Is Ayase the tallest 14y anime girl?

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nah thats normal female height
also why does she look exactly like kyousuke if he was female, it always bothered me.

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She's just the right height when on her knees.

lots of female classmates were this tall at that age, they just barely grow taller after 14 or didnt grow at all

I assume Kirino goes to an athletic school because she's a national-class sprinter, so a lot of tall people would make sense.

I wonder how many freakishly rare 6'0 japs she's blown in the locker rooms?

How come oreimo's character design & rendering is still so good

0 excluding kyousuke
kanzaki a best

Pls no more anime theory

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Because all asians rook arike.

It was made with love. Purest form of love.

>tfw 164cm 19 y/o manlet
Should I just end it?

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One thing is for sure she weights the most in my heart

I feel you fellow manlet

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For a Japanese female, the average is 5'2. That's adult average, not 14 year old.

For a 14 year old female, 5'4 is fairly "above average" in Japan.

>96 lbs


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No. Other guys don't care about your height and girls, who give a shit and won't date you because of it, are shallow and not worth pursuing anyway.

Ah, you see that the grapes are sour, too, my fellow fox

Just curious, how many times have you made this exact thread?

Won't be long until we regularly have bump limit threads about this. People won't be able to help themselves. You can make them fall for any meme.

This is basically just a thread to riff on how cute and breedable the Oreimo girls are, which is a time-honored topic of discussion.

Shows how new you are.

you :)


No, the moon girl from Planetes is

U wot? Araragi Karen is 170. It was specified she is pretty tall girl in Gataris.