Ok Sup Forums serious question here, do you really like Ichigo? isn't she the literal representation of a cliche?

Ok Sup Forums serious question here, do you really like Ichigo? isn't she the literal representation of a cliche?

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I don't really hate her but she doesn't interest me much as a character

She's cute. Isn't that enough?

not for a patrician who understands and loves kino waifus

Her only goal is to get cockblocked and appeal to a certain minority group.

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She gave a better performance in flipflappers but I still like her a lot in this. The sibling trio and 02 are the only interesting characters.

what cliche?

>someone on this board genuinely thinks this is the peak of humor

I like Miku more than Ichigo and 02

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meme peaked with Chad insurrection

I'm just here for the cucking

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She and Zorome are too perfect together. Guess that means they will kick the bucket at the 2/3 point.

I want to marry Ichigo. I want to make her happy for the rest of her life. I want her to bear my children. I want to raise them together with her. I want to grow old with her. We'd reminisce on our younger days and snuggle up to each other whenever we feel lonely. I want to die before her so that I won't have to feel the pain of losing her. I love Ichigo.

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02 will get NTR'd at the most epic moment when Ichigo is about to really die. He will call out to her and leave 02's side to save Ichigo, and 02 will save them both

Then do it already, Goro

the cuck hold?

>and leave 02's side to save Ichigo
>they pilot in the same franxx

>user thinks they cant leave a frankxx
>user thinks 02 cant solo pilot
are you even watching the show

Why would Hiro leave his Franxx in the middle of a goddamn battle?

You mean Chad vs Virgin islands

that's because you have good taste

Judging by this show's sales... no one is.

T. Kenji Tanaka

holy fuck do you even know how reply chains even work

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I like her design and voice. His personality is very generic and her Hiro crush thing should've been resolved 2 episodes ago.

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I think she's a good character and she looks cute, but I don't like how stalkerish she gets or how selfish and dishonest her unrequited feelings for Hiro made her. Episode 9 looked like a real step in the right direction, I hope the show brings her to the point where she deals with the fact that Hiro isn't in love with her and she becomes a better person, I'd like her a lot more.

>I want her to bear my children.
That would be extremely painful.

All the characters in that show are cliche.