Tell me about this series. Is it actually worth watching? What are it's strengths and flaws?

Tell me about this series. Is it actually worth watching? What are it's strengths and flaws?

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Watch it and find out.

the girls

Just wanted some discussion before getting into a series this huge

Episode 12 was one of the best episodes in anime I've seen
Quite a chore to get there though
Actually probably wasn't worth it

great dialogue
clever visuals to complement the dialogue
great characters with great banter
that nisio touch
boring if you hate dialogue
annoying if you hate fanservice
that nisio touch if you hate nisio

Watch order:
Bake > Kizu > Nise > Neko > Mono SS > Hana > Tsuki > Owari > Koyomi (Do not skip whatever anyone tells you) > Owari SS
The best parts are Mono SS and Owari SS.

Watch it and find out for yourself, you absolute faggot.

Follow-up: Monogatari is a very unique anime series, which is why it's so polarising. Obviously I don't know how new you are to anime but it's best watched when you're already pretty familiar with anime tropes.

fuck off newfag

harem anime with some supernatural stuff on the side
If you don't like haremshit you won't like this. If you do, you'll probably love it since even as someone who can't stand harem I can totally see the appeal.

I fell out of love with this series. I have no idea what killed this series for me. it might be because of the mc

It was all for nothing. From Bake through second season it felt like it was building towards something but it's become clear that it's not and never was

The biggest problem is Nisio's dialogue direction. If you don't like constant fucking quips disparaging Araragi making up 90% of your anime than you won't like this.

Off-topic pic but it gives you an idea of what you will be hearing for 100 episodes plus Movie with no variation in tone.

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Watch the first 5 episodes of Bakemonogatari, if you don't like it by the end of Snail arc then you won't like the rest of the series.

Good music.

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I really liked bakemonogatari but I had a hard time watching the sisters or cat story and didnt even finsih. and since then I didnt bother with crab, bat, snail or that dolls story.

>Reccing Kizu right after Bake
Are you fucking insane? Someone still relatively new to the series that just finished Bake wouldn't be able to appreciate the movies for what they truly are.

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Depends. If you're just a typical Sup Forums faggot who want to shitpost then you don't need to, just go to every monogatari/nision series thread and shit on it wth some buzzword like "pretentious" or ">shaft", you will fit right in.
But, if you actually want to have an opinion then yes watch it, it's a very particular/different anime and an interesting watch regardless of your opinion of the show.


Just watch the final snake story at the end of season 2, the one with Kaiki in it.
He is the best character thus far and I wish there was more of him.

>Is there any more of Kaiki after his meeting with Kanbaru?

Not that I know of. As far as I know there is nothing with the specialists after Owari.

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