Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 44 omake

The raws are out here:¶m=other

It's time for our cute couple.

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Oh damn! Is Lion bro about to score?

Last page.

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Kinda rough script here:

Also, this omake continues in the next.

I guess its mating season then. I wonder if this will be covered in the main portion of the manga.

>I wonder if this will be covered in the main portion of the manga.
It already is, in the main chapter.

>tfw no Hyena trying to hide her erection

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fuck I missed last chapter thread. I'll go look it up

I doubt we'll see anyone score in this

It doesn't seem like it unfortunately, it doesn't fit with the rest of the manga.

>I want to met your parents

This is wrong translation.
"I want you to meet my parents" is correct

This is what I've had in my script.
He thought it was the other way.

Mating season has finally come for the alpaca ?


Impala, user. Impala.
An alpaca is like a llama, nothing like an antelope.

Scanlations when?

keep the thread alive, I'm about to start

Ooh, nice. Thank you.
I'm here for some checking.

Was the main chapter scanlated?

Nope, nor the ch43 and its omake, not to mention the Volume 4 extras.

Lanka best girl.
Only for mating with Jin.

Based Kingbro.

What a shame. I miss the good old rapeman days

with all this bait-and-switch crap, would anyone really hold it against him if he just raped her?

>Kuromori being swung around to pacify the rest of the wolves lust
Ratel would have been the perfect candidate for this.

Kuromori is feeling horny too so this method solves two problems at once

Panda best girl.
Including mating with Jin.

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Miyubi isn't at the right place though. It's to the left of the character.

> panda
> best girl

Panda is a better Lanka than Lanka.

>You will never break into Miyubi's room in the night, rape her, mount and keep her pinned helpless beneath your body as you go to sleep while wakening intermittently to screw her again during the night

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Lanka is still better than some of them, but mating with Jin is just about all she is good at.

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I'm going to call sensei over!! => I'll go get sensei!!
(Say, is "I'm going get sensei!!" something a native speaker would say or do you need "to" between going and get?)
In short => In other words

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Oh, also, get a grip => stay with us

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Ah, we must return to the dorm soon. => Ah, we have to return to the dorm now.

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God bless Panda, it's just a fun new game for her

damn, we didn't get to see hitomi do it

>mfw I dreamed of this exact scenario happening
The author is incepting me.

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>She rejected him the first time because it wasn't her mating season
>It is now

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we're sleeping together!! => let's both of us sleep together!!

[TN: In imperial units, 77 to 95°F and 96.8 to 98.6°F respectively.]

Fuck man, your filename reminds me that Lanka user went AWOL after 99 Lankas.

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What's the meaning if that => What did you mean by that

King is going to ravish the fuck out of Empala GF so hard they won't be seen for a month.

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99? I could have sworn they stopped at 60.

thank you user's

The mega folder he made was up to 60 yes, but i remember some more Lankas after that and IIRC he said he would update the folder when he reached 100.
Last Lanka filename i saw was 99.

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There's this bubble missing

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That was "Et tu, brute!?"
Or more simply: You too!?

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Alternatively: I can't return... any favor to you... sorry...

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No correction here, just adding a commentary.
Here, Jin quoted from Sherlock Hlmes. However, that quotation is incomplete. Moreover, the original quotation was actually a question. It goes like this: How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?

wait, did last chapter (Lanka in heat) got translated? I dont find it.

Yep, translated. Just not scanlated.


Well, I am glad Jin still have his crush going strong, remember keep humanity pure, no beast allowed.

He's going to spread human genes to all of the cooking club beasts

keep the thread alive so I can continue until this omake

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you go it user.

Heres the Pastebin posted by the rough translation user for 44

I am still alive
I guess i have to finish work i have started.

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You're the man

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next is the omake

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Don't die over something like that!! => Don't die from something like that!!

He's going to have at least nine cute litters with Lanka and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

>sneezes “sapiens”
This fucking guy

I can kidnap them, and other other 92 little wolves and make a coat out of their fur.

"The 101 Ezo wolf cubs" when?

When will this serie get some doujins? I really wish for some.

once the ntrfags pick it up

aaaand i can't find the script

For the omake? Here:

why do we depend of nrtfags that much? Tejina senpai and Kaguya already have a couple of doujins and no ntr or rape shit, and thats even before any of those have even a anime announced

>101 Ezo wolf cubs

could this be enough to revive the species?

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>portable flesh onahole

I am getting flashbacks to some guro and amputee doujins.

Will Miyubi ever develop another gag than dying, is getting stale.

>I want to be molested... but only by you.jpg

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ok so, should I do chapter 44 or the extras?

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such good teacher

44 plox

You can save the extras for later. There's no rush about them.

I think everyone probably wants 44