Is this the absolute peak of female design?

Is this the absolute peak of female design?

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No, this is

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I don't know why but I always found shin-chan women designs genuinely appealing even though they're literal kindergartener drawings.

maybe it is...

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Where did you get this



I'm glad those 80s pants returned.

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Not with those mosquito bites she's got.


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Oh, I get it. Momjeans because it's Shinji's mom


>drawn like some shitty artist is procastinating for his deadlines
>still gives me some sexual urges

Something is wrong with me, I need a doctor.

do you think minimalism is old but not vintage enough to be fresh or something
because minimalism is now the part of the art'n'culture forever

>watched Shin-Chan all my life
>never realized how hot Misae was
brb hanging myself for shit taste


Moar Misae NTR?

Author couldn't find the peak, he fell down a ravine after all.

I wish Mitzy was my mom

You fucker. I laughed though.

>that episode she wakes up Shin-chan by pulling on his dick
>that manga chapter Sin pulls off her bikini while she's sleeping on the beach and leaves her topless in public
>all those bath scenes
Shin-chan is a better source of fapfuel than most hentai artists.


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Does Shin-chan hold up?
I've been thinking about rewatching it.

I want to marry Ume.

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All I know is that she gave me boners when I was younger

>that episode she wakes up Shin-chan by pulling on his dick
why are nipmoms so awesome?

With your penis?

Search for Artist:Nihaotomita in sadpanda. It is western shit.

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Is there any other way?

Realized what that reminds me of.

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Going to be rewatching shin-chan now.

The original script is funnier than the meme dub.

No need to use surprise boxes, it's not a controversial opinion.

An entire thread fell down on me the last time I said it.

No, this is.

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Close, but acually this is.

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Shut the fuck up.

>shin chans mangaka is dead
fuck me right in the childhood

>all the porn for this is old man NTR
fucking hell Japan

The meme dub is still pretty good though.