Yet another homo cuck MC

yet another homo cuck MC
why do people like this?

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for self-insertion purposes

no one likes deku

I find it interesting even our pool of NEETs isn't on the level of beta of the average Japanese male. When you have western men who literally don't leave they're house unable to relate with these useless MCs you know something is seriously wrong with Japanese people.

>sees someone in trouble
>rush in to help
>realize that you cant do anything

Amen brother. Two wasn't enough.

>a guy bullied him for his entire life
>thinks that he is a lowlife piece of shit
>"i- i think youre wonderful, i want to surpass you" "y-you look like you need my help"

It's ironic because those western betas you are referring to are even more beta than deku, who is actually capable of talking to girls and make friends normally.

he stutters talking to a fucking frog
and he has zero self respect anyway

This series would have been so much better if all might was the MC

Some beg to differ.

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>not the cold hot guy
cmon man

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I don't like it(in general)
but I liked Deku since I want to see him grow

What is it about this character and a handful of anons’ fixation on him? Did he hit too close to home with the bullying, but since he’s the bigger man, he never let those bullying bother him, moves on with his life, and continues to grow to become more confident while the anons are stuck in perpetual hate to their old bullies?
Sounds just about right

I stutter when replying to based frogposters

its one thing to move on, but he praise a guy who bullied him and the main reason why people hates deku is because it's an overused trope

He doesn't praise Bakugou in general. He praises his willpower, determination and strength. Also Bakugou likes All Might just about as much as he does, so he relates to him because of that. And it was only as they grew older that Bakugou started being a total cunt, he tolerated him for a while. To be fair, I don't think anyone would want a patronising weakling following them around.

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And he still have more friends than "our" neets and more contact to girls who actually like him or are even his love interests.
I mean yeah he is annoyingly beta but in no way is he more beta than "our" neets.

every MC always have harem somehow, no matter how pathetic they are

>self mutilation purposes

He still is less beta because he actually tries not to be too beta unless those neets we were talking about.
Not that I think that he is bearable, he still is an annoying protag and the opposite of a chad. But I just don't like idiotic "our neets are not even that beta" bullshit because they are even worse and the user who wrote that is probably a neet who wants to feel better about himself by posting that bullshit.

>caring about obligatory edgy faggot

>but since he’s the bigger man,
sucking your bullies cock like a faggot doesn't make you the bigger man.
It makes you the bigger gay though.

>caring about his friends
the only edgy faggot is explosion guy

Deku is trying his hardest despite being born quirkless and not very strong, that means his resolve is strong even if he's anxious.
Only faggots care about being called alpha/beta, and only losers give up, Deku isn't a loser he's always trying his hardest.

Its the mindset I was talking about, obviously being a shut-in is a sign some serious mental issue. The fact that "normal" Japanese men need these types of MCs in order to self-insert is what scares me.

well he's probably a bigger man than me

having male friends doesn't make him a homo

>being an asshole and flaunting your power makes you edgy

we dont. we only like almight. he is the protagonist. dekus whole journey is about becoming all might because he is a piece of shit.

now that all mights arc has concluded in the manga the story will just ramble aimlesly as deku slowly becomes more like all might and then it will end.

2016 called, they want you back.

Who's "we"? I completely agree with you - the story is about this weak boy becoming a hero that will potentially eclipse All Might, but don't ever talk like Sup Forums is some sort of hivemind.

Deku makes self-insert fags reel from his cringeworthy social skills, emotional outbursts, and general impotence in many situations before he can figure things out.

who cares, hero academia is fucking gay and normal people love it anyways

fuck off cuck lover

Deku is a megachad that's why self-insertfags hate him so much. They can't relate.

Deku is AfO clone.

>megachad who gets embarrassed and stutters like a fucking moron when a girl speaks to him
>megachad who does everything short of getting on his knees and sucking his bully off

>thread has been going for two hours
>mods do nothing
It’s because of non existant mod presence that this board is going to get even shittier. When is the next round for janitor and mod applications?

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Speak for yourself. He's a cutie.

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No one in real life

It's just fiction you know?
Our neets are real and live in the real world. In anime, a neet can have a harem of big breasted virgins. Someone like Deku would just be a useless fag.

I love how mad this series makes you. I hope you never stop.

>yet another homo cuck MC

>why do people like this?


>yet another homo cuck MC

>why does Sup Forums like this?

How is he a cuck? I fucking hate this site for using buzzwords when they don't know what they mean