I'm putting together a harem

I'm putting together a harem.

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mediafire.com/file/w2klpb9bzhner88/Index 85.zip

And I've got your invitation right here!

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>making harems

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Fuck off Shitsato.

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Reminder that lolipops aren’t suckers.

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Leads your harem

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>Misaki will never hypnotize random girls into sucking your cock and watch
I want my illusions back.

So how do you get into Touma's pants?

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>So terrified of the Fate boogeyman they have to make a stealth Raildex thread

old.t harems or new.t harems

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She hates Touma

She is Tsun

Index chapter 85
mediafire.com/file/w2klpb9bzhner88/Index 85.zip

>immune to the kamijou element

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Duh, Awesome!

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>Not even Kuroko is safe from the dick

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Shit as usual. Even worse than the anime.

I feel like S4 will air by time these chapters get translated.

Kill yourself.

It's true, though

>Ever happening
So this is the power ofa delusional Raildexfag.

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Not bad bro. Keep it up.

Fuck off

Would the Kihara meme virus amplify the Kamijou element?

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I really, really love tsunderes, and Biribiri is one of the best ones ever made. Hopefully she will win in the end.

If Misaki is my wife she is all I need but if she gets me cute girls and lets me have fun i'm all for it

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Have you ever fapped to Accelerator's voice?

C-can I join?

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isn't it like one guy

Of course.

Bad idea, imagine how many more eggs you'll have to buy to feed them all

>16 IPs

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You got a bigger version of her doingthat pose?

Remember to beat your headcrab regularly so she knows her place.

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Kakineposter has finally lost it

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>t.one Kakineposter guy

Pray to your Meltdowner Goddess, you Level 0's.

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Kakine is the TRUE NUMBER-ONE.
Looks like a fresh corpse in the making

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>off by 2
>also no content
Goddamn it guys, the new novel has to release in June or July, right?

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So, who is top bitch?

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If I'm going down I'm taking you with me.
We had an user saying it was june through insider sources, but who knows.

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Reminder that Mugino was just a mentally disturbed girl who wanted to be understood.

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Mikoto = Discount Mugino

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Monkeys don't wear dresses.


>the saddest thread in Sup Forums

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I see you anons have good taste in women. Keep it up.

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Stop it Kakineposter, we know it's you

Does Touma's dick have healing powers?
say if he gives Mugino (or any raildex girl) the D will that fix her up?

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What did they mean by this?

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Don't worry user. Not that I have posted chimera all is well.

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Like I'd ever pick up a role as disgusting as Kakine. I have enough self-respect to not associate myself with garbage.

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wrong thread?

How embarassing

I really, really, reaaaally wanna take a dump in Mugino's mouth! ^_^

Anyone got the source on this?
I want to see his other works

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Looks clinically retarded
Kakine calls himself a mongrel, trash is merely a compliment to him. An emperor does not let name calling deter him, for to lord over territory and people you must have an undaunted will.
But the same cannot be said for the toxic waste known as Mugino, an existence that has not tasted the sweet nectar of victory. Losing both eye and limb to her reckless power, and losing to two inferior espers in both combat and a battle for a heart, and losing to an near-equal even when the battle was in your favor.

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Being self aware of how worthless you are as an 'emperor of scum' doesn't make you any less of a shitty character. I don't want you to talk about victory when Kakine jobbed to himself.

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Actually, it's the other way around.

>Season 4 comes in
>Magic God gets translated as just Demon

>Aqua of the Rear

Always great to see more of best girl.

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I never considered Touma a liability to raildex.

Meanwhile I'm watching the 2006 run of Fate right now and Emiya is an absolute disaster of a character. Love the show and I am going all the way. He can be compartmentalized.

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What's the point of Fremea

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More blonde lolis.

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No one beats the cock

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Girl in Dress is pure.

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I had more respect for Mugino's character when she wasn't defined by her relationship to a Level 0 guy. Same thing that makes Mikoto unbearable.

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So I feel kind of silly asking, but I don't get this Light Novel shit. Is it like a book with a few manga pages interspersed? Why not just do one or the other?

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G-guys, am I cool n-now?

It's a book with some illustrations in it. It's more or less a short-novel rather than a full-length one, so while a full novel might be 400+ pages a light novel would go to 300 max more or less and hammers out stories consistently over a few months span.