Fate/Zero back in 2011.

Am I going to face a generation who won't know who are Yamadera Kouichi and Yamaguchi Kappei after this?

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>those veins
when even your dick is swole

I guess they insisted on tacking on the Garou/Elder Centipede fight at the end and it caused massive delays because they had to wait for the manga version to be completed, not to mention how animation heavy the whole sequence must be. I think it's a mistake because if they do that, S2 will end a couple episodes into the next arc which is just stupid when they could've contained all of it into S3. All because they're afraid to end S2 without a big Boros-esque final battle.

Why does she call them love slaves instead of just slaves?
They don't seem in love with her or something.

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Whenever I see Genos without the all the details added, it's always weird. Until Murata blacked out the missing eye I didn't know who King was talking too.

He just wants to draw manga for fun

He's blond, you fuckers! Silver hair doesn't even exist apart from old people!

Preach it.

Post more please, Ustream doesn't work with me for some reason

>Lancer from Fate/Zero

The sub Cu jobber is supposed to be popular?


They litterally have hearts in their eyes.

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Because she loves them.

so, how shit will s2 be?

Silver/white wins.

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>some people can only see the live stream
>some people can only see the past recordings
>not all past recordings play for those who can see them
>for some people, all or none of the site works
Fucking Ustream.


She's a dominatrix that mind controls people using a charm ability initiated through whipping them.

I really like this design. You can tell she's fit and sexy but the artist doesn't cop out by selling it as only that.

Bros... I think I'm in love with Murata.

Blanco garou is literally the best garou

Midorikawa voiced fucking Sakamoto, literally Saitama but with luscious hair.

He's the smoothest operator and manages to get new roles regularly. Nobutoshi Canna is old and busted at this point.

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why does she have a zipper on her crotch?

Regardless of how good or bad the directing and animation is, Sup Forums will hate it for the tournament arc.

Get in line.

Standard dom gear

>how shit will s2 be?
From the look of it it's not going to be bad at all

Oh, don't misunderstand. I wasn't saying I didn't know Midorikawa, he does Kaiba perfectly, and seems like a good fit for Garou.

Murata should stream on twitch, he'll make a shitload of money

What is Genos bitching at King about.

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>guy who voiced Sakamoto
Anyone who is not complete newshit should have known him, and certainly not by from some recent pop show.

>I will be stealing the spotlight from Furukawa-san

He already said he doesn't care or wants to. the sales of OPM gets him way more money than he ever could get on twitch.

Only CHADS are allowed to love murata

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>literally Saitama
Are you fucking mentally challenged? they have nothing in common, you underage.

> top decking blue eyes in multiple occasions
> summoning obelisk from out of the deck
ironically kaiba has a better heart of cards than yugi

>From the look of it
What look? There's no evidence of S2 existing.

He is voicing Garou, who pretty much takes over the story until the end of the MA arc besides of the tournament, of course he is bound to steal the show.

Whatever it was, the king engine is roaring.

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>King-san! I request a duel with you to collect combat data and get stronger!

>I keep jobbing!
>In every fight!
>It never ends!

Yamaguchi Kappei would be a good voice for Royal Ripper by using his Feitan voice.

They picked the right one on this one.

Calm the fuck down


so has garou been defeated in the manga yet or what

>that palpable autism and posting manner
>accuses others of being underage

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Im worried about Do-S, they will probably censor her outfit for the same reason Bones censored Midnights outfit in Hero Academia.

Beaten down, but always getting back up.

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>There's no evidence of S2 existing.
S2 started production exactly 1 year ago and today the mentioned that it's still in progress.
More time in production = better animation

*whiiiiiiirs the manga page*
B-Bros? What is Murata doing?

what charm ability?
it's just whipping

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Murata mentioned it was a pain drawing Elder Centipede, and the anime stuff was probably struggling drawing him too, or do you believe Elder will be full CGI?

This shot is awesome

i'm honestly tired of seeing everyone jobbing to him

What's the point of continuing with him?

>Sakamoto becomes a Chad Martial Arts Jesus (Evil)
Garou confirmed to be the COOLEST character in OPM

>what charm ability?
The one that makes guys go heart eyes after getting hit. in the Webcomic, Glasses Goddess was able to shoot literal hearts to try and charm opponents, Do-S just uses a whip instead.

What revived the hype?

But it will be 2 episodes long(according to Murata), poor Suiryu will be shafted aside.

I want to be her slave then.

This is perfect.
Finally some good news

Elder will absolutely be CGI, there's no way he can be presented in a satisfactory manner with a TV budget.

God, i hope not.
CGI rocks for extraneous details, but as a set-piece focus - it sticks out like a sore thumb.

If I remove the mask will she die?

>What revived the hype?
This man.

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